I sighed as mom dropped me off in front of the main entrance. I really wasn't looking forward to whole new year of school. This just so happened to be my freshman year, but I just couldn't stand being here. I wished that summer hadn't ended so quickly either, seeing as I missed my freedom away from this hell.

I hung my bag over my right shoulder as I checked my schedule for this year. I was in all resource classes for the first time, yet I still didn't know how they were better. I spent most of my school years in the special education classroom, so I guess I wasn't fit for that level anymore. I really hoped I would be able to meet new friends as well.

"Hey, it's the retard girl from middle school!" a girl laughed as I tried to ignore her. "Don't you dare walk away from me now," she grabbed my arm and caused me to scream.

I hated being touched by others, especially those I didn't know well. I tried to pull myself away from her while tears streamed down my cheeks, but she refused to loosen her grip on me though.

"Let go of me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs now.

There had to be a teacher within distance who could hear my pleas for help. I looked around to see if anyone could stop this, but they just walked on by instead. I continued trying to yank my arm away, but the girl was much stronger and taller than me. It seemed like most of the girls here had grown bigger over the summer.

"Nope," she smirked as she pulled me closer to her.

I felt as if I was being violated, even though it was just a simple touch. No one really understood how difficult it was to be prone to severe sensory overload. I could feel my rage building more and more inside of me. It continued growing as she refused to let go of my arm. I ended up biting her when a teacher caught me in the act.

"What is going on?" she asked while glaring angrily at us.

"We were just trying to show this girl around the school when she went nuts. She bit me right on the arm for no reason at all," the first girl said as she began frowning.

"That's not true!" I screamed with tears running down my cheeks. "She grabbed hold of my arm and called me a retard!" I tried to tell the teacher.

"I heard you screaming and saw you bite her. I have reason to believe that this other girl is telling me the truth about her sorry right now," she replied to me when I began sobbing uncontrollably.

"It... didn't... happen... like... that..." I cried as the teacher led me to the principal's office.

"We'll see what the principal has to say about your outburst," the teacher scowled when I managed to break away from her.

I ran inside the building to find my home room teacher. I wanted to tell her everything that happened and hoped she'd explain it better. The other followed me into the resource classroom when she realized I was one of the special education students here.

"Can I ask what is going on?" my home room teacher asked as the other explained.

"That's not the whole story though!" I said with tears still running down.

I tried to explain everything all over again, but no one believed me though. The fact that I made an attack was a big deal to them. I ended up being sent to the principal's office for my actions.

"You bit another girl?" the principal asked me while I sniffled. "Our school has a strict policy against violence. I'll let you off with a warning but only because you have varying special needs though," he told me when I nodded at him.

I headed off to class just before the first bell rang. I was able to avoid the heavy crowded hallways in the nick of time. I hated dealing with touch from other people because it created a sensory overload. None of my teachers allowed me to leave early to avoid the traffic out there.

It was almost like they didn't understand the nature of my disability. I ended up having one of my panic attacks in the middle of the hall. I couldn't stand having people brush passed me as they tried to come in and out. I found it hard to calm myself down, even after the halls cleared.

A few students walked passed me with light snickers. I could hear them calling me a cry baby because I was still sobbing. I realized I had to hurry to class, so I forced myself to stop melting down and hurried to my next period. I got there a few minutes before the bell rang, only for my face to be puffy with tears though.

"I was about to mark you tardy," the teacher frowned at me just now. "Hurry to your seat and class will begin," she said as I did what she asked.

Just like every first day, we went over the rules of the class. There were other papers we won't over as well, but it was mostly related to this period. I found it boring that we had to go through this for each class. It's like they didn't trust us to do the right thing, except some of us didn't know better.

I noticed a cute boy sitting at a desk with a sigh. I could tell he was sick of this stuff too, not that it was hard to believe. I saw him glance to the side to look at me, only for me up blush and look away from him. I didn't want him to think I was some stalker or anything like that, but he was really cute.

After the teacher finished roll call, I learned that his name was Azuka. I wondered if he cared about hearing my name for the very first time though. It looked as if he didn't bother to realize who I was right now. I sighed and thought maybe he was one of those students who'd make my life a living hell.

I most certainly hope not.

The End

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