Except I haven't really gone. Not too long ago I got away from the general party to further in the forest. Too soon, I decided. Here less candles light the ground and the sprawling branches of trees block the beginnings of dawn. It still looks like night here, but not for long. I'm not wearing any shoes, meaning walking in the woods was probably a terrible idea. I only try to imitate the look of the typical young woman at the Festival- no shoes, hair pinned up, a short, pale gown. I have just one gold ring for love and I didn't stick any flowers in my hair for luck. Heartbreak makes me cynical.

I sat down on the dirt and lean against a tree, just where the noise seems bearable. The crackle of the bonfire is my favourite. We've got the reputation as a nation of fun for a reason. My eyes travel across the tree branches, silhouettes in the changing sky. 

"Excuse me?"

I have never heard that voice before. Turning to where it's from, I notice her. A girl my age, clad in white, with gold around both wrists and on a couple of fingers. A bright pink ribbon is woven in her hair. 


"Did you intend on returning to the bonfire?" She speaks different to most of the residents of the town.  

"No." One word answers aren't very polite, but I don't feel like talking. 

"Me neither." The girl smiles and walks towards me. She has the grace and coordination that I currently lack.  "Do you want to dance? Here."

"Sorry?" I know how rude I must sound, but I didn't expect that. "I don't even know who you are."

The End

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