"I cannot."

"Alright." She smiles.  "Why did you avoid the party, anyway?"

I knew this was going to be asked at some point, so I might as well share. "I was supposed to be going with someone. He said he loved me. But this- last morning, he abandoned me."

"Did he say why?" She asks.

"No, he just told me we were finished. I begged for a reason at least, but I gave up. Went home and sobbed all afternoon." I haven't told anyone this before. I don't know why I trust her.

"Did you love him?"

"I still do." I feel like I'm about to cry again, but tilt my head in the air and vow I can keep my dignity intact until sunrise. "I know it's useless. He left the town. I won't see him again. I just need to get over it." I feel a little embarassed telling all this to a girl I've known half an hour. But she nods and tries to understand. 

"It's the Hiavaran festival, isn't it? She can hear you the strongest now." The girl looks up. 

"What do you mean?"

"If she sympathises, she will bring you luck. Not that you wear anything for it."

I look down at my lack of jewellery and flowers. "I know. I suppose I gave up."

"Here." She unpicks a few flowers in her own hair, and puts them in mine carefully. She then takes off one of her gold bracelets and slides it onto my own wrist. 

The End

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