Die to LiveMature

What would you do if you lived in a world that literllay made you die to make others live? What if you wanted to save everyone? What if, what if? Mabye your turn to save the world comes up, but saveing the world is not like how you planed? What do you do when love, danger, deamons, and most of all risking your life takes over you? Contorls you? (excuse any spelling errors!!)

  (please excuse ANY grammar/spellign errors!)

   Part One

  Cassandra sat outside of the old theatre, i watched her VERY carefully. She got up and stretched. Then a piece of the theatre came crashing down. She jumped but wasn't surprised. The whol city was like this. A matter of fact the Old Theatre was the only remaining "beautiful" building left. For what seemed like forever i sat behind an old skyscraper. Rusty water driipign down on my helmet.

  Cassandra shook her head. Her long thick dark red hair covering her bright green eyes.  Her flaming pink red lips formed a smile, they stood out alot since her skin was vary pale. This seemed to be a hint, suddenly i steped back and loaded my machine gun, when suddenly my boot kikied a piece of rebel. With that i knew i was in danger. Cassandra herd, becuase now she was startign to walk towards me. With that i ran back to my base. Where my fellow privates, and Lutenante Rich (Richard) were camping.  Some one grabbed my shoulder.

"What's wrong, mate?" it was my partner Linch.

"One of them saw me, i need to inform Rich now." than i ran towards Rich.

"Why aren't you at you base?" Rich grabbed my shoulder.

"Sorry RIch! I was loadign ym gun, hit a rock, and Cassandra heard me!"

"Now if she saw you she would be hear by now!" he cleared is throat, "sorry son, what's your name again son?"

"Ryan Jason Limp, sir, Ryan sir!" he rooled his eyes when i had said my whole name.

"All right Ryan, Ryan Limp," than he started yelling, "if you don't get back to you post I'll lower yoru rank!"

"Yes, sir, but sir I'mm a private I'm at my..." he cut me off.

"Shut it then! Oh, i know I'll just take away your position all together!" He whisperd this into my ear, or what you could call a whisper.

"Now just go back to you post, take Linch with ya!"then he walked away, Linch nodded towards me and we started to walk back into the maze of run down buildings.

"Ryan," i turned around, "I dont give a..." he was distracted. He was looking behined me. So were all the other privates. They were all looking behind me when i felt a cool hand touch my shoulder.

"You don't give do you?" i heard teasing voice sang, "Why lutenant, you have such a nice little camp here. You even have a few privates, very hansome ones too!" She looked back at me while she walked towards Rich. Why wasn't he giving any commands? i asked my self over and over again as Cassandra was babbelign on. Linch kept nudging me on my side.

"What? i whispered. Cassandras head spun around and looked at me.

"No talkign while i talk!!" she yelled. Then she picked up Rich who just kept stareing into her eyes, and threw him at a wall. He moaned in Pain. Everyone was screaming, she walked over to Rich, and gently touched his face. I knew what she was going to do, with out thinkign i started to run towards and jumped on her, knocking both Cassandra and Rich down. I feel and hit my head on somthing very hard.......................


The End

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