Diary switch

well, Lucy starts a new life in anew country, meeting several challenges, but little does she know excactly70 years ago Mary is going through the same thing, in a boarding school during WW2

 i stepped out of the white mini van, and stared at froggy.  mum came out the other side f the van, and gave froggy a big movie-star kiss.. he isn't even that fit when youthink about it, he's a weed with big glasses that make him look like a frog. mum could do so much better, she looks like a supermodel, she used to be a model too, i have know idea why she went for froggy, oh yeah i forgot. "He treats me right!" whenever she talks about froggy, she stares into space and acts all gushy. it make s me never want to be in -gagging at the word-love. When they finally seperate, mum turns to me.

 "say thanks to freddie for driving us Luce" and starts looking into his eyes.Blurgh. "Thanks for driving us to scotland for your job and making me leave everything i love behind."i said it matter of factly, just to see if mum would realise. She did, and then began the rant. You know, the one were she tells me that this is a new begiining, we can start our lives over and that i should be happy hat i could leavsa the old bags (my grandparents, who rule by the way) behind, and how i never liked walking sinner (the beseechingly loyal dog) anyways. During the wave of words, i turned my brain off., and let the familiar pattern of words overtake my thought processor...

 Why did we have to come anyway? froggie could have just come and visited, or ended it with mum. Why did we have to leave our beautiful big house in york for a dingy council flat in some place called stirling?  why did i have to leave all my freionds, my school, my asc, and my boyfreind? i've read about this on the internet uprouting kids from their roots at a key stage in their life  can cause physcological develoment blah blah blah. even though i'm 13, not a kid, the same  principal remains. meanwhile...

"do you understand? said mum, doing her "mother "pose, one hand on her hip and pouinting her finger at me."Sure mum" i said, and i tried to ignore her again."Darling ,what do youmean eveyone you love, what about me?" I looked at her, and sighed. i could see why people used to call us sisters, mum had me young, so i gave in to her puppy eyes she had used on grandad 13 years ago. I always gave into mum, probably because I looked after her, and not the other way round. "Yeah i love you mum."i said and looked away, blushing.

i should probably give you a little background check,so here we go: Mum got knocked up with me when she was 16, so grandad chucked her out the house. She shacked up with dad, until i was born, thenrealised her mistake, because dad got violent. i was taken into care, and mum left dad, but instead of trying to get me back, when some stranger was trying to adopt me, she had her life. She signed up to a modeling agency, and became a star overniight. 2 years later, when she had some money, she bought a nice house, and got me back too. i was about 2 and a half, so i don't even remember my foster parents, even though they try to keepin touch. Anyway, i lived in the nice house in york and evryting was dandy. i grew up happily, with my grandparents around the corner, until a year ago. Mum had always been single after dad, then she met froggie. Apparently he was her knight in shining armour, which i always thought quite comical. Anyway, mum bumped into dad at a pub,and he got aggresive again, and froggie stopped anything happening. After that one night, 2 things changed. 1, mum had a boyfeind.And 2, dad wanted to see me. whenever he turned up i went to gran and grandads, or mum took me out, but pretty soon he started stalking me. once i saw him outside of school, but my friends smuggled me out through the broken fence in ther playground. another time he took mum to court, but the judge took her side. we got a restraining warrant too. Then things got musshier between mum and froggie, and froggie got that job up here.And i think more than anything mum wanted protection, thats why we came. she only told people yesterday, she didn,t tell dad. or my foster parents. it's definetly n knew start as far as she's concerned.

Froggie, by this point, had started unpacking the white minivan, and taking the contents through a dingy looking front door. i looked with distast, and followed him gingerly. he looked around, and said;  "well, a lick of paint and she'll be has good as new!' to no-one in particular, and then turned to me. "Thats your room through there luce."gesturing to the room on his left.

"Lucy." I said, and looked in the door of my new room. It was about the size of the study back home, and it was just as dingey as i thought it would be. i suppose it was quite good that mum said that i should only pack about half my stuff. Which froggie was now sliding intomy room. "That allrigh',  Lucy?" he said emphazizing my name. i just stared. He walked out, and shut the dorr behind hi. i looked around, and noticed that this dump was furnished. I collapsed on the bed, and shot straight back up. It was like lying on rocks. i stomped over o the filthy window. only one thought was in my head now. Why? i looked around again. and kicke the wall across from me. IRight were i had kicked, the was a wide crack "crap!"i murmered, and watched it get bigger, and creak, untill a large section of wall broke off. i knealt don on my knees, and realised that what i had kicked was just a dorr, which had been wallpapered over, not a chunk of wall. i looked into the cupboard, but only saw a thick, old leatherbound book. i picked it up and flipped it around in my hands. aafter deciding it wasn't a threat, i opened the withered cover. as soon as i had done that, i realized i was reading a diary, a diary that was 70 years old.

The End

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