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I've been on leave for a few days and have seen you everyday. Tonight your parents are gone and I come over. When I walk up to the door you open it before I can even knock. You walk out wearing your short shorts and a tank top. Your hair is up and your wear just lipstick. Bright red to tease me. You toss your arms around my neck and wrap my arms around your waist holding you close. I kiss you lightly and hug you again, whispering how cute you look. You playful push me away and say no you don't turn away and walk in. I follow you. You go to the kitchen and where you have a dinner close to done. You began to continue cook when I walk up behind you and place my hands on your hips. I say softly behind you "yes you do sweetness". I kiss the back of your head and walk away to get us something to drink. I put ice in both of our drink. I set yours on the counter next to you and then lean against the counter and take a drink watching you over the brim of the glass as I do so. You look over and smile at me. I place the glass next to yours grab your hips pull you in front of me. Giving you a brief fright and then kiss you again this time more fortitude then before. You drop you hands onto my arms and allow the kiss to deepen for a moment then pull away smiling. You smack my arm lightly and say half laughing "I'm going to burn the food so behave." I smile devilishly and nod. You go back to cooking and step quietly behind you. I watch you for a moment then place my hands onto your hips and step in close. I lay my head lightly on your shoulder looking at you and smile. You glance over and ask what. "Your so beautiful" and kiss your check. You blush and smile looking down at the food.  I smile at you and place my head back on you shoulder but closer to your neck this time. Move closer and kiss your neck lightly. You move your head to the side and so I can get to it with easy. I kiss tenderly up and down your neck at first you drop your head back and rest your back against my chest. You close you eyes and focus on were my lips land. My lips part and my tongue slide out as running up and down slowly. Kissing as I do so. Your hands drop to my legs and you lightly grip my jeans with the tips your fingers. I get to you lower neck and gently bite you and hold there sucking on the spot softly. I arms wrap around your waist. You hand come up and you run your fingers into my hair as a quite moan rises to your throat. I pull you closer to me. Now quickly rolling my tongue of where the mark of teeth were. Your breathing is quick now. I pull away and move to your ear and whisper in your ear. You feel my hot breath against your warm blushing skin. "Don't burn the food my sweetness" trying to hold back the amusement in my voice. You look down puzzled unsure of what I mean  then you see the food. You turn around quickly and push me your hands against my chest and as you try you slide back against the stove. "Well don't do that and I won't" you say with a playful growl.    I smile at you lean in and kiss you, grab my drink and walk off. 
I pull out the plates as dinner finishes. Getting both of our plate ready I carry them out and you bring the drinks. We sit down on the couch next to each other I'm against the armrest your leaning against me with your leg across the rest of the couch. You turn the tv on as we eat. After we finish I take the plates to the kitchen and return with fresh drinks with more ice. I sit them on the coffee table in front of us and sit down. You lay your back in my lap, leaning your head against my chest face the tv. I start to run my finger tips over your smooth leg gently. You look up at me wide eyed and smile back at you. I slide my hand under your hand and gently rise your lips to mine. I kiss you softly. Our lips part after a few moments and our tongues entangle at first just rolling over top of one another. Soon turns more furious and deep as it begins to seem like a fight to be the one on top. I lower you to couch and climb on top of you sliding my waist between you legs. You run you hand down my back grabbing my shirt and tearing it off. This breaks our kiss finally and I rise up. Both of us breathless look at each other and you place your hand to my chest feel the heat of my body the rise and fall of my chest. You bite your lower lip as you enjoy knowing this is your tonight. At this moment there a spark in your eye I'm not aware of and look at you confused. You smile at this and rip into my chest with your nails all the down my abs then back up you reach the back of my neck and pull me down to kiss me hungrily. I return the kiss in full. I pull away after a few moments a with new found desire rip your shirt in half. Now rolling you on top of me. You gasp out loud. Unsure of what to do now you look at me with a helplessness desire. I smile devilishly and slide your tarted shirt to the floor placing my hand on your hips pulling you to me. Biting hard into your neck. You moan loud still in shock of being on top. I run my tongue over the teeth mark as I reach to my drink grabbing an ice cube from it. I trace the outline of the mark. The heat of your skin quickly melts the cube sending chills down your spine. Drop you head down to my neck and kiss it. I drop my head to the side and back so get to it. You start to suck on my neck as I undo your bra and pull it off. As you began to enjoy the fact of being on top you move your hips to and fro press against me teasing me I reach down and undo you pants and slip my finger under your panties and slide two of them into you. You gasp and moan on the side of my neck you suck and bite harder moving your hips faster and I move finger with more purpose. Soon the warmth grows inside you. You become breathless quickly from this. You grab ahold of me and stop sucking and just moan quietly in my ear but slowly grow louder and the feeling because growingly more intents. Soon your legs shake clamping around my waist. Your moan out louder and louder and it grows to in you. The warmth because a fire as your skin seem to burn with passion and desire. It finally takes control as your body locks up and you scream out breathlessly I stop and let regain your thoughts and catch your breath.
You look at me something take control carving more. You pull me on to forcing both of our pants off and then grab me kiss me as lower my hip down pressing myself into you. Your eyes roll back and grab my back rising yourself biting into me and you rip your nails down my back. I don't go soft this time and move with pure speed and force. You scream out as the warmth quickly spread through your body. You wrap your legs around me allowing me deeper inside. I pin your hands down so you can't move driving harder and deeper. You arch your back as you begin to cum you legs clamp around me holding on. I continue to slide in and out if you rolling my hips as I do so. The next one comes quicker this time I release your arms and dig into my back as I bite into your neck. Pressing hard into you. As my teeth release your soft tender neck , I pick you up and take you to the wall. Slamming your back into the wall you hold on as slide you on me. After a moment I put you on your feet and make you grab the wall. I ram into you again your legs spread my hand grasping your hips. Pulling you into each thrust. You screaming and put your face into the wall. Your legs grow weak after you cum over over again. Finally your legs give and you drop. I grab you up and toss you to the bend you over the arm rest your ass in the air. I press into you again over faster then before. You cum again but this take you whole body.  You back arch straight up pressing your shoulders into me. You clamp around me and groan in ear. You reach back touching the back of my head. I turn and we kiss and I keep going you cum again after a few moments I grab your hair as you body clenching and you around me again. After you stop I slide out and turn you around your ass on the the arm rest. You wrap your legs around me and pull me into you. I slide right back in to were I belong. You rip your nails yours nails down my chest and back biting my neck and moan loudly in my ear. All I can hear is your breathless moans. You moan out in between breaths. "Cum..   For..... Me please... I want you.... Please." I hearing your voice like this I can't contain myself. Your whole clamps around me and I can't stop myself. I do. My legs give out out cause us to fall to the floor. We lay their in one another arms catching our breath. I pull you in close kissing you deeply one last time. Then you fall asleep listening to my racing heart then I kid your head and fall asleep as well

The End

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