How to run someone over and not care

Steve walkedot onto the road and started to sing.He thought he was a great singer but in truth he sounded like a cat yowling.Suddenly,there was a screeching of tires and a Awsomelysupercooldynamic car rounded a corner and towards Steve.Steve was too busy listening to his own voice to get out of the way.The A.S.C.D sped down the road and hit Steve in the side.Steve's soul was knocked clean out of his body.The A.S.C.D stopped and George and Leon stepped out.'Uh Oh,said George.'Dude'said Leon,you just killed a guy'.There was a coughing sound and George and Leon walked around to the front of the A.S.C.D.Steve was lying on the ground.His legs were under the car and he was swearing over and over again.

Leon bent down to Steve and tapped his face.Steves eyes opened and he sat up.He looked at Leon and decided he didn;t like him.He raised his hand jabbed it at Leon's balls.Leons eyes bulged and he fell over.He stood up and started to sing "I Want To Break Free".But George pulled out a machine gun and blew Steve away.Leon rolled towards the passenger door and crawled inside.George got in the drivers door and the A.S.C.D sped off.

But a homosexual called Chip saw what had happened and ran off to tell the police but was killed by super powered ninja monkeys.One of the monkeys told his human friend Melvin what had happened.

Melvin wandered home,thinking about what his friend said.But,like Blake,he didn't know he was going to die.

The End

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