Dichondrian Hearts

A world where some people know only good, only bad, and others both. War rages, and help comes in the form of a girl who's family, friends, and life are on the line for a place she didn't even know existed.

Everyone has a heart. It is undisputed and a proven fact. But not everyone has all of their heart. A battle rages within Dichondria, good versus bad. The government is entirely composed of bad, that is, those with only the bad parts to their hearts. They are unable to love, be kind, laugh, enjoy, and other nice things. On the opposite side of these are the good people; those that can laugh and be kind, but can't hate, envy, lie, cheat, and be mean. The battle raged for many years, but it was a standstill. Not even with those with all of their heart aiding the good people could things be accomplished. Then a girl is tossed from her world into Dichondria, placing her life, her heart, her friends, her family, and her love on the line. 

The End

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