Reminiscing is DepressingMature

Chapter 5

I shot up from my bed, gasping for air, a single tear feel. I looked around, it was my room,"luke lunch is almost ready!", my mom yelled. I looked at the clock, it read 2:43 PM. "ughh another useless day" I whispered to myself. I grabbed my phone, " hmm no messages surprise, surprise" I said sarcastically. I put some deodoriant on I threw something on, I grabbed my mp3, and headphones in my ears, quickly slid down the staircase railings, grabbed a sandwich, and And tried to go back upstairs, until I was interrupted by my mom, "hey, you sure slept in". "yea crazy night... Hah", I said. "so I saw, I had to clean most of it up. Why do all your friends have to be soo messy, and dirty, and just rude?" she said, "mother! There not so bad, and they've had my back for a long time, and they're not rude, they were just raised differently! Ok?! I spoke firmly, not quite yelling, but loud enough to offend her. " geeze luke! I clean up their mess, I think I can say what I think about them, they're just bad kids, and I don't want you to be a mean kid". " this infuriated me further, " they've had my back through my worst times!!! When I really needed them they were there, and they're here now! I need them right now too! When i'm around them I feel happy!" I ran up stairs, " what about your family!!! We're always here, an you never want to talk to us about it!!!" I could hear the tears, in he voice. I slammed the door behind me, and turned on my mp3, switched to lose yourself, by eminem, as tears started to fill my eyes. My mom was always really good at fillling me with the feeling of guilt deep in my stomach.

Me and my mom were always pretty close, but since the break up, i've been detached from her. She always asks the same damn questions I don't want to answer, normally about my ex. The truth is I never want to even hear her name yet alone have a conversation bout her. My mom couldn't respect that, she constantly bombarded me with questions about my life,which normally ended with me saying "i don't want to talk about it", but she wouldn't stop there. She'd continue to ask questions untill I put headphones in mg ears, this was always effective. It did make me feel guilty that I wouldn't really let her into my life, no matter how hard she tried, but when I did, she only seemed dissapointed, and gave me advice that only made me more upset. Then she would get upset at the fact that I wasn't happy, it was almost like she blamed me for it. The problem was more that she was over supportive in many ways, but what should I expect, have my friends over, wreck the house, then not have her talk to me? Even when I was with friends to make me feel better about it, I never liked to talk about it seriously, I would only bring it up as a joke if at all, but I couldn't do that with mother, she made it serious, and when she made it serious she only made me more worried. At times I yelled for her to stop talking about it, I guess I should be greatful she never hit me over the head, at times I knew I deserved it...

I layed down, and closed my eyes, wishing that I was someplace else, that everything went back to normal, that I would have that person I talked to every day, and she always made me feel better, but she left a long time ago, for someone better than me... someone who could give her the "high school experience" she wanted, who would support her longing for high alchohol content, and pain addiction, all the things I worked so hard, and fought with her so often to control, but in the end everything I did fucked me over. She manipulated me, she stabbed my back, as far as I was concerned the day I broke up with her, I died on the inside, Scratch that, that was the day I fought furiously for my life, for many straight hours, but about to days after that. You see... a life your life is never over until you give up. I was a stubborn bastard for death to take, I kept squirming for about 3 weeks until death's scythe took my head.

I could remember exactly how many days it was since the break up; 3 months 5 days, I remembered how many days its been since I last tried to talk about her; two months 12 days, how long since I last saw her; Friday... I could remember every time she screamed at me, everytime she hit me, I remembered the words that she said everytime I cried or put my head down so clearly it was like she was whispering in my ear, "awhhh is the baby gonna cry now? Come on! Your such a pussy, put your head up!", "PUT YOUR HEAD UP!" echoed again and again through my head again and and again. I turned the volume on my mp3 all the way up, and covered my face with a pillow, as a muffled scream left my mouth (ahhhhhhh!). I kept screaming untill the words stopped echoing through my head several seconds later, then I turned the volume back down on my mp3, even though it didn't seem as loud, after it was up soo loud. I heard a slight ringing in my ear now, I sat up, and turned down the music for a minute, until the ringing faded, then I turned the music on, and layed back down.

call me obsessed, but thats not accurate, I don't normally think about her at all, but the days seem so long now, I can't help but vividly remember the emptyness, followed by darkness, then repeat. Call me a masocist for being with her in the first place... well thats another story. I loved her with all of my being. When I saw her, I couldn't stay away. When she was mad, I couldn't go away, I did everything I could to make her forgive me, even when I did nothing wrong,which was normally the case, now that I look back. In the end it led straight down, to a symbolic death, that left me emotionally handicapped, but I moved on, for my sake, after everything that happened all I had for her was bitter contempt.I hate everything about you by three days grace came on my mp3, and I looked back to the first time she broke up with me.

I vividly remembered how she did it, the words left her mouth, in a bitter, hateful way. In the morning, before school started, she had tears, "what's wrong babe???" her exact words were "I can't do this any more, your not the one for me. (ding ding ding!) She walked away as the bell rang, she didn't even look back, I stood there with few tears coming down, my fist clenched tight, not moving an inch, for what seemed like an eternity. I didn't even know what happened until Eddie finally snapped me out of the hypnosis, this was before he was with his toxic bitch. "hey you ok dude" I didn't really even hear him, he stood in front of me, and repeated the question. I was in the lunch room, so I started to walk, but stopped to look at the lunch table with " Delilah & Luke 43ver" carved into it with a spoon. More tears came, I bit my lip, and flipped the massive table, and dropped to my knees, and cried into my palms like a child, I felt pity for myself. "uhm I'll take that as a no, dude if it's what I think it is, you should of saw it coming, you can get someone else in a day, don't even worry about it". I was getting an audience, for my performance, Eddie helped me up, and asked "will you be ok"? "I don't know" I replied, (ding ding ding!) the bell rang a second time, then a teacher came by and broke up the crowd, he wasn't really concerned about the table surprisingly, but Me and my audience were officially late for class, so we all left in a hurry. When I left I had no intention of going to class though, I was on my way to the councilor. This of course was when I still believed in people's ability to help eachother. I don't believe that anymore, because when it comes down to it, we can only help ourselves.

I arrived at the counciling, and career office. There were four waiting chairs, all full, to see the sophmore councilor. The receptionist called me over,

"May I help you" She asked.

 tears still ran from my eyes."i-is there anyway i-I can see the sophmore councilor". I studdered

The tone of her voice quickly became inpatient, "Mr. Bishop is very busy today, please come later."

"w-well is there any way for him to know that I need to speak to him", I said to her.

Her voice went from impatient to angry, " like I sad Mr. Bishop is very bussy, the best you can do is leave a note, and he'll call you down when he can".

 "Ok, can you just tell him its kinda important?" my voice cracked at the end of my sentence, and a tear came from my eye.

Her voice became almost vehement. "yes, and so is every other student's issues, whose here, so you'll just have to wait in line".

She seemed to peirce my ears with her words, so I quickly wrote a note, signed my name, and left.

I went through my morning holding back the tears, everyone saw there was

something wrong, few people cared, and even fewer asked what was wrong. It was

the longest school day of my life. My first milestone was making it to lunch,

she was there. I tried to resist going to her, and I did for awhile, I sat

somewhere else, but i'm masochistic by nature. I got up, and sat next to her,

she looked at skyler and signaled for her to get me away. Just as I was about to

speak, skyler jumped in, " delilah, come throw away my trash,". They both went

up, whispering to eachother and laughing, as I stayed, and waited. They took

there good time getting back, in fact she didn't intend on coming back. Bri came

instead, "Luke! What are you doing here? Delilah doesn't want you any more, get

that through your head! And she doesn't want to talk to you, so just go away"!

All I could do is bite my lip nd walk away, I heard them laugh again. I stopped,

and turned to see her talking to another guy, big, well built, she was giggling,

the guy turned and looked, smiled and turned back. She recovers fast... (sigh,

whore) came from under my breqth as a tear came from my eye. (ding ding ding!)

the bell for third block rang, and off to english I went.

Myriella was in the same class, this was the first time she really payed

attention to me. She kept looking, and starring, but not glaring,which was what

I expected since she was an old friend of delilah's, but when the teacher

stopped llecturing, and sat back down myriella sat down in the empty seat beside

me. "hey, I heard about what happened, are you ok?", her voice was sweet, and

calming. I stared off at the wall, I didn't want her to see the tears in my

eyes, "well... I got broken up with the girl i've loved the first time I saw her

and kept loving, for a little over a year now, the day after she said she was

thinking about breaking up, but she decided she couldn't imagine being with

anyone else, and she'll always love me. Today she breaks up with me before I was

even awake, well at least that woke me up... Oh yea then was told she doesn't

even like me, and wanted me to go away, all for no apparent reason. Well besides

every fight we've beenbthrough that I gave in, and apologized, and made it

better every aingle time... Well i'm just dandy". She looked offended by the

bitter sarcasm, but understanding, " I'm soo sorry for what she did to you, I

can't believe I was ever even friends with her, but how can you let a bitch like

that ruin your life!! Grow some balls, and stand up for yourself!!! Shes already

over you, so get over her! Party, have fun, how about you come with me to the

football game tonight". That was the most i've heard her say to well... anyone, ever, my mouth hung wide open, "uhm I'll think about it", I said in reply. "no you won't your doing it", she had a smile on her face, that even brought out a subtle smile in me. "ok, ok i'll go are you happy" the smile on mine grew as hers did, and the tears became more, and more subtle until virtually gone. "yes, yes I am", she replied.

For the rest of the class we talked non-stop, and the more we talked, the less I thought of delilah, and the more I wanted to talk to myriella. She was always so quiet, I never heard her talk before. The more I talked to her, the more I saw who she was, her opinions, her love, and her pain.she told me of her ex, she told me how he cheated, how she hurt, and how bad it was. I loved her pain, not in a cruel way, but I trusted her, I knew she would never hurt anyone the way she was hurt. In that short 45min of class, I loved who she was, I saw her inner beauty, as much as her outter.

Myriella was a blonde, around 5. 5", icy blue eyes, that brightened , and whitened right around her pupils. She was skinny, maybe around 105lbs. Slim face, always had her right eye covered in her glowing blond hair. She had one peircing; a stud in her lip,which were a brilient shade of pink. Her lips were large, and lucious. I never really so much as looked at girls, as hot, or beautiful while I was with delilah, all I could think about was her beauty, but when the light shined onto myriella's face, and her eyes seemed to explode into every shade of blue in the light spectrum. When I looked into her eyes, I felt I could see her pain, her love, and the emotions that made her shine so bright. Her hair seemed to shine like I would imagine an angels wings to for the first time in a year, and four months I wanted to kiss anyone besides delilah. Then when I looked back into her eyes I couldn't look away, and I realized .... myriella was beautiful.

this was the best I felt since... since... well when delilah, and me were good, when we didn't fight or scream, back when we kissed soo passionately that we thought nothing would tear us apart, well, I still even now I have the feeling deep in the pitt of my stomach that it was right. I don't know what the guy I walked in on her with, from what I saw she didn't have any more fun with him then she did with me in the same position. Before all that, the first year was so perfect. I couldn't ask for any more, we never argued, we loved eachother equally, she would of never hurt me, not like she did. When we were together time seemed to stop, when we made love there wasn't any dissapointment, but somewhere along the line we changed. No she changed. She left me crying! She fucked him, she thought I left her! The truth is she was already gone since the first time she dumped me.

She changed her agenda. she wanted to drink, and go to parties, have a blast with her friends, and not have me around to hav an eye on her. She didn't want me to be "all over her in public" or hold her hand, or give her a peck on the lips... or really even talk to me in public. High school. Now thats how you destroy a relationship... Give teens a whole new perspective on what makes them important. I mean don't get me wrong i'm an advocate for education, but I don't think which freshmen are currently pregnant, andwhich ones had miscarages, is the best life lesson, but the miscarage was the worst part of it all. My own blood was inside of her. And she killed it. Not even a proper death. A crude horible murder, all out of selfishness, no consent from me, until long after the damage was done. Its life, had the potential to be soo much more than hers, I don't care how old I am or was. It was our responcibility, and she wasn't worried about her life in the least, she was as masochistic as I was, but she feared for her reputation,which was something I would NOT tolerate. At first it severly dissapointed me, and upset me, I still blame myself, but after awhile, it became a deep disguest for her actions, and some what for myself. I still ask myself could I have prevented it? Of course I could of, I don't really need to get into details about that though. The real question is... am I as much to blame for the death as her?

UGH! DAMNIT! Even when things were going great with myriella I couldn't keep my mind off of her! I needed to forget! I needed to move on, but I knew that wasn't about to happen soon. I was making progress though,which is pretty good for what happened, I was hurting on the inside again though. It was quiet time, for work in the class room,which was when all these thoughts of her came into my head. Myriella had her eye on me,which gave me some comfort, and some motivation to keep going, but I had a distinct feeling she knew what was going on in my head, as well as I tried to hide it. Of course she knew, it was just this morning it happened, what else would a person expect me to be thinking. (ding ding ding), the bell rang (ughh) I moaned under my breath, as I didn't want to leave myriella. "Luke! Wait up", I heard myriella as I walked to my last block class, she slipped a note to me, and hugged me, I didn't hug her back for a second or two, but then I put my arms around her, and pulled her close. It was more than a friend hug, and I didn't want to let go, and so she did, after a long hug. She smiled as she said "bye", and walked away.

I walked by delilah, I wanted to talk to her, but I held myself back, as hard as

it was. The time in between seeing her, and when her and skyler past me. I heard skyler whisper a word of ignorance to delilah, they were snickering abnuxiously as they walked away, looking back as they did. I clenched my fist, I wasn't going to shead another tear for her here. I felt so bitter, and angry, I kept walking a little faster now walks long ways through the lockers. My fist grew tenser, and tenser, I looked quickly to make sure there we're no spectators. Nd I cocked my arm back, before releasing my anger into a charged blow ( bang!) went the sound of tough skin, and work hardened bone bending the iron locker into itself, peices of cracked dry green paint shot on to me, latching to my hoodie. I held my hand there for a moment as I breathed heavily, people came at

both sides of the locker rows to watch my anger manefest itself, it was entertainment for them, I heard some subtle laughs, and whispers like "holy shit!", or "damn dude!". I didn't like people to see me like this, I kept the tears in, and bit my lip until I thought I would bite right though the soft muscle, and flesh. I ripped my bleeding, skin-torn hand out of the creator left in the locker, and walked toward the gathering crowd, that crowded my escape I stood in front of them, head down, fists still clenched, it was but a second, the crowd scattered to let me through. I walked quickly, hearing more whispers, "phyco", "he needs medicine", "whats wrong with him?". I kept walking to my class even as the tears fell, I wiped them, I rubbed my eyes, I stayed strong.

I arrived at my last block class. Apparently most of them already heard of the locker incident, but not of who was accountable. Erica asked me, "hey did you hear about the dude who, like. Destroyed a locker with a single punch?", "no but I think we should focus on things that really matter, and not all this teen drama bullshit", I replied. She glared at me for a second, then spoke again, "yea, well I just think thats pretty beast to, like, crush a locker with your own fists, your just jealous cuz noone talks about you". She looked away, acting uninterested. I smiled slightly, and chuckled a little, and said "yea thats definately it hah", to myself looking down at my desk. (ding, ding ding!) the bell for class rang, and the hearty teacher quickly rose out of his desk. "alright class, today we're going to look at the first crusades", he said. His dull voice seemed to fade as I quickly lost interest. Class seemed so dull, soo dull that consequently, it made the majority of the class prefer cutting themselves with a dull blade, as opposed to listening to Mr. Goodling continue babbling on about God knows what. Class went painfully slow, I looked around to see if anyone was truely paying attention... no one was, "gee surprising" I let slip under my breath.

The lights went off for a movie, and like clockwork my head dropped on to my arms on my desk, and I slept like a baby. I was off in my own reality, I can't recall exactly what I dreamt about, but I did remember it was the first dream that didn't have her in it, and the first dream of myriella. Just then I remembered I had something to look forward to. The football game that night, remembering that gave me a stronger will to survive history class, as hard as it was at times. The time passed second to second, feeling like minute to minute, even in my sleep it felt so long, but seeing mariella comforted me when I felt I couldn't stand it any longer. (ding, ding, ding!) Finally the bell rang. I got my stuff, and I was the first one out that door.

I walked quickly through the hallway, to my locker. I got my stuff quickly to minimize my chances of seeing delilah, or skyler again. For once I was successful, then I remembered, "shit! I don't have myriella's number! God i'm an idiot" I whispered to myself, (BAM!) I slammed my locker. Myriella appeared where my locker was before I slammed it. She jumped as I did, "God! You scared me hah", I said to her. Then she spoke to me, "I scared you? Haha, well are you ok, I don't think you slam your locker like that every time you go to it?". "Well... you kinda solved my issue", I said in reply. "Oh?" myriella replied. "Yea, I just realized I don't have your number hah" I said flirtatiously. "hmm... actually thats why I'm here", she said even more flirtatiously than myself, as she passed me a folded peice of paper, with a heart next to my name in cute girly hand writing. I already knew what was inside. "well I gotta go but text me about tonight". She huggged me again, walked away. She turned, and winked at me before she was out the door. It seemed like every step away from me she made, made me more alone. Likewise every step Delilah took towards me did the same, I thought to myself as she walked by snickering with skyler.

I quickly walked to my bus, Delilah's head game worked at me a little bit, but I was getting more resilient to it. I got on my bus, disobeyed the assigned seats log, as everyone else did. Most of the rules at good ol' Redland Highschool were really more of a suggestion, Mp3's in class, calling on cell phones, texting, it really just depends on the teachers you have. I listened to the same song the whole ride home, "flightless bird" by iron, and wine. As It played I thought of all that happened today, and all the pain it caused, all from her, this is the first time of many that I asked myself, is she really worth this. I was afraid of thinking of delilah, I was afraid to feel the pain I knew I would if I thought of her eyes, the ones that avoided me the majority of the time, but in every river of pain, and sorrow theyre's some obscure form of happiness, the likes ofwhich I was, well am still hanging onto. The bus pulled over at my stop, I grabbed my stuff, and exited, It was a cold day in the fall in september, september 14th

I light jogged home, it was a bit of a run to my house from the bus stop. When I got to my house I saw my mom, she was making dinner, she didn't notice, thats just the way I wanted it. Telling her about what happened was the last thing I wanted to do then. I slowly went up the stairs, went into my dream, dropped my obscenely heavy back back, it seemed to shake the whole house when I dropped it. "well there goes my plan for her not to know i'm home". I said under my breath. I just then remembered the note mariella gave me, I pulled it out of my pocket. It was a little more crinkled then when I got it. I opened it carefully, taking care not to tear it. It read

. "Luke I don't think you have my number, and I really wanna see you tonight, soo here it is (myriella's number) (: <3".

I smiled to myself, as I typed the number onto my phone contacts. I text "hey, its luke". I could hardly stand waiting for a text back. Not even a minute passed, and I feared losing my sanity, (beep, beep, beep), just then the phone beeped, and it was her with an extra long "heyyyyy". For about twenty minutes we texted, then I asked for her to call me, she did. Over the next hour we talked about everything again, like class, but we kept exes out of the conversation. I learned so much more about her, she came here from Atlanta, Georgia. She loved it there, she couldn't tell me why she left. She didn't like to talk about her dad, her mom died, her brother died in a car accident when she was thirteen, and her best friend over dosed on heroin when she was 14. I couldn't blame her for being so quiet in class, It seemed everyone she loved died. I'm surprised shes not as fucked up as I was. I wanted to help her.

We stopped talking about such depressing topics, we talked of the better things, she talked of when she went to florida, and how beautiful the beach was. I told her when I went In the truck with my dad, I saw the rocky mountains, so many sights, so very many places. We started talking about how we could see the world together. Its so surprising how much you can learn about someone in a single day. In a single hour even.

Unfortunately we neared the time of the football game, and had to depart for a short time. As soon as we said bye, I jumped in the shower. I put on some deo, Decked myself out, A.E. Neckless, shiny watch, tiki bracelet, put on something fly, new kicks on, then made sure my hair was elegantly disheveled. I was looking good for myriella tonight, (beep, beep, beep), my phone rang again. I looked at it, it was delilah, "hey" it read. I felt a ping go through my body as I picked up my phone, I text her "hey", but before it sent I canceled the send. I almost felt sick to my stomach, but I felt some pride that I could ignore her... I wonder if I could do that tonight. I knew Myriella would help me if I needed it, and probably not expect me to make it through seeing her. I trusted her so much after really knowing her for so little time. It was so familiar to delilah in the beginning, but delilah changed. I was afraid that mariella would do the same, but I was willing to take the chance. She saved me from missery, but so did delilah soo long ago. The more I thought about it the less I wanted to, so I decided to stop thinking about it, as hard as it was.

My mom came to the door. "Are you still going to the game with delilah honey?", she said. I paused, getting ready to tell a lie without her noticing, " yeh-yea" damn I studdered. She didn't notice, or at least she pretended not to. She spoke again, "well i'm ready now so i'll be in the car". "Ok i'll be right out" I replied. She left my room, and soon after, (beep, beep, beep), I was happy to see this time it was Myriella. I text her back, after spraying myself down with some diesel; only the brave colone, it was delilah's favorite. I got to the car, and we were off on a twenty minute drive. Me and Myriella updated eachother about twice a minute. By my math I'd say that would be 40 messages to eachother, so 80 total messages. Not that it matters, but even more we got to know eachother in twenty more minutes.

I was at the stadium, after what seemed like an eternity in the car, even though I was in constant contact with Myriella. "call me about ten minutes before its over, ok?" said my mom. " ok I know mom" I replied, she said, "bye love you have fun", then I said "bye" like always without sayying I loved her back, she knew I did, but it was another thing that rightfully made me feel guilty.I got out of the car, and was quickly was at the gate. I waited for mariella before payed for my ticket, she said she was five minutes away. I tried to stop myself from shaking, from the combination of the cold, and my excitement. From the distance, out of the darkness came a blonde girl, it was mariella finally. I tried to stay cool, and not seem to excited, though it felt soo long for her to walk the block between us, I had to control myself not to run all he way to her. I perceived her as walking in slow motion, finally when she crossed the street, and we were face to face, time finally speeded back up to normal when she spoke. "heyyy hehe" she giggled flirtatiously. "heyyy yourself hah, why didn't your dad drive closer?" I said. "oh I walked hah", she spoke back. "don't you live like five miles away?", I said surprised. She calmly replied, "uhm like three or so, hah". I was about to speak back, when she changed the subject, "hey lets go in, I feel stupid waiting out here hehe". I could tell that she was hiding something. I let it go though, she obviously didn't want to talk about it.

I bought our tickets, "aww you didn't need to buy my ticket" she said. "you didn't have to walk three miles to see me", I smiled and spoke softly to her. She smiled back as we walked through the gates, handing the guard our tickets. We sat down on the benches, I looked at her, and she looked at me. "sooooo? Haha" she said, "uhmm, how is... life haha" I replied to. "pretty decent now that your in it", she said, and she layed down, and layed her head on my lab. I- I didn't really know how to respond. I just looked down at her, we gazed into eachothers eyes, and time just stopped.the explosion of color was so clear in our spot of light in the darkness, given by a overhead light. A tear came from her eye, and she got back up sitting beside me. "what's wrong?" I said confused.

She wiped her eye, and answered the question, " i'm so sorry for what she did to you, I see the pain in your eyes". I looked down, for a second, then looked back into her eyes.I held her shoulders, and wiped the next tear that fell from her eye. "don't worry about me, i'm fine, I know she wasn't for me, yea it hurts, yea a couple hours ago I didn't think that i'd ever get over it... But you. You fixed me. I don't know how you did it but you did." I pulled her in closer, and she smiled lightly at me, then looked down, I moved two fingers under her chin, and lightly pushed her head back up mine, and our eyes met again. My face went from very serious to kind, and gentle, as my voice wen I spoke; "your eyes are the Most beautiful thing i've ever seen".

Her smile lit up the sky. Pearly white teeth, exploding blue eyes, shiny golden blond hair, blood red huge lips. It was hard to believe she was even talking to me, yet alone, well obviously very much close to me. Her lips came closer to mine, and just as they were about to touch, (HAHAHAHA!). A loud congested noise came from the pathway in front of the bleachers. Sure enough it was Skyler, accompanied by Delilah. I could tell either of their voices from anywhere, especially Skyler's, her voice was known by everyone, commonly known as the voice you can here from down the hall. Loud, and obnoxious, It never ceased to annoy me. I pulled back from Myriella, she looked at me, she knew what was wrongs. My fist clenched, she grabbed my hand, and rubbed it inbetween her hand. I fought tears, and she hugged me. She whispered in my ear soo very gently, "I know it hurts, you don't need to hide it from me, but try to hide it from her, don't let her know she hurt you, she doesn't deserve that satisfaction". I struggled, and overcame the tears, I smiled at her.

The announcer came on. "Ok lets get ready for an exciting game of football!", a few people cheered, mostly parents. The annoucer was horrible dull, he tried to express some excitement, but it just wasn't working out for him. "Please rise, and take all head ware off for the national anthem". Everyone did what was asked by the announcer, except the few that thought of themselves as rebels. (National anthem), as the end of the national anthem stopped, everyone kept doing what they were doing. Skyler, and Delilah decided to sit beside me and Myriella. Myriella looked at her distastefully, and grabbed my hand, "lets take a walk" she whispered into my ears, and we left the bleachers.

We walked to the school playground, we didn't intend to watch the football game anyway. She climbed up the slide, "c'mon you coming?", I replied, "Uhm, sorry I forgot I was in elementary school", I smiled at her. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up, "whoa! Your pretty strong for a girl, haha", I said. "well maybe your just a little whimppy for a guy", she replied. I smiled at her.

For the next hour we played went down the slide together, then we layed down in the grass, and looked up at the stars, while we were holding hands. We told eachother of our lives, I told her how my dad used to be a lawyer, and how he lost his license. He kept going after the judge, accusing him of bribery for giving those poor children to the hateful, abusive, alchoholic father, taking them away from their loving mother. She told me how she came from Georgia, how beautiful it was, the endless country, and the great spicy/sweet food. Everytime we talked it was like talking to a whole other person, we never got tired of talking. We feared that the game would end shortly so we got up, and walked back to the field. It was the end of the third quarter, we decided to lay in the grass off away from the bleachers where Skyler, and Delilah may be.

We continued to talk, then I looked up, and saw Delilah holding a man's hand. It brought a tear to my eye. Myriella knew instinctively what was wrong, and that something was wrong. She squeezed my hand, and whispered in my ear, "stay strong". I held the tears, she knew I was stressing, She turned my head, and we looked into eachothers eyes again. It gave me comfort, It made me happy like nothing else could. (BUZZZZZ!) The game buzzer went off, my school lost once again, I didn't really care, but this ment the departure of Myriella, That made me upset.

When we got up I saw Delilah walking away, she grabbed the guy's dick, and made out with him,. She looked back at me to wave, and look at me with a twisted smile, "byeeee luke! Haha". At that instance something snapped, Myriella knew it too. Tears poured, I couldn't control myself, I charged intending to ram right into the guy Delilah was with. Just when I took off Myriella grabbed my arm and swung me to the ground. I had no Idea how she did it, and I wasn't glad she did at the time. She was on top of me holding me down, trying to calm me down, as I struggled to get up. I couldn't give up, but she whispered into my ears " Luke, she wasn't right for you, you know that, stop this crying look at what she did to you". None of it did any good until... "luke I love you", She said ever so gently. I calmed down almost instantly, I stopped trying to get up, and fresh tears stopped coming. I layed there staring at her, mouth open. She came in, and kissed me, I had no reaction, "ii-ii'm sorry" she said when I didn't react, then I grabbed her neck and rolled on top of her, making out with her passionately. Our bodies rolled over, and over in the grass, as we made out, and I kissed her neck, and grabbed her thighs, and touched her breasts. She breathed soo heavily as did I . Minutes passed, I ended up on top of her, our lips departed, and I gazed into her eyes, as she did into mine. "uhh, wow" she said, with a brillient smile, as she struggled to not breath so heavily. "I know right" I said as I smiled back at her".

(Ringgg Ringgg!) her phone rang, she answered it, as I got off of her, "hello". I heard a manly voice yelling at her, I couldn't make them out, "ok, i'm sorry, I'll be there in one second. I heard (NOW!) from the phone before she hung up. I looked at her confused then, "I have to go" she sounded almost scared as she said that. She gave me another peck, and told me not to follow her.

(rrriiinng rrriiinng) I awoke from my flash back. I picked up the phone, the caller ID. Read Isabel flanks. I pressed the talk button, and put the phone to my ear. "heyy baby."

The End

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