Chapter 1

I made my way downstairs early in the morning, I had heard something strange, a terrible screech, my mother and father were still in their room, pretending, like always, that it was the garden gate. I peered around the stairs and into the hall, the presence I had felt is getting stronger, I must be close now.

The screech sounds again and I cringe, the sound is worse than nails on a chalkboard. Keep calm Anna, you can't show any fear.  I followed my instincts and entered the kitchen, this is where I would find the presence. "Hello? My name is Anna, I'm here to help you" I had learn recenty that being calm and not freaking out or being rude is the way to keep whatever it was under control.

The screech was higher and I realised now that it was a scream. "I'm here to help, see? I'm not going to hurt you"

"Anna" the voice was fearfully high

"Yes, thats me"

"I do not need your help!" it screamed a terrible and high ferile scream and then I was on the ground, something warm trickling down my cheek.

I touched my hand to my cheek and looked at it, I was bleeding.  The spirits that find me are not always nice or in need of my help, they are also mean and harmful and often want to kill. "Look, I said I wasn't going to hurt you but if your going to hurt me then I guesse I have no choice!" I scowled into the darkness, focussing on where the presence was strongest.

It laughed a high, raspy laugh "You cannot do anything, you are  a mere mortal!"

"That I may be but I have something most humans choose to ignore and I intend to use it!" I took a deep breath, I had only used this once but it was better than nothing "Let the dead be dead and the living undisturbed, for the ones who have lost their way may you head my every word on this night I banish thee to eternal death, you do not belong here anymore, find your place and rest in peace for all of eternity!"

"No!" It screamed, then vanished.

I felt the tears making their way down my cheeks, stinging at the cut the spirit had made, I made my way over to the kitchen mirror and gasped, there was a long cut underneath my left eye, I knew it would take a while to heal, it was too deep to be considered an accident but it was too long to be considered  an attack, how would I explain this at school tomorrow?

I sighed and dabbed at the blood with my sleeve, I suppose an animal could have done it if I was walking through the park at 8 o'clock. I shook my head, wishing this nightmare could end as I made my way back to my bedroom.

Dear Diary

Tonight I encountered another spirit inent on drawing blood and this one succeeded, I have a deep gash under my left eye that I know will cause some alarm at school. I just wish I knew why I cann see these spirits or feel them all of a sudden, it's only been a month but I've already had several bruises made by being thrown against a wall or hit by something. I know how to banish the bad spirits and I know tha I must talk to the good spirits to help them figure out why their still here and help them cross the  bridge into the afterlife. I've done sme research and unfortunately I can't get rid of this thing I have, for now I like to call it my disease, I know it will be the death of me someday. I need help.



The End

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