Different World

Well I had to write a short story for school a couple months back and I felt I should share it . It's basically like a parody or a spin-off of Rip Van Wrinkle N another story . Or maybe you could say it has the same elements of the story .

Oh how I wish I could be from another time era or be able to witness how the future will be like for me so I know what to do now, to make it different. Maybe I can build a time machine to do that! Ugh who am I kidding I don’t have that kind of knowledge. Never really liked science anyway. Besides a time machine won’t really work. Maybe I should see a psychic. She or he, whatever, can tell me about the future. Will we still be alive or will we die this year? Aha I doubt it. They’re not real either. “Johniiee’Marie who are you talking to? Didn’t I tell you to go make me something to eat? Don’t make me have to hurt you.” “Uhm I’m sorry Roman, I will get right to it.” (Whispering) I have to get out of here. My husband is evil. All he does is order me around, like I’m his slave and not his wife. He wants children but I refuse to give him any, which he doesn’t know about of course. I take birth control pills when he’s at work. I hide them in the fire place. He never goes over there. Oh how I wish I can leave him. I need to see how my life will be like without him. Lord only knows. Sigh.

I have to get out of this town. But I don’t know where I’ll go. Its winter and boy is it freezing. I can’t walk in this cold. He is the only one with a car and of course he’s not gone let me leave. Sigh. I need to get started cooking and stop thinking about the impossible. I’m going to make some stew. Hmm what’s this seasoning? I don’t remember buying it. (Smells the seasoning) Well it smells good; I’m going to use it anyways. (A couple hours later) Well it’s time for bed. Goodnight.

6 O’clock am. Beep, beep, beep, the alarm goes off and Johniiee’Marie slaps it off. She sits up and stretches her arms while yawning. The sun is shining brighter than usual. The air through the open window smells fresher. She feels different, improved, and in a better mood. She gets up and sticks her head through the window. Everything around her looks different. The houses are bigger, and better. The noise is not a lot but just enough. All of a sudden she feels some arms wrap around her waist and something wet against her leg. She turns around slowly and when she sees who and what it is she screams.

The man with his arms around her is not her husband. The wet thing on her leg is a dog. This unknown man and the dogs are looking at her with concern and confusion. “Look I-I-I-I- Uhm I don’t know who you are and why you have your arms wrapped around me and why I like it and why I’m here right now but you have to go, or-or-or I have to go before my husband gets back. He’s gonna kill me, oh man.” He started laughing. “Aha, Johniiee’Marie stop playing. You know I would never kill you, and I am your husband. We are at home; these are our dogs MilkShake and MarshMallow. The kids are in the room sleeping. You’re here because you love us.” He started laughing again. “Look whoever you are this is not funny! I don’t have any kids, or dogs, I don’t live here, I am not married to you, I am married to Roman, who if he finds out will kill me for cheating or whatever I did. I have to go.”

All the laughter just drained from his face. “Johniiee what are you talking about? Why are you referring to yourself as his wife? You haven’t been his wife for 18 years now. Why are you bringing him back up? Look all this stress and whatever else this is, is not good for the baby.” “Baby, what baby?” “Our child, the one you’re carrying in your stomach. What is wrong with you?” She looks down at her belly and sure enough she is pregnant. “I-I-I-I-I, How did this happen, and what do you mean 18 years ago?” “Look Johniiee we don’t have time for this right now. I’m gonna go get Johnathan and Marie’Beth ready for school. You need to get ready for work, don’t worry about breakfast this morning, I’ll cook. Just please try to relax and don’t think about him anymore. Alright? I love you.” With that being said he walked out. She is standing there in the middle of them room dumbfounded. 10 minutes later she finally decides to do some digging around in her stuff to find out what is going on here. She looks at the calendar and it says April 2032. Some important dates are circled and in red. April 18, 2032 marks our 16th anniversary. April 22, 2032 I have a doctor’s appointment. April 24, 2032 I have a big award show. April 28, 2032 marks my birthday. Along with a lot of other stuff. She looked around the room and saw her wedding pictures, pictures of her and the kids, pictures of her, MilkShake and MarshMallow when they were puppies. She went to the book shelf and seen lots of books with her name on them for the author. She couldn’t believe she wrote all those books. She had romance, drama, children books, and books about global warming.

How could all this be? The last thing I remember was me cooking dinner for Roman, I made stew, we ate, took a shower and went to sleep. Now all I know is that I’m here the next day in 2032. I am 20 years in the future, but that’s not possible. I just have to be dreaming or something. Gasps, it must have been that new seasoning I used in the stew, but how could that make me be in the future? Whatever happened I’m glad it did. I am free from Roman. I’m married to a wonderful man, I have two beautiful kids and another on the way, my dogs are so precious, I have a job that I’m great at, and I can feel the love here. I feel happy. I have the life I always wanted. I don’t care how I got here. I just want to stay forever. She hears a noise behind her and she jumps. It’s just Antonio her husband. “Sweetie you scared me.” “Sorry. Why are you in here talking to yourself? What is wrong with you today? Are you feeling alright?” “Yes, yes I’m great. I just didn’t, uhm don’t remember anything up until today.” “Yea I know, I heard you. How is that even possible?” “I don’t know, but what I do know is that I’m happy being here with you and even though I don’t remember anything about us besides the love that we have for each other, I’m willing to make new memories with you. I also know that I do love you. I feel it through every fiber in my being, weird but I do.”

“I love you too. Well since you forgot about everything, how about we both take today off from work and I’ll try to catch you up on the last 18 years of your life?” “Sounds great, but let’s do it outside, the air feels and smells so much fresher than I remember.” “No problem, and that’s because it is. Thanks to you and your brain, we have found a way to slow down global warming, air pollution has gone done a whole bunch. We now run cars on food, gas, and electrically. Life is much better and how it should be. Now from what I can remember you left Roman 20 years ago because you wanted a better life for yourself. It took him 2 years to finally let you go and sign the divorce papers. You and I were together because I was your lawyer and I fell for you. We got married 2 years later. . . .”

He finished recounting their whole life together over dinner with the kids and the dogs. Afterwards they all enjoyed a movie together. When that was all said and done they went to sleep. The next morning when Johniiee’Marie woke up, she was back in 2012 married to Roman Jackson. She finally found the courage to leave him after witnessing how wonderful her life was 20 years from now. When she left she met this amazing man named Antonio Queen. He helped her finally rid herself from her evil husband, and he gave her the support she needed to go to college and find a solution to global warming. Her life was starting over and she was at peace.

The End ….

The End

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