What happened to blake!?

Blake stood in the alley while he tried to catch his breath...

"whoa... that was a close one.."

Blake was then approached from behind by a mysterious man wearing a brown trench coat, lets just call him... Mister.

"Hello Blake."

"Whoa!! Who the hell are you!?" Blake replied.

"Lets just call me... Mister."

"Well how in the name of God did you know my name?!"

Mister then pulled out a large pistol, a 47. Magnum and aimed it straight at Blake's head.

"Soon you can ask him yourself! And if there turns out to be no God... Well I'm a firm believer that all the answers you want get revealed to you in the afterlife!"

"Whoa now!! Just... Just... wait a second, alright man? How bout just a few more seconds of precious life!?" Blake begged.


"Christ man! I'm still out of breath! *huff* *huff* Don't make me die while I'm out of breath!"

"Fair enough..."

So Mister waited while Blake caught his breath with his gun still aimed firmly at Blake's head. On the roof of the building to the right of Blake, the first Girl named hero was lying on a lounge chair sunbathing naked! Whilst a man named George massaged her feet, and a man name Leon fed her grapes.  Then hero sensed that an innocent human life was being threatened.

"Suit me up boys!" Hero demanded.

Leon instantly dressed her in a tight black leather body suit, but it was like a snap on body suit that she invented. Like those old snap on bracelets that you would hit your wrist with and they would instantly wrap around your wrist. George slowly and delicately began putting her 12 inch black leather heels on her feet. Hero sprung out of her lounge chair and looked down into the alley to see Mister aiming his gun at Blake.

"My God!! A seemingly random and senseless murder is about to take place in the alley beside the building of the roof of which I live!! I cannot! Let this happen!" Hero proclaimed

"You go girlfriend!!" George shouted with glee.

"Talk like a man dude..." Leon suggested.

George bowed his head in shame. Hero fearlessly jumped off the building and lander her left 12 inch heel straight through Mister's skull into his brain killing him instantly. Unfortunately the second her heel made contact with his head it caused him to pull the trigger blowing the top half of Blake's head off. Needless to say he also died instantly.

" Oh come on!! Every time I try to save someones life! Something like this always happens!" Hero cried

"We still love you baby!"  Leon shouted

"You'll always be my hero darling!!" George screamed. Leon rolled his eyes.

"If the next person I try to save dies.. I swear I'm just going to kill myself! You two! Find me a life to save now! Or I'll jam my heels up your rectums!" Hero demanded

George stood there thinking quietly with a smile on his face.

"We'll get right on it babe! Come on man!" Leon said as he and George ran off to look for innocent lives that need saving.



The End

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