Did You Sleep?Mature

"Bye Mom..."

Its just me and the Gillette now.
I turn up the music louder.  Radiohead's  "Creep"  crackles on the stereo.. I absorb it. I hear it. I feel it.  It's me.

I stare blankly at the tiny stains on its blades before lowering it to my skin.

One cut. I'm a liar.

Two cut. I'm a fake.

Three cut. I'm a horrible daughter.

Four cut, Five cut, Six cut. More?

Bad girl bad girl bad girl. I can barely feel it. It doesn't feel like my body. I've forgotten pain, I am invincible, I am a warrior to myself.

Then reality hits. The blood stains my fingertips.I caved. IT won again.

I start crying.Here I go

The End

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