Laugh and you're dead

Ryan usually took a run every morning before 7 o'clock.Except this time it was different.He ran through the forest beside his home.He was listening to music on his ipod.What he didn't know was that something was following him.

Something big.Something otherworldly.Ryan stopped for a rest and that was when the thing that was following him struck.It jumped out of the bushes and growled at him.

Ryan turned in surprise.What he saw made him laugh.There was a little bird with yellow eyes and a black belt and a black bandana staring at him.The bird took out a gun and aimed it at Ryan.Ryan didn't notice.He was to busy tring to stop laughing.

The little bird growled and pulled the trigger.There was a big flash of light and Ryan was gone.All that was left of him was his shoes,which had smoke coming out of them.

The little bird grunted in satisfaction and jumped into the bushes.A few miles away a man called Moe was birdwatching and saw a big light coming out of the woods.He decided to go over and check it out.But he didn't know what was going to happen to him.....               



Anyone can continue on from here if they want to

The End

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