"No. I thought the point of this whole nonsense was to meet someone new." She's not wrong. I still don't know how to react.

"I- I can't dance very well."

She laughs, a sincere laugh that sounds like a melody on a harp. “It doesn’t matter.” She walks to me, stretching out a hand. “Come on.”

I take her hand reluctantly. The metal of the rings is cold. “You’ve got some nice jewellery, by the way.” I mutter. She shrugs, before pulling me to my feet.

“What’s made you so upset, anyway?” The inevitable question.

“I was hoping to attend here with someone.” I say. “But he abandoned me yester- the day before yesterday.” Of course, it’s virtually morning.

She stops smiling. I am now close enough to her face to see her properly. Heart shaped, with wide eyes and long lashes. Three freckles under her left eye form a perfect triangle. The corners of her mouth naturally turn down, meaning her neutral expression looks sad.  At last she says, “I’m sorry.” She remembers to let go of my hand.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Doesn’t it?”

“It had to happen sometimes. I knew that it wasn’t going to last.” Did I? Do I just want to reassure myself we were doomed from the start?

“You probably don’t want to talk about it.”

“No. I don’t. Dancing.”


We are silent in dancing, but it exhausts me soon. Maybe my body just remembered that I should be asleep. The girl leads me to a patch of daisies where two can just about sit down.

“You lied.” She says.


“You told you could not dance very well.”

The End

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