The slight brush of her fingertips on the back of my neck. The way her hand holds my wrist as she adjusts the bracelet on last time. They stay in my mind for longer than I care to admit. 

"You look beautiful now- not that you didn't before- ignore me." Shakes her head. "What was his name?" She asks me. 

"Lorcan." I say. 

"Well, we tell Hiavara that I, personally, wish..." Only then do we simultaneously realise we don't know each other's names.


"Wish Hester her full freedom from Lorcan and that she will be able to recover from his complete, hideous betrayal." She shouts to the sky, before turning to me. "Was that insensitive?"

I shake my head, wondering why she cares so much. "Who are you, anyway?"

"Genoveva. I don't live here, in the town." Genoveva says. "You know of Wolfhelm?"

"Just west of here?"

"I'm the mayor's daughter."

"Why did you come here, then?"

"There's nothing like this at home." Genoveva absent-mindedly pulled out blades of grass. "It's boring. I already know everyone."

I nod, wondering where I've heard it before. Then I realise- and it hurts a little. "Of course. Lorcan told me he was going to Wolfhelm."

Genoveva raised an eyebrow. "Are you asking me for an assassination?"

"I'm sorry?"

She picks a daisy. "He sounds like he deserves it."

"No! No. He's not a bad person. He doesn't, I promise."

"I think anyone who breaks a heart like yours is a bad person." This is strangely reassuring, and somehow the most comforting thing I've heard so far. 

"I just wish he'd ...waited a day or two. So I wouldn't be alone now." I realise what I said. "Sorry. I won't say anymore." I blink slowly and look up to the sky. "It's almost blue."

The End

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