Things happen.

It was quiet on the walk back to the house.  I knew I shouldn't have pushed her,I don't know my own strengh. ''I-I'm sorr--" I began to say,then I saw Naomi frozen in her place,her mouth hanging open. Fear in her eyes.

Naomi had her hand extended in front of her,her index finger pointed and shaking. "A-Al..'' she whispered. I followed her gaze to a enclosed ally,just ahead of us. In the shadows there was a small figure,the outline of a small boy. His features came into focas...Long black hair.Some of it covered his right eye,The razor sharp teeth...The Homunculus symbol.

"Wrath." I said as I pulled Naomi behind my body. "Stay behind me,I've dealt with him before." I said in a hushed voice,as the little boy stepped towards us. A devilish grin was plastered on his face,It grew with every step he took. "Elric.." Wrath spoke,with his sicking,evil,childish voice. He ran towards us,anger flooded his eyes. "Alchemist! I'll kill you!" He screeched as he clapped his hands together,creating a blue light. He pressed his hands against my metal arm,it morphed and turned into a melted hole. I pushed him away with my good arm.

That only seemed to make him even more upset. Wrath let out a loud scream and ran at us again,this time out of no where Edward pushed past me and clapped his hands once,placing them on Wrath's chest,pushing him down and forcing the ground to morph around the little boy's chest. Wrath countiued to scream and thrash around.

The End

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