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Chapter One: Accelerated


I laugh at the other kids for making fun of me. I mean, we’re not really kids, I’m a sophomore. I wouldn’t consider everyone and I as kids. But they do make fun of me. For many reasons, being smart, quiet, and other things. But I just always keep to myself, so it doesn’t matter. I walk into the girls’ bathroom and see a group of girls in mini skirts looking straight at me. They look me up and down and walk out, whispering things to each other and snickering. I look at myself in the mirror, my straight long black hair, my pale skin, and normal features. I guess you could say I was pretty, every girl that doesn’t hate me thinks I’m pretty. I dug in my pocket and pulled a lighter and a cigarette. I lit it up and inhaled. I leaned against the tile wall and closed my eyes. I’d have to put this out soon so a teacher or anyone else doesn’t come in. I put the cigarette out on the ground and shoved it back in my pocket. I took one more look in the mirror and stroked a strand of hair by my face. I had good timing because two preppy looking girls walked in and instantly stopped their conversation when they saw me. I started to walk back to class, but then I had this brilliant idea of ditching. First, I made a quick stop to my locker and grabbed everything I would probably need to finish my work, if I even remembered. A few other kids walked out of the same class, Michael had smiled at me and walked up to me, “Ditching class, huh?” He lightly punched my arm. “Hey, want to skip with me?” I whispered and closed my locker with a bang. “Sure.” He then opened his own locker and grabbed a black messenger backpack. “Let’s go!” He whispered. We walked down the halls and told the office that he was driving me home because I became ill. “Where are we off to?” I smiled and put my school things in the backseat of his car. “Hmm, where do you want to go?” Michael looked at me for a minute and he almost seemed perfect. He had longish black hair with reddish, brown tips. He was like how people would classify me, punk. I wasn’t all about labels though. I straightened out my shirt and stayed looking down with my eyes closed. Next thing I knew I was all alone in the woods in Michael’s car. Where was I? Where did he take us? I blinked my eyes a couple times and he was sitting on the hood of his car smoking a cigarette. I got out and joined him. He got closer, like he was going to kiss me, my cigarette dropped to the ground. He grabbed my wrist for support I closed my eyes and I felt him flip my wrist over. “What’s this?” Michael whispered in my ear. “The scars that reminds me of you.” I whispered back. He angrily let go of my wrist and jumped off the car. I knew this was a bad idea. Michael and I had been having problems with this relationship thing. He followed a trail far away and soon I couldn’t see him walking away from me anymore. I sighed and got back into the car. What was I thinking, telling Michael that. Well, I wasn’t going to lie to him. You could tell fall was here; the leaves are changing and falling off trees. But it was my favorite season, too bad summer had to end. I once again closed my eyes and smiled at the thoughts of summer. Michael and I had spent every day together almost, we hung out with his friends, some of mine. I remember swimming and just lying in the grass at night with him. Once I heard crunching of leaves I snapped out of my daydreaming. “Kallie, please don’t do this anymore…” Michael started the car. “Why? You do it too!” I snapped and I instantly knew that was a bad idea.

“But I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t worry so much about me…” We stopped talking the whole ride back to his house. Nobody was home except us. I flopped down on his bed and soon fell asleep. I had sweet dreams, Michael and I actually weren’t fighting about something dumb and we were lying there with him. This is what I wanted. I mean, Michael and I have been together for about two years now and we’re still fighting about the same thing. But I’m sure it doesn’t have much affect on our relationship. He lied down beside me and that all of a sudden woke me up. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you, too.” And I kissed his lips. He was the greatest. I always wanted him. We started kissing more and he climbed on top of me. Things got carried away and time took over. A few hours later he drove me home. I think I had his shirt on. No. I have his jacket on and he has another shirt on. I knew this was probably bad but we’ve done this many times before and nothing has happened, but just this time…I had a feeling. And it wasn’t good. I thought about this for days…Michael seemed to be happy but I don’t think he noticed I wasn’t myself. I mean, I actually paid attention in class and did my work. I hadn’t ditched class or smoked a cigarette for about a week before he asked me what was going on. “Well, I think I’m pregnant.” I quietly told him as we both shut his car doors. His eyes got bigger than anything I’ve ever seen before. “How do you know?” He had trouble getting this simple sentence out. “I don’t. I’m just assuming. But let’s hope I’m not.” The ride home was quiet. But he was picking me up later to hang out. We didn’t even say goodbye when I got out. Michael just stayed in my driveway for a couple minutes and then drove away. I walked to the drug store to get a pregnancy test and immediately ran to the bathroom to use it. I waited for what seemed like hours to get the results. Finally, it was then I found out…I wasn’t pregnant. I shed tears of relief and couldn’t wait to tell Michael. I called him and he was on his way to pick me up. I threw the phone on the couch and waited outside for Michael. He came about fifteen minutes later and he looked tense. “Michael, I’m not pregnant. Isn’t this great?” I smiled at him and put on my seatbelt. “Yeah.” He said quietly. Minutes later we arrived at a park. We both ran and slid onto the grass. I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you, too.” I whispered back. We fell asleep in those same spots hours later. Now, Michael was the love of my life but the next week in school he had got transferred to a regular school. See, the school we go to now are for truant high school kids or drop outs or kids that are just really bad, academically or behavior wise. Michael had come here for dropping out. But he has been doing excellent in his schoolwork so they decided to give him another chance in a real school, to be a real sophomore. But I don’t even see why the preppy kids are here, probably for getting into fights. I am here for drug use in school and skipping too many days, so I’m truant and I’m a druggie. Great. The week Michael got transferred was horrible. I had nobody to talk to or anything. Then I saw a new kid. He was tall. The boy had short, tousled black hair with a bright red streak by his bangs. His hair was covering his eyes so it was hard to tell his facial features. He was like Michael, only better. He was wearing a black shirt with some kind of band name on it. He had dark sort of skinny jeans on. And some skater shoes that looked almost like Michael’s. I wanted to talk to him. He sat in front of me in English and I couldn’t help but stare at him. My cell phone started to vibrate in my pocket; I decided to go to the bathroom to see if Michael had texted me. “Can I go to the bathroom?” I called out to the teacher. She gave me a nod and I got up immediately. I yanked my phone out as soon as I stepped in the bathroom. One missed call from Michael. I dialed the number so fast I thought that I had typed it all wrong. It rang three times before he answered. “Hello?” He yelled through the phone. The background was loud. I heard a girl call his name. “You called?” I was annoyed by the fact another girl called his name. I mean, the way she said it…sounded suspicious. It soon got quieter in the background. “Kallie, I’m sorry…we’re not working out anymore. I mean we go to different schools. I have found someone else…I’m sure you have too. Don’t worry, we can still be best friends.” I became stiff, I couldn’t move. I wanted to speak, but couldn’t. “Hello?” Michael said. “Kallie, you call me back when you feel like talking about this.” There was a pause. “I love you. Bye” I love you. Those words rang in my ear for a few minutes before I had enough strength to close the cell phone. This was hard to grasp. Michael and I had been best friends since we were five. And we have been together since we were fourteen. Three years…gone. It’s over. I can’t believe this. I thought forever meant, well forever. A few tears escaped my eye. I’ll save it for when I get home. I walked out of the bathroom and back to class. Lunch was next, so that’s good. The class basically flew by with me wondering what was with Michael. I wish he wouldn’t have done this. I love him so much, and I guess he still loves me but not enough to be with me? The bell suddenly rang and startled me. I grabbed my things and brought it with me to lunch. I didn’t eat much, just an apple and some grapes. The new kid came and sat in front of me. “Can I sit here?” He didn’t look at me and his voice was quiet and low. I shrugged. I knew he must have seen that because he stayed sitting there and ate his salad. One tear escaped my eye, than another, than another. The tears flowed out as easy as water coming out of a faucet. The boy across from me stopped eating his salad and look up at me, I still kept my head down and closed my eyes to try and stop the tears. I opened them back up and was watching the kid out of the corner of my eye. He was still looking at my falling tears. “Is everything okay?” His voice was so quiet. I could barely hear him over everyone else’s conversation. I leaned in a little bit, unnoticeably to hear him better. “Yeah.” My voice was crackly. “Come here.” He nodded towards the exit from the lunchroom. I followed him. We were going to the teacher’s bathroom. We both walked in there and he shut the door. The boy grabbed some Kleenex and gave them to me. “Thanks.” I said. He nodded once. “So, tell me what’s wrong.” He sat down on the floor beside me. “Well, Michael Adams. My boyfriend for three years broke up with me when I went to the bathroom. I called him back and he broke up with me.” I put my face into his shoulder without thinking. I didn’t even know this kid. He put his hand around my shoulder. “Well, if he’s going to be like that…you don’t need him.” We sat there for a while. “What’s your name anyway?” He finally asked. I lifted my head up and looked at him. I probably didn’t look my best. “K-Kallie.” I stuttered. I wiped my nose with my sleeve and we both got up. I looked in the mirror; my eyeliner was running down my cheeks. My eyes were puffy and my hair was sticky with tears. I was a mess. “I’m Demetri.” He stood behind me. I finally saw his face and it was beautiful. It was comparable to an angel’s face, so flawless. We both walked outside and got in his car. “Ditching?” I laughed a little. “Why not?” He smiled at me. It was good I still had my school things…I needed to get my homework done. I was pretty accelerated in my work though, always working ahead. But I did get good grades, no doubt about that. I watched as the buildings, houses, and trees flew by as Demetri drove and drove. I wondered if things would get better for me. I feel like I’m just so alone without Michael. We’d always hang out after school. All we had was each other. My fell out of my trance when we halted to a stop, “Where are we?” I looked at Demetri, confused. “Um, you’ll see.” He smiled and ran over to open my door. I put my backpack down on the floor and got out of the car. I looked all around me. Well, we were around a forest that was for sure. He took my hand and we ran full force down a path. Soon we arrived in a beautiful, wide meadow. There were grass and flowers everywhere made into a circle. We both fell down and stared at the sky for a while. “Why are you here?” I asked him. “What do you mean?” Demetri sounded confused. I sat up and looked at him while I explained. “Well, I’m at that school because I missed too many days of school and for drug use in school. Why are you here?” My voice came out softly. “Well…I have some issues.” He laughed quietly and sat up as well. I looked around for a couple seconds. I inhaled a breath of air and asked another question. “What issues?” I looked at the sun. “I’m not the kid my parents wanted. I also missed school a lot. I got into fights on the days I did go to school. And I was taking pills that weren’t prescribed. And they thought this was the school to fix me.” I thought about this. Demetri didn’t look like the type to do all of this. I mean the truancy…the drug use and the fighting. I wondered what pills he took. I wasn’t going to bother asking, for it was none of my business. I also had thought about the fights. Did he win? Did he start the fights? Too many thought about Demetri were going through my head all at once. I touched his red streak in his hair. “You like my hair?” He laughed. I nodded once. I put some of my hair behind my ear. Demetri’s eyes got really wide. He grabbed my wrists, “What’s this?” He asked. I suddenly remembered the day Michael and I had a fight about this. I closed my eyes to stop the tears from flowing out. “The scars that remind me of you.” I whispered. “What?” He threw my arm down. “Nothing. It’s nothing.” My eyes flew open. I can’t believe I said that. But maybe I had thought for one minute I was with Michael. And the last words he spoke to me rang through my ears again. I love you, bye. Again and again I heard them. I didn’t want to, but I clearly had no choice. This hurt, this hurt worse than anything.

The End

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