Buzz lighteryear


Melvin walked in silence trying to piece together what his monkey ninja had told him, it didn’t make sense the prophecy was coming true and so early- What was going on? What was this world coming to!

Treading slowly in Jelly stone park he called his buddy Hit-Girl and asked her to meet him in the park, they needed to discuss what was happening when he heard the wheezing.  Was it him, his arch nemesis? Melvin jumped behind a tree camouflaging himself as Joe, his arch nemesis passed- coughing up flem in his throat. Melvin thought he had defeated him, when he was a space ranger known as Buzz lighteryear working for star command. How was this even possible?

Melvin buzzed star command, they needed to know he was still alive, “Buzz lighteryear to star command, come in star command.” There was still no response- come to think about it, they never ever responded too any of his calls. “Star command come in do you read me?” Maybe they’re still doing construction up there? After all, it has been years since he crash landed on earth by mistake when he accidently fell into hypersleep and been stuck here.

“Seriously?” And Melvin snaps his head to Joe wheezing in front of him. “Are we really going to do this again?”

Melvin glares at his arch nemesis, “Joe I killed you,” and Melvin started to wonder how Joe saw him, he was camouflaged?

Sighing Joe replied, “No Melvin you didn’t, I simply played dead because you wouldn’t stop and accept the fate that you’re a toy,”

“No,” Melvin puffs his chest and placed his arms on his waist, “I’m buzz lighteryear space ranger, universe protection unit!”

“Ugh,” Joe rubs his temples, “I don’t want to hurt a toy, please don’t make me hurt you. Here," and Joe goes into his pockets which sends Melvin into panic mode pulling out his laser and hovering over the little button.

"Don't make me press it," Melvin warns.

Joe pulls out the object out of his pockets and Melvin presses the laser. Joe rolls his eyes miserably as a red line appears on his forehead and watching Melvin prance around him like a little wild thing.

"Double A batteries," Joe tosses the batteries at Melvin who catches it, examining it and smirks and says into his intercom.

"Buzz lightyears Mission log. Stardate 4085: Joe otherwise known as The Mask has tried to blow me up with his automated bombs. I have caught them and disarmed his weapons. However my laser no longer effects him,"

"Oh bloody hell, so what if I hurt a toy!" And he pulls out a green mask.

"No, not the mask!" Melvin freaks.

"Yes the mask," Joe grins devilishly placing the green mask on his face and the transformation begins; with Joe swiftly spinning around in circles and laughing wildly.

Joe, no, now the mask stops with music playing from somewhere but Melvin couldn't pin point its whereabouts and he pulls out a long black balloon, twisting it, licking it and rubbing between his groin area- all the while grinning mirthfully. At one point he turned his back to Melvin talking to himself, arguing about balloon animals and soon enough Joe turns back around and his creation takes form.

Joe yells, "A Tommy Gun!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Melvin snickers a laugh, "And you call me delusional."

Holding up one finger Joe tells Melvin to hush as his gun changes into the real thing and the humour lingering behind Melvin's plastic eyes wanes away in fear.  Joe presses the trigger and blows Melvin and his plastic pieces to shreds.

But little did The mask know that Hit-girl was hiding up in a tree and watching everything taking place from above.





The End

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