Who Knew?

I was starting to really like Al. I mean really like him.  When he said my name I got butterflies. "Al would you like anything to eat or drink?" I asked remebering he didn't drink his tea."No thank you." He said with his back turned. "Oh okay." I was hoping he would take of his helmet so I could see his face.

I walked to the door then turn to face him."Well since your room is ready.I'll leave now." I said softly. Al turned around fast. "Well..Uh..Okay..."  He said quietly.  I slowly closed the door behind me. While walking back to see my father I crashed into Edward,we both fell to the floor."I'm so sorry !I guess you were to small I didn't see you" I giggled and rubbed my head. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A TINY PIPSQEAK THAT IS TO SMALL THAT EVEN A ANT WOULDN'T NOTICE?!?!" Edward stomped around while throwing his arms in the air. "Um Edward I never said that!" I tried to calm him down. That's when Al came out of the room.

Then it happened...Alphonse tripped over my streched out leg while rushing to help calm Edward down. Al lost his head..Literally,Alphonse's helmet came off but inside the suit there was no body. My mouth hung open in shock all I could do was stutter "Wha-What?...Y-your head...?" My eyes would not blink.Edward stopped and picked up the Helmet..."Al we should explain.." He said while putting the helmet back on the armour...Finally coming out of my shock,I got up slowly and watched them...Waiting for them to explain.

~Alphonse's point of view~

"Great...just great. Now I bet she thinks I'm a freak!" I thought to myself."Well Brother you can begin." I told Edward.Then crossing my arms I waited for him to begin."Naomi...This will be a long story so just sit back and relax."Brother rolled up both of his sleves reveiling his Auto-mail."This happened to us a while ago. Al and I tried to bring our mother back from the dead but Al ended up losing his whole body and I lost my leg.I could only save Al's soul.I put it in this suit of Armour. It was the only thing closest to a human body at the time."Brother knocked on my chest plate,it made a echoing noise. "I gave my own arm to save him.''Again he looked proud of himself. "Now we are on a journey to find the Philosopher's stone,That will get our bodies back to normal.So that is our story." Brother smiled. "Are you scared of us now Naomi?" Ed asked.I waited for her to answer. She looked me straight in the eyes and simply smiled."Not at all."

The End

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