She keeps to her self.
She doesnt want anyone to know.
She keeps up a fasaud in order to keep her life going.

She's hurting.
That's what she'll tell people....
She'll never come out with it..
Surrounded by darkness.
She tries to overcome obstacles.

She was never prepared for this...
No one told her about what she was about to face.
No one warned her.
How is this fair for her....
She doesnt deserve it.
Life's unfair.

No one told her that there would be people to help her.
No one told her about the concept of friends.
No one told her that I would be there to listen.

No one told her..

Instead she is engulphed by darkness.
Life isnt fair she says.
She's convinced.
She can't take it.
Her times up.
She says her goodbyes in hopes that someone heard her.
No luck.
She takes her final breath.

I would have been there for her.
She never gave it a chance.
It's a shame...

forever will she be missed...

The End

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