Different isn't bad

Naomi meets Alphonse.A love forms but can it work with two such different people?

My Father works in the miltary,So he often has people from his work over,this time he brought two boys (around my age) .That's when I met him.Alphonse Elric...

"Naomi,Can you make us some tea?" My father asked me."Um,yes dad." I turned my head from looking at Alphonse. A large sliver suit of armour.,I slowly walked to the kitchen but I heard my Father call my name "Naomi! Aren't you going to introduce yourself first?" I blushed then turned to face them "Hello I'm Naomi.It's a pleasure to meet you all." Edward bowed."Hello there I'm Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist."He looked proud.

My eyes turned to the armour,then waited for him to speak,He looked timid and a little shy." Say something Al!" said Edward."Oh Hello I'm Alphonse Elric."He also bowed.I think my heart skipped a beat."It's nice to meet you two I better make the tea now."I said.Then I walked into the kitchen,slowly shutting the door behind me.Confused and excited,I rushed to make the tea just to see him again.After the tea was finished I brought it out to the Den.

Once I finished giving my father and our guests the tea,I sat in a chair in between Edward and Alphonse.Every once and a while I would glance at Alphonse then I would quickly look somewhere else.I also noticed that Alphonse was not drinking his tea."D-Does he not like that kind?...Is it too hot?..." I thought to myself." You are amazing darling.You made it just like your mother did." My father said  to me. A small smile spread on my lips,But of course I wasn't really paying attention to him,I was more focased on Alphonse." Edward how long would you like to stay?" Father asked happily. Suddenly I was interested in the anwser."Well I was thinking few weeks...How bout you Al? What do you think?" Edward said turning towards Alphonse."Well..um Brother I would like to stay for a while!" Al said quietly."Okay then! Naomi would you please go set up a room for them?" My father said.

"Yes father."I said getting up and walking toward the guest bedroom."Al you should go help too." I heard Edward say,Then I heard the clanging of metal coming towards me."Um would you like some help?"I turned to see Al standing there."Well...Um..Okay."I said quietly and then I handed him the pile of blankets I was holding."Lead the way.'' Al said. I giggled then walked to the room and took some blankets and layed them down for Al.

 I went to step over the blakets but I slipped and right before I hit the ground I shut my eyes tight,I waited to feel the hard surface to smack me face but instead I felt metal wrap gently around my stomach and lift me back to my feet. "Are you okay?!" I heard Al ask.

Then slowly opening my eyes one at a time,I came face to face with Alphonse.Al was holding my shoulders lightly."Y-Yes." I managed to say."Oh good.I can make Ed's bed for you."He said still holding my shoulders.I reached up and touched his hand.It was Ice cold."You really don't have to."I replied."It's okay.I want to." I could hear the begging in his voice."This doesn't make sense....Wait.He doesn't want me to fall again!"I thought."Okay Alphonse you can do it."I said."You can call me Al if you want."He looked at me. I smiled brightly."Okay.''

The End

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