Different ways of Teen Pregnancy and Parenting

this is not real nor are the names it was made for fun and to teach people that there are different ways of teen pregnancy and parenting.


            Hello, I am Kristine Marie Finn, I am 16 and this is my story. It all started when I was 11, my sister, Kourtney Mae was 14, my sister Kamille Michelle (Kammi) was 4 and my brother, Konner Michael was 2. My mom, Karen, and my dad, Kenneth, ended up getting divorced because my dad got caught cheating on my mom. When they got divorced, my sister and I turned into devil kids. We were skipping school, smoking weed, and sneaking out at night. About two months after the divorce, Kourtney found out she was pregnant at 14. Kourtney hid the pregnancy from my parents until she started to show at about four almost five months. During this time, she had not been to the doctor at all. As mad as my mom was, she knew that Kourtney needed to see a doctor not just for the unborn child’s safety but for hers as well. At Kourtney’s first appointment she found out she was having a girl. Kourtney decided she was going to keep the baby. On September 22, Lylah Jade Finn was born weighing 6lbs 10oz. My niece was so cute but I did not know how Kourtney was going to do it.

            Two years had passed since Kourtney had Lylah. I had a steady boyfriend, Jayson Scott Waters, and we had been together for about one year. On Lylah’s second birthday I got the most shocking news of my life. I was following in Kourtney’s footsteps, except I was only 13. Kourtney was now 16 and a single mom to Lylah, with the help from her new boyfriend of about two months, Mike. When I got the news that I was pregnant, I fell to my knees and cried. I saw how hard Kourtney struggled with Lylah and I knew I was not as strong as her and could not give my child what she has given Lylah. When I told Jayson, he stuck by myside. The next person I told after Jayson was Kourtney. She was upset with me because of what she went through but could not be mad because she was the same way and had support. My sister helped me tell my mom, that was the toughest part. When I told my mom she was so upset that I was in the same predicament that Kourtney was in two years ago and I did not learn from it.

            My first appointment I found out I was 10 weeks and I got to hear my baby’s heartbeat. Jayson and I talked about our options on what we had to do. We both agreed with me being 13 and him being 15 that we could not give our child the life that they deserved. After talking with my mom and Kourtney we all decided that the best decision to make for our child was adoption. Once the choice was made, Jayson and I met with an adoption councilor. Dawn, the councilor, went over all the different options of adoption such as closed adoption, open adoption, and semi-open adoption. Jayson and I chose to go with an open adoption so that we could still be part of the child’s life.

            At five months pregnant, Jayson and I found out we were expecting a baby boy. The day after we got the news that it was a boy we met with a couple named Lisa and David. Lisa was 30 and a bar tender and David was 35 and a tattoo artist. They had four kids ages 5,4,3, and 1. They wanted to add one more to their family and wanted a closed adoption. I was really uncomfortable with them. Jayson and I decided we wanted to continue looking. We wanted our son to go to a couple who were unable to have children and had a good education and career so he could have the life he deserved and did not have to struggle. About two weeks went by and we met with Amy and James. Amy was 28 and was told at the age of 16 that she was unable to have children because of multiple ovarian cysts. She never gave up hope and her and James continued to try for six years. Amy is a special education teacher. James is also 28 and him and Amy had been married for four years. James stood by Amy’s side through the struggle of trying to conceive. He was a pediatrician. James and Amy were interested in doing an open adoption. Jayson and I knew they were the ones. Throughout my pregnancy Jayson and James became close as well as Amy and I did. Amy and James went to all of the following appointments with us to see our baby. They even agreed to let us name the baby because we were giving them a miracle. Jayson and I decided to name him Lyle after my niece, Lylah. We all agreed for his middle name to be Scott after Jayson and James after his new father. His whole name would be Lyle Scott James Featherlynn.

            When I went into labor, I was only 35 weeks. Lyle decided he wanted to come a little early. It was about 2:24am on May 15th when I started having intense contractions. Jayson had been staying the night with me since I was so close to my due date. I laid in bed for a few minutes trying to breathe through them like I learned in my birthing class. After about 20 minutes of them becoming stronger and closer together, I finally woke Jayson up. Jayson started to time my contractions, which were three minutes apart. After about four contractions, Jayson went and woke my mom and Kourtney up to take me to the hospital. Kourtney’s boyfriend, Mike, stayed with Lylah, Kammie, and Konner while we went to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital it was about 3:30am. I told Jayson to call Amy and James so that they could be there. Ten minutes after Jayson called, Amy and James were at the hospital. I was in labor for 26 hours before giving birth to 4lb 6.2oz baby boy, Lyle Scott James Featherlynn at 4:44 am on May 16th.

            Lyle looked so much like Jayson. I broke when I saw his beautiful blue eyes and his head full of blonde hair. I knew from that moment that it was love at first sight. Amy and James cried the first time they saw Lyle. They thanked Jayson and I many times for giving them hope once again. They thanked us for giving them the chance to experience life as parents and to be able to raise a child. When my mom seen Lyle she begged me to change my mind and not give him up. I knew deep down, as much as I loved Lyle I could not do that to him. He needed a better life then what I could give him. I did not tell my dad that I had Lyle until after he was born. Lyle spent about 4 weeks in the NICU because of his weight. After 4 weeks he was up to 6lbs 2oz and was ready to start his life with Amy and James, also known as his mom and dad.

            Today Kourtney is 19 and engaged to Mike. They are happily expecting a baby boy that they are naming Logan Michael Bell. Lylah is five and full of energy. She is so excited to be in kindergarten. Kammi is 9 and in third grade and is being taught very well on where baby’s come from and to stay away from boys. Konner is 7 and in second grade, he loves playing soccer. I am 16 and Jayson is 18 and we are still together going on four years. I am in my junior year of high school and on high honors and Jayson is graduating this year. Lyle is a happy, healthy, three-year-old who we get to see every week. When Lyle is old enough, Amy and James have decided to tell him who we really are and that we gave him the best life that we knew how. My advice to girls and boys is don’t have sex until you know you are ready. Accidents do happen, if they happen to you give your child the best life they deserve.



            Hi, I am Hannah, I am 19 and this is my story. When I was born my name was Naylyn Kierra and my mom was a single mom at the age of 15. I never had a very good child hood. My grandparents were alcoholics and my mom just liked to party. When I was six months old I was put into foster care because my mom left me at a party that she was at. At the age of 17 my mom gave birth to my brother, Nyzir Adon. When Nyzir was born I was 2 and had been to eight different foster homes. Nyzir ended up in foster care with me. When Nyzir was 11 months old my mom gave birth to twins, Logan Joshua and Lacey Janay. Finally, when I was 5, Nyzir was 3, and the twins were 2 we all ended up in the same foster home. We were all together until Martha, the foster mom, decided she did not want us anymore. We had been with her for three years. I was now 8 and had been to about 15 different foster homes. I gave up hope of my mom trying to get us back. Our new foster parents, Kim and Phil, always told me to never lose hope, but I knew deep down that it would never happen.

            When I was 10, Nyzir was 8 and Logan and Lacey were 7, after being with Kim and Phil for two years they finally decided to adopt us. Nyzir’s name was changed to Ryan Phillip, my name was changed to Hannah Elizabeth, and Logan and Lacey wanted to keep their name. After the adoption was final, I started to become depressed. I felt like I did something wrong for our birth mom to not want us. There were many nights that I cried myself to sleep trying to figure out what I did. I started going to counseling and got put on medication to help with depression. It seemed to help for a while until we moved and I had to start a new school at the age of 13. After being at this school for a few months I started hanging out with the wrong crowed. I met this kid, Adam, and lost my virginity to him at 13. I hid it from my parents until they found a pregnancy test in my room. Thank god it was negative! At 14 I started smoking weed and sneaking out. At 15 I got with my boyfriend, Austin, and I started to calm down. Austin and I were in a relationship for almost 8 months before I became pregnant.

            I was two weeks late for my period. I was so scared because I had just turned 16 and I felt like everyone was going to compare me to my birth mom. My parents were disappointed in me but were really supportive. Austin and I decided to keep the baby and do the best we could to raise it together. At my first ultrasound I heard the baby’s heartbeat and found out I was 8 weeks. I was scared because I did not want to be like my birth mom. Austin’s parents were very supportive as well. Ryan was 14 and on the football team doing well. Logan and Lacey were 13 and Lacey had her first boyfriend.

            When I was 5 months pregnant, I was super eager to know what I was having. Austin wanted it to be a surprise but finally gave in and agreed to just do it as a gender reveal party. When we went to the appointment I took Lacey with me. I wanted her to be involved as much as possible, being my little sister. Lacey got to get the envelope from the doctor and take it to the baker with my mom. The following day we had our gender reveal party. That morning when I woke up, I started bugging Austin about cutting the cake. At 7am I wanted cake! When the party began, I was anxious. It was finally time to cut the cake and we made bets on what the baby was. Austin, Ryan, Logan, and my dad said it was a boy and my mom, Lacey, and I all said girl. When we cut the cake it was a…………. GIRL!!!! I was so excited! Austin was disappointed because he wanted a boy but he was excited that she would be daddy’s little girl.

            After I found out I was having a girl, I told my mom I wanted to meet my birth mom. She was a bit nervous about it because I was doing so well with my depression and she did not want to ruin that. A couple weeks later she agreed to let me contact her. I called many times before she finally answered. When she answered I said it was Hannah. She had no idea who I was. When I told her that my name used to be Naylyn Kierra she did not say anything, I thought she hung up on me. Minutes later she finally said “Why are you calling me?” I told her that I was pregnant and that it was a girl. I also told her that I would like to learn about her so when my daughter was old enough I could tell her about her family history. Carlyn, my birth mother, decided to meet with my mom and I. Ryan, Logan, and Lacey decided they were not ready to meet her. When we met Carlyn at the coffee shop I had Austin with me. He was my comfort zone. On that day, I met my birth mother for the first and last time. When she told me that I did not deserve my daughter and that I would amount to nothing I knew right then that I did not want nor need her in my life.

            Throughout my whole pregnancy, Austin and I debated on names. We were deciding between Aliylah Anne, Marisol Niava, Aliviyah Kimberly, and Noella Grace. We wanted something different and could not decide. While we were all at the mall one day Lacey said she had the perfect name. She told Austin and I that we should name our daughter Amareyah Angeleyna. I loved it and so did Austin! We finally decided our daughters name would be Amareyah Angeleyna Janay Vierro. We through the Janay in there after my sister because she is my biggest inspiration.

            At 40 weeks and 2 days I was so ready for Miss. Amareyah to make her entrance and she was being stubborn like her daddy. Our baby shower was amazing and we got just about everything she needed thanks to my parents and his. I had decided that when I gave birth I wanted my mom, his mom, my sister and Austin in the room. After Amareyah was born everyone else could see her. Finally, the day I had been waiting for at 41 weeks pregnant I finally gave birth to 8lb 5oz baby girl Amareyah Angeleyna Janay Vierro at 5:56pm. Austin and I fell in love at first sight!

            Today, Austin and I are 19 and married. We have Amareyah who is 3 and we also have a one-year-old son and his name is Austin James Vierro Jr. Ryan is 17 and just graduated highschool a year early. He plans to attend college to become a police officer. Logan is 16 and in his junior year and on the football team. When he graduates he plans to attend college to become a veterinarian and possibly a professional football player. Lacey is also 16 and a cheerleader, she is also still a virgin! I am so proud of her! She plans to go to college to become an adoption counselor to help children cope with depression and anxiety of adoption. I love my kids so much! Girls and boys if you are having sex and don’t want children protect yourself. If you get pregnant and can’t take care of them, give them a chance, give them to someone who can!




            Hey there! I am Justin David Tiles, I am 17, and this is my story. When I was 15 my parents decided that they wanted to move three states away from my home town. I was not too happy about the move because that meant I had to start all over at high school. Before we moved, I had a girlfriend, Katie, for two years. Katie and I felt that because I was moving it was best that we broke up. It was so hard breaking up with Katie because she was my first and only girlfriend. We were so close. After the move, I decided that I did not want to find a girlfriend right away I wanted to focus on school because I was still in love with Katie.

            About five months after I moved, Katie finally returned my phone call. I never thought I would get the news from her that she gave me. Katie had told me that when we were still together she had cheated on me with my best friend Tim and that she was pregnant and having a boy. I was devastated and asked if the baby was mine. My heart broke when Katie told me she was not sure if the baby was mine or Tim’s. She also informed me that she did not want to keep the baby, no matter who’s it was. I knew I had to do something, especially if this child was mine.

            I broke the news to my parents, who were shocked! When I told them that I wanted to go back to my home town until the baby was born and that I wanted a paternity test, they both agreed that it was a great idea. My parents were extremely shocked when I told them that Katie did not want the baby and that if he was mine I wanted to keep him. Three days later I was on a plane headed back to my home town where I planned to stay with my grandma. My grandma was really supportive of my choices that I was about to make. Katie had no idea that I was in town, until I showed up to her house. She was pretty mad that I came there and told her that I wanted a DNA test done and that if she did not want this child that I would take him if he was mine.

            When Katie was 32 weeks pregnant she ended up going into labor. Even though I was upset with Katie for what she had done, I was by her side through it all. After 36 hours of labor 2lb 7.3oz baby boy, Tyler Daniel, was born. When Tyler was born he was put in the NICU for 8 weeks because he was early. During his NICU time the nurses and doctors were supportive of us wanting a DNA test done on him. Katie was released from the hospital three days after having Tyler. She knew that being 15 she could not take care of him, therefore, she did not want to see him. I was by Tyler’s side every day, even before I knew if he was mine. Four weeks after the DNA test was done the results came back. The DNA test had proved that I was 99.9% Tyler Daniel Tiles father. I was so happy that Tyler was mine. I called my parents crying when I got the results. I let them know for the first few weeks, after Tyler came home from the hospital, that I would be staying at my grandmas before coming home.

            After 8 weeks of being in the NICU, weighing in at 6lbs .5oz baby Tyler finally got to come home. When I brought Tyler home to my grandmas, I called Katie to let her know how he was doing. Katie had asked if she could see Tyler and I agreed. After about two hours of a visit Katie decided that she needed to go. Tyler was unable to breastfeed because he was not with Katie but Katie did pump for him and sent me the breast milk. A few weeks later when Tyler was about three months old I decided it was time for us to head back home. Katie said goodbye to Tyler one last time before we entered the plane.

            Today, I am 17 and am in my senior year of high school with high honors. I have a beautiful girlfriend, Maria, who also has a two- year-old son named Julio. Katie is 17 and finishing school as well. She has a boyfriend and they are expecting a little girl that they are keeping and are naming Tayla Danielle after Tyler. She calls every day to check on Tyler. It took her awhile to realize that what she did was best for Ty. Katie comes down once a month to see Tyler and has been to his birthdays as well. Tyler Daniel Tiles is a happy healthy two-year-old. My parents help with Tyler when they can but it is my responsibility to pay for diapers and the things that Tyler needs. My high school has a daycare for the teen parents and that is where Tyler attends while I am at school. By the time I get out of school, my parents are home from work so they watch Tyler while I am at work. My advice to teens is to wait until you know you are ready.



            Hello! I am Kassidy Anne Thomas, I am 20 years old, and this is my story. Growing up I had many siblings. My dad had a son before him and my mom got together. His name is Andrew James Thomas. My mom had a daughter before her and my dad got together. Her name is Cheyanne Marie Jordan. When my parents got together Cheyanne and Andrew were both 8. They were together for two months before my mom became pregnant with me. When my mom had me she was 26. I was born on a cold winter night on December 3rd. After I was born my parents split up. My mom then got married when I was 4 and had my brother, Jayden Ryan Thornby a year later. When Jayden was 2 she gave birth to my sister, Olivia Nicole Thornby. My dad also remarried and had twins Skylar Jean and Sara Jade,

            My sister, Cheyanne had a beautiful baby girl when she was 24. She named her Americus Ny’Ava Jones. When Americus was born she had something wrong with her heart. At 4 hours old Americus passed away. A month after my niece’s funeral, I found out I was pregnant. I was scared and did not want to tell anybody. I hid it from everyone except my boyfriend, Shane Luis Margo. When I told Shane he did not think the baby was his. After everything we had been through together, Shane broke up with me. I was devastated that Shane not only left me, but left his child as well. When I was 10 weeks pregnant my mom realized I was gaining weight quickly. She had asked me if I was pregnant and I just broke into tears. I told her that I went to my first appointment by myself and that I was having twins. My mom started to cry. She was scared for me because I was only 16. After talking with my mom she made me call and tell my dad. When my sister, Cheyanne, found out she was upset that I did not wait but excited as well. We talked about names and decided it I had boys they would be Aryan Jax and AlecZiyah Josheph and if I had girls they would be Ahzaighlyn Mah’Riyah and Aleziyah Melody

            When I was 19 weeks pregnant, I was able to find out the gender of the babies. Dr.Chacklaburg announced that it was identical twins and told us that my babies names would be Ahzaighlyn Mah’Riyah and Aleziyah Melody. I was so excited that I was expecting to beautiful baby girls. After my appointment I had decided that I would call Shane and tell him. When I called him he had apologized for breaking up with me that he was just scared and really wants to be involved with the girls. Shane and I decided to give our relationship another try. When I was 24 weeks pregnant my water broke! I was so scared. Shane and my mom took me to the hospital. After 12 hours of labor 1 pound 2.5 ounce Ahzaighlyn Mah’Riyah Margo was born at 1:53pm. Three minutes later at 1:56pm 2lb 1oz baby girl Aleziyah Melody Margo was born. Both girls were on breathing and feeding tubes for the first three months of their life.

            When Zaigh and Ziyah came home Ahzaighlyn was not acting right. She held her head to one side and never really moved around like Aleziyah did. When the girls were 6 months old Aley started sitting up on her own and babbling. Zaigh on the other hand was not holding her had up led alone sitting up. I knew then that something was wrong with my baby. Shane and I had ended up at multiple doctors to find out what was wrong with her. We had got the news that our precious baby girl had cerebral palsy. I was devastated, I thought that I did something wrong. The doctors explained that because she was so early that it could have been that her brain did not fully develop. When the girls were 2 months old I had found out that Shane’s ex gave birth to Shane’s son Rylee Josiah Margo. I was hurt that Shane had another child but what mattered is that we were a family. Nelly and Shane’s son also has the same thing as Ahzaighlyn. Rylee was also premature. Even though I did not like the fact that Shane had another child, I put all that to the side and became friends with Nelly for support.

            Today, I am 20 years old and work as a photographer. Ahzaighlyn and Aleziyah just turned four and are both in head start. Ahzaighlyn does have to use a wheelchair due to her cerebral palsy. Rylee is almost four and does have cerebral palsy but his is not severe enough for a wheelchair. Nelly and I have become really good friends. Shane and I had another child who is 2 years old and his name is Chance Drayden Margo. Shane and I are no longer together. I ended up dropping out of high school to take care of my girls. When I was 18 and found out I was pregnant for Chance I decided to get my G.E.D. My advice to all teens is to wait until you are ready! Parenting is rewarding and exciting but hard and stressful as well.



The End

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