Live life, Love life (Alphonse's P.O.V)

I kind of felt good after Naomi said she wasn't scared of us. Brother and I went to our bedroom, We talked for a while. "Brother. I like it here."I said while pulling the blankets closer to my 'Neck'. "Yeah, I do too Al." Ed said. He sounded a little upset."Ed is something wrong?" I turned to face him. "Well. I was talking to Naomi's father and she kind of went through the same thing as we did. Her mother died when she was five."I could tell he was sorry for her.

"Hey Al you should take her to a Park or something tomorrow." He said while looking up at the ceiling, and his auto-mail behind his head. "Huh?...uh why?" I was caught off guard. "Naomi seems to really like you." He said it calmly. I knew if I had a real body, my face would be red. "B-Brother that can't be true!" I said loud. "Well get used to that idea Al. Now goodnight!" Then he turned over and fell asleep.

"W-wha? Her liking me?" I thought to myself. That night was mostly spent thinking and waiting for morning. It seemed like forever but finally I saw the sun spreading throughout the room. I saw Edward sit up and stretch "Mornin' Alphonse!" he said with a grin."Good morning Ed." I said back. Edward got up and threw on his black shirt."Mmm I smell breakfast! Let's go!" He walked to the door. "Okay. I’ll be right there."I said slowly getting up, and watching Ed leave.

 I was still thinking about asking Naomi to go to the Park. "Okay I'll do it." I opened the door and walked to the kitchen to find Naomi cooking at the stove, She turned and smiled."Good morning Al." Naomi said in a sweet voice. "Oh. G-good morning!"I said while sitting down slowly. Ed winked at  me.

"So Naomi where is your father?" Ed said while stuffing his face with food. "Oh he's at his office. He’s going to be there all day." She said. "Oh I think I'm going to go to the Library, I want to look at some more Alchemy books." He said still stuffing his face. "You and Al should go to the park.'' He again catching us both of guard. I looked away and Naomi dropped a bowl. It smashed into two big pieces. Her face turned dark red." I'll go if Al wants to." Naomi was picking up the pieces and was about to throw them out.

"Wait. I’ll fix that." I said getting up and walking over to her. "Really?" She handed me them and I put them on the ground."Yes just watch." I drew a transmutation circle then put the broken bowl in the middle then placing both of my hands on top of the bowl there was the usual flash of light, Then when I lifted my hands the bowl was fixed."Here you go." I picked up the bowl carefully and handed it to Naomi. I could tell she was amazed because her eyes were wide.

"What you never seen Alchemy before?" We both turned to see Ed watching us."Well...actually no I haven't."She said placing the bowl on the counter. I stood up and walked back to my chair."So um do you want to go Al?"Naomi had her back turned to me."I mean to the Park."She added."Well okay."I was really happy, Edward is the greatest brother."I'll have to thank him after."I thought. I helped Naomi clean up. Then Ed grabbed his coat and said bye, He left Naomi and I alone.

We left for the Park a little after Edward left."Thank you by the way.'' She said while we walked on a long dirt path."Oh for what?'' I said not paying any attention. "Remember? The bowl?" Naomi said giggling."Oh yeah. No problem."I  told her. We walked for while but soon enough we got to the park, Three children were playing in then sand, When they saw me they just stared.

"Oh man not again..This always happens to me." I tried not to look at the kids but they stared and pointed saying "Ohhh look a metal man!" Naomi just smiled,She reached out and pulled me to swings, Naomi got on one and rocked a little."Would you mind if I asked you to push me?" She looked at her shoes. I was surprised."Y-Yes.." I walked behind her and gently pushed on her back. Naomi laughed because she didn't really go far."Come on Al! You can do better than that!" She threw her head back to look at me. "Well okay.." I said. Then putting a little more effort in the push she went flying.

I pushed the swing out of the way and held out my arms to catch her.We both crashed to the ground luckily I caught her."Are you okay?!" I asked.Then I heard a bloodcurdling scream. "His head came off!" A little girl was staring at my head that had came off when Naomi and I fell."Uh oh Al..I'll get your head."I heard Naomi say."Thank you." Was all I said.

The End

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