A new girl gets rescued. I just randomly wrote this and never finished it... sorry

The teenagers laughed in triumph as the new girl sobbed heartedly. The sobs came out in great numbers, tears falling endlessly from her pale face. She was different to them, a freak by their standards, laughing at her pity. Her new “friends” laughed with them. For the first time since she’d come to this school, she felt alone.

The crowd parted and she held her sobs, rubbed her eyes and smiled. Daniel came storming through the crowd, head up, strong. His girlfriend wailed somewhere, she didn’t care where. He stared at her with his bright blue eyes, he stood over her, smiling. The crowd was chanting, telling him to hit her, for this was what she deserved.

She believed this with her heart, she did deserve everything she got. Yet Daniel wasn’t listening to them. He grabbed her hand and they walked away.

The End

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