Twin Bodies AcheMature

Oh God. Do I deserve any of this? My shadow chants. "Bad girl. BAAAAD GIRL. BAD girl." My breathing intercepts her and tunes her out. I can feel our heartbeats going in sync. He's touching my stomach. His hands are big and warm and dry. they course smoothly over the scars there and keep going. Up, up... up..... I shiver. I feel his hand on my breast, stroking the cotton barrier between him and I.
I take his hand and place it on my flushing face.

Its my turn. I lean in and gently  kiss his collarbones. He chuckles, its quiet in my ear but it thrums in my chest. I'm feeling dizzy. I lean into him, but he lifts me away and leans me on a stack of boxes.

I look up. He pulls his sleeve over his hand, and wipes it tenderly on my face, and when it comes away, I see a giant smear of black. I gasp. "My makeup...."  He grins." Yep. You look gorgeous without it."

Another dizzy wave crashes on me. I cant think. I look down.

The fabric on the arm with the fresh cut is getting even darker and going up my arm. Oh god. I see his face looking at mine and thats the only thing my brain squeezes out. Oh GOD. Oh GOD. Oh NO. No. Oh God.....Its bleeding too much, I think, I've finally done it.

"Oh god........"

The End

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