The Way Of God

The rat scuttled down the road.He stood up and sniffed the air.......and got hit by a car.A man called Turd standing nearby saw this.He took out what he thought was a stop sign but was actually a sign that said "HIT ME''.He ran out onto the road and held up the sign.

A lorry that was driving in his direction started to slow down.But then the driver saw the sign and,thinking that Turd really meant it,speeded up to five hundred miles.

Turd tried to run away but the Lorry was too fast.It hit him and sent him flying away.Suddenly,Turd turned into ''SUPERTURD''.Superturd flew to America and passed over a house that was about to be crushed by a giant tree.

Turd flew in front of the house and raised his hands towards the tree.But he was in the wrong place and tree landed on him.The man in the house ran out and saw that Turd had saved him.''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,'he screamed.''I'm still alive ya dope,'came a muffled voice from under the tree.''How,'asked the man.''I'm a Supahero,'replied Superturd.''Wasyername sonny,'asked Superturd suddenly.''Um,Man,'replied the man.''Well then Man,'Will you help get this bloody tree off of me,'said Superturd.''Okay,'said Man.But then a massive tornado came along and decided to clean up the mess.Man gasped,than ran away.Meanwhile,Superturd was sucked into the swirling vortex.

When the tornado got tired it threw Superturd and the tree into space,then it climbed into heaven and went for a snooze.Up in space,Superturd tried to breathe but a black hole appeared and he was sucked into it and never seen again.

Meanwhile,God was sitting in a chair playing Call of Duty Black Ops{He got every game ever made,he is God after all}when he saw the whole thing unfold.He got really angry at Man and plucked from Earth and chucked him into his Xbox screen.

He aimed his shotgun at Man.Man saw him and screamed.He ran away,with God in close pursuit.But then some Nazi Zombies started to attack Gods player,so God had to let Man escape.He would hunt him down later.He blasted off the Nazi Zombies heads,then ran off after Man. 

The End

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