Moe ran to the place where he saw the bright light.What he found was a pair of smoking shoes.He sniffed them."Oh,Crap,'he gagged.The shoes smelled like something died in them.And something had died in them.

Something rustled.Suddenly a giant bad ass gangsta bird jumped out.Unlike the bird that vaporised Ryan this one was MASSIVE with a capital M.It took out two Uzi's and aimed them at Moe.Moe smiled and took out a minigun and aimed it at the bad ass gangsta bird.The bird decided to run away."YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME,screamed Moe like maniac.He aimed the minigun at the bird and opened fire."MWAHAHAHAHA,I KILL YOU GANGSTA CRAPHEAD,screamed Moe again.The bullets hit the bird and tore it to pieces.It fell down and blew up.

Moe ran towards it.He shot it in the head a few times then sighed happily.Suddenly a man came into his view.That mans name was Joe.Moe aimed his minigun at him and smiled.Joe smiled and pulled out a Bazooka and aimed it at Moe's head.Moe froze.''Mabye we can reach an agreemeant,'called Moe.Joe thought about it."No,he said,and pulled the trigger.The rocket shell hit Moe in the face.There was a massive explosion and Joe was blown back through the air.When the smoke cleared there was no sign of Moe.Joe started to laugh.''MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..AAACCCKK....ACCCKKKK.

Joe choked badly.''ACCCKKK...''COUGH''.."COUGH.He coughed loudly and then he retched.Suddenly a chicken wing came out of his mouth.He spat on the ground and took the chicken wing and threw it away.He coughed again and walked away.

The End

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