This is just a story that was inspired by the song 'Delilah' by Florence + The Machine. It probably isn't what the song is about, just what I think when listening.

The sky is getting lighter and even though I haven't slept properly last night and not at all tonight, I am wide awake. My mother would tell me that witches could cast a spell over party goers to keep them dancing all through the night. No one is really sure that witches even exist anymore- I think she told me that when I was a child trying to sleep amidst the music and laughter of the adults and demanded an explanation.

It does feel like there's something here, however. Not so much a spell- that implies it affects people. I feel like there's some kind of magic in the earth itself- embedded in the damp grass and intertwined with the ivy that covers the trees. That may just be how much I've drank- I didn't exactly turn down the offers of wine earlier. In my defense, I just want anything to change my natural state of mind, which hasn't been good the past day.

Now I just have that sad happiness, the kind you get staring at the stars. The one that puts everything into perspective. While you realise there's more to the world than you can comprehend, but at least the small things don't matter. 

Like, for example, if the boy you love leaves you the day before the Hiavarian Festival.

Not many people celebrate it anymore- it's moved to the coastal towns and villages who want something to do. The first day of Hiavorn- the month based on the Mother of Love. All types of love- most of the attendees are good friends or relatives. A few, such as myself, go because they want to fall in love again. 

The End

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