When I look back at Genoveva, her face falls. "Oh..."

"What's wrong with blue?"

"The party's going to have to end." She says. 

"It will. But not for a while." I reply. 

"It'll be too soon...and then I won't see you again."

And then I'm aware- the thought of never seeing Genoveva again feels unbearable- more so than losing Lorcan? I can't compare. "Would you miss me?"

She nods.

"Even though you hardly know me?"

She nods, and laughs ever so slightly. "It doesn't make sense."

"I'll miss you too." I tell her. "But can't you come back? This is Angarth. In summer, there's any excuse to celebrate. Come back for midsummer. Exactly four weeks from now."

"I can try. I promise to look out for Lorcan- don't look at me like that! I promise not to kill him, but I will take into consideration what he's done." Genoveva jumps up. "I need to make my way home now. I'll see you then, midnight." 

She turns, when I remember. "This is yours!"

She looks back to me. "Keep it!" And then she's running off, into the depths of the forest. I stay seated in the clearing, praying she's there at midsummer. As her last footsteps die down, I look the the growing blue sky. I don't have the freedom Genoveva wished me, but I know it isn't impossible to find.

The End

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