"Words can hurt." ... Gimme a break, Haven't we all heard enough of this?.... But it LITERALLY can, and no kid seems to do justice to this phrase better than the new "Sage"


A word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but it can accomplish nearly anything—or destroy it! - James 3:5


Okay, so first things first... I just wanted to say that I've been wanting to put this up for a long time and I put it in another site before this one but things got kinda messy there.

So the idea for this story came up when I was singing in the shower (Weird right?). Well, I dunno how I ended up with that.

Anyway, this story revolves around a 15 year old kid named Takenaga Kyoshiro, who is destined to become the next "Sage".

A sage is a person who has the ability to make anything they say come true (In my world they are and they can.LOL.)

This is one of those save-the-world kind of stories. I hope I'm not being too cliche.

That's about the gist of it. I don't wanna spoil. Find out and read for yourself!!... nyahaha...

Please, Please do comment.... ^^

--- Dave.


Please note that the characters are in Japan, so they talk in Japanese. But (there's a big butt and it's not mine) the story itself and the dialogues are in English. Well duh. Of course you guys know that. No one would be able to read this if it was in Japanese. I FAIL, I know. Sorry for the long rambling.


I'm sorta good a procrastinating, so updating this novel can be kinda screwy at times. Weeeee~ ENJOY READING.




I was riding the 4:00 train, it was friday so i enjoyed my trip home. I loved it. All those beautiful sights that you can't really appreciate when you're always in a rush. The lush green fields. The sun slowly setting. It's as if the whole world is lulling me to sleep.

There were few people on board. Call it boring, but i'm not really the one who gets bored. I counted. Only 13 passengers were here, including me, each doing our own thing.

I felt something awful. A scary feeling. I couldn't put my finger on it. I looked past the window. i felt relaxed again. i stared long and hard at the view outside.

I saw a huge pair of teeth smiling at me.

I covered my mouth. Trying not to make any noise. i can't shake off the scary feeling anymore.

"Forget what you saw, Just forget it." i tried to convince myself that it was all just my imagination.

My destination was still far, I put on my headphones and started listening to some music. "I made up my mind, No need to think this over....." i sang softly.

Sleepiness got the best of me. I tried to stay awake, but my eyes closed on their own. Everything went blank.

I dreamt of those huge, horrid teeth. And how i ran away from it. I was scared. Really scared.

The train's horn woke me up. It was approaching the tunnel. I started to open my eyes. Although it was really dark, i could see something.

I saw a girl, slowly walking towards my seat. She was smaller than me, about my shoulder length. She wore a blue and white sailor uniform with a yellow tie. Her black hair swept through her shoulders and her deep blue eyes seem buried in mystery. She was accompanied by a man. More like in his early 20's. It felt like i already knew who they were. They smiled at me. I was at awe.

She handed me a book. That book. THAT DARN BOOK. In an instant, the nightmare began.

BLOOD. it stained the floor. I saw something pierce the girl's back. It was 6 feet tall. I couldn't describe it's horrible features. Everybody saw what i saw, but not everyone lived to tell the tale. All the passengers were killed, and only four of us remain. The train operator was oblivious. The strange girl was 50-50. The other girl who survived was trembling in fear and hid. The other survivor who was a boy, held a stance and decided to fight back.

Is this a dream? i thought.

It is. I'm still sleeping.

This is a nightmare. Wake up.

the man had pulled out his pair of golden pistols which he wasn't carrying when i saw him. i was puzzled. He started firing. His shots were accurate. It hit the monster and it rolled on the ground.

All of a sudden, it sprang up and the bullets in his body came out, and he swiped the man off.

"What are you?!, Why'd you come here and kill all these innocent people?!" the boy said

"Answer me!!!" the boy continued.

The creature glared at him with its red eyes. It was about to lunge at him.

Surprisingly, the bloodstained girl stood up and headed straight for the monster. My eyes widened. She was going toe-to-toe with that weird thing. She was pretty strong!.

"Gimme the book" the girl said, i heard it in my mind, as if our thoughts were connected. I snapped back to my senses.

From that moment on, I knew it was all real. Without any hesitation, i gave her the book. She murmured something in latin. I don't know what it meant but i understood her.

"Words into power." i uttered mindlessly.

the boy looked at me curiously. I stared back.

"You understood that?, How come i did too?" he asked.

"I-I don't know, i just knew." i stuttered.

He faced the monster again and went to help the girl out, but to no avail. He couldn't even get near it.

"ESPADA!" the girl's voice filled the air. and from nowhere, a sharp sword materialized from her hand. She went in to kill the beast.

She stuck the blade deep in the monster's head as it roared and rampaged.

Before i could've said anything. A sharp object shot from the monster's arm and landed straight on the girl's chest.

More blood. I could smell it. It was like the scent of blood replaced oxygen, all i could smell was blood.

She fell to the ground. Eyes blank. Still and Lifeless. The man was crying his heart out, ignoring all his pain and critical injuries. the other boy lost his consciousness.

I was dumbfounded.

Both the girl and the monster were dead now. Death resided the place. Darkness came in. All fell silent.




The End

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