Goodbye Jerry,Hello Blake

Jerry walked through the park.He stopped for a moment.Then he walked off again.He took out a packet of big Cuban cigars.He lit one and stopped again.When he was finished his cigar he decided to walk again.He reached the park gates and continued on down the path.Then he walked out onto the road.He stretched his arms and yawned.

Suddenly there was a sound of screeching tyres and Jerry turned.The next thing he knew he was flying through the air.He hit a wall and crumpled onto the ground.The last thing he thought about was:'Damn!I never turned off the porch light.And then he died.

But thats not the end of the story.A man called Blake had seen Jerry get hit by the truck and ran over to Jerry's dead body.He looked for a sign of a sign of a pulse.When he found none he stood up and sighed.There was a sound of sirens and Blake turned.

There was at least five police cars heading to his direction.He turned and ran to his car.He turned the keys in the ignition and the engine started up.His foot slammed on the pedal and he drove down the street.He looked in his mirror and saw 3 of the five police cars chasing him.He looked back out the front and saw 2 police cars heading towards him.He brought the car to a sudden halt and opened the door and ran for his life.The police cars were going too fast to stop.Blake heard a huge explosion and turned around.He couldn't see anything but a huge ball of fire.He turned around and ran through an alleyway.He didn't know what fate had planned for him.He didn't know that he was going to die......

The End

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