Different Lives, Indifferent Girls

Lyla, and Tori.







MAIN Characters

Name: Lyla Elizabeth Carter

Age: 15

Appearance: Curly auburn colored hair, green eyes, soft face. Stands around 5'3.

Personality: Shy and smart. She only has a few friends, because of her charm and her straight A's. Otherwise she would just be considered one of the "freaks" as Tori likes to call them and she wouldn't have any friends.

Grade: 10/sophomore.


Name: Victoria Rose Carter

Age: 15

Appearance: Straight brown hair, green eyes, sharp face. Stands around 5'5.

Personality: Very talkative and mean. Likes to embarass the "freaks". She's the exact opposite of her sister, Lyla. Very popular. Gets B's or A-'s.

Grade: 10/sophomore.

The End

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