One: Lyla



I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and sighed. The Lyla staring back at her, looked like her usual self. My hair hung loosely and my clothes were cute and casual, but not anything special. I should have done something with my hair, I hated it, hated the curlyness, hated the reddish tint it held. Why couldn't I have had brown straight hair like Tori?

          I strung my purse over my shoulder and slowly walked through my door. The car honked outside. It sounded like Victoria was mad.

          "I'm coming!" I rolled my eyes, she was so annoying. My feet broke into a run as the car continued to honk louder and louder.

          I wove through chairs and random stuff, Tori's stuff.

          Finnaly I got to the car, and when I shut the passenger door, Victoria began to yell.

          "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? WE SHOULD HAVE GONE A HALF HOUR AGO!" her temper flared wildly, I could see it in her eyes that she was mad.

          "Umm, let me see, I put on makeup. Unlike you." I smiled, happy that I was annoying her.

          "I put on makeup too. And I bet mine still looks prettier than yours, ugly-butt." she grinned and I rolled my eyes. I wasn't the ugly-butt, she was.

          Victoria stepped on the gas. At this rate, we were destined to get in a car crash.

          "Jeez, kill us why don't you?" I commented. She seemed to realize it too and lifted her foot lightly.

          We pulled into the parking lot, Tori parked in the last available space. The worst one. I got out of the car and closed the door softly unlike Tori. She slammed it hard. Somebody has a bad temper.

          REST OPF CHAPTER COMING SOON! Sorry for the delay.





The End

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