The sky is black and she still isn't here. 

I haven't gone anywhere near the heart of the party. I can't relax, or celebrate, when I'm waiting. This time I haven't touched the wine. I want to see if she's different when I'm sober.

The same part of the forest. The same stars. The same faces over there dancing together. No Genoveva. At least not yet. She seems just the sort of person to be late, I comfort myself. Anyway, so what if she doesn't come back? I'll live. I sit down on the same patch of daisies, arranging the folds of my skirts around me. This time it's a reddish-brown, hardly formal. I tried something knew with my hair, winding it over one shoulder. I have her bracelet. I should really give it back. 

"Hester?" A voice from behind me. 

But it's not Genoveva. The voice is the opposite- it is deep and scratchy, but beautiful.

I stand up and turn my head, and he's there. He who left me a month ago with no explanation.


He nods. "You can't have forgotten me." 

"No." Never. "Why are you here?"

"I'm as lost as you are. Some woman brought me here." What?

"Where is she?" I ask. What would Genoveva do this for?

"She went to the party." Lorcan says. "Like any other person would."

And then I'm running, my eyes watering and Lorcan calling after me. 

The End

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