Girl of His DreamsMature



I felt like I was falling endlessly; engulfed in blackness, untill the feeling of falling faded, and a bright light pierced my fragile eye lids, forcing me to squint. I smelled the ocean air, and felt it's breeze. I opened my eyes out of curiousity , and I saw the transparent blue waters gently coming up onto the sand, then going back into the vast ocean. I felt my hands sink into the pure white sand as I pushed up to get up. It was the most serene thing i've ever witnessed, Coconut trees surrounded me, and the sun just poured over everything, as if in this place there was no shadows, or darkness. My thought was interupted; I senced a figure lurking behind me.

 "long time no see" The figure said  "well long time no talk anyways" She finished her thought.

I looked behind me to find a girl  laying on a towel tanning In the hot sun. It didn't take me long to figure out who it was. The sun was ecliped by clouds in an instant, and my shadowless world came crashing down, along with my peace and tranquility therein. She dissapeared from her spot in the sun. I looked around and couldn't find her, she reappeared right in front of me; inches from my face; I tried to distract her, "where am I?" I asked

She grinned innocently "Don't you recognize it here, I know you've never been here, but... its hawaii babe. Remember you always said this is where you'd take me for our honey moon, well that didn't work out so well but at least were here now honey" she taunted, as she seduced me with her eyes.

 I tried to look away, but she forced me to look; guiding my head with her hand . Tears poured down my face, they were the same eyes I remembered so well, the ones that lied to me, the ones I loved so much.

 " you know I did always love you, I still do" Her facial expression seemed sincere.

I fell for that one too many times before. I took her hand, and threw it down. "No you didn't, and no you don't" I said bitterly. After I got ahold of myself, and looked away. She pushed my head to the left with the hand she used to guide it.

 " haha your right, I was fucking someone else the entire time, and you didn't even have a clue. I used you, your gifts were really quite sweet, and doing the things I did to you were well worth what you gave me"

Those words struck a blow to my very core. Something took me over, that wasn't me, something of pure rage, and pain. "AHHHH!" I screamed, I ran at her, and jumped to tackle her, but through the air I flew, and into the sand I fell, delilah atomized, particles floated in the air she was occupying, now dispersing away. She dissapeared, her voice echoed in my head, now speaking to me.

" every kiss, every time I said I love you... it was all a lie, you were just a toy to me" she mocked.

Tears continued to stream down my face, "SHUT UP!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" I commanded her. She reappeared beside me, I swung at her repeatedly, only for her to turn into colorless particles in the air. Frantically trying to stop the voices in my head, hysterically crying, ripping out  my won hair hair. I fell over; as if shell shocked. The voices combined in to an unintelligible dialect. I curled up into a ball; Helpless, and alone to my self destructive thoughts; covering my ears. It was tearing me apart. "stop, please stop , JUST STOP!" I begged. Her hand touched my back, I didn't want to move my hands from covering my ears, even though they didn't scilence the psycho babble. She put her lips to my ears and whispered oh so quietly " you were nothing to me". And we both dissapeared in a black cloud.

Once again everything was pitch black, the lights came more suddenly then last time.  Now I was sitting at a extravagent Dark wood table in a large even more so extragent house. The walls were tan, and coated in expensive peices of art, with gorgeous framework. Maroon curtains hung over the windows.

  I couldn't control myself; I tried to move my head; then to move a single mussel, but It was impossible, all I could do is watch, and listen To what was around me. The same condition of helplessness, and fear over came me.

"hey baby, can you wash the dishes?" I heard delilah say from a large kitchen.

 I saw a glimpse of a photo, and my body moved so that I could focus on it. It was a picture of me, and delilah entwined; Both our smiles as brillient as i've seen; As if we shared an infatuated love that before only I seemed to possess. As I leered at the picture  seven words repeated in my head again and again,

 "this is how it could have been"

 of course it was still her in my head, I hated to admit to how pretty she looked now; witch didn't make it easier. She wore a tight black silk dress, zipper on the back with black elegant lace on either side, a side slit on the left of her skirt skirt of the dress, low cut in the chest to maximize cleavage, and her hair, as if a river of golden strands reflecting the slightest light, bouncing to her every step. She wore stelleta high heels, which in combination with the dress complimented her long legs

 "of course honey" I said involuntarily. I heard the sound of kids frolicking. Then a young boy, and a slightly older girl came running into the house through the screen door.

"and what do you think your doing litte mister, and misses Johnson?" Delilah jested.

 "nooo yew, an daddy awr mistawr And missus Johnson, Hehehe" said the little girl.

 "awww I love you guys!" he... I mean I said, and I picked up the two children, and held them to my chest. "my little angles, serenity, and cameran, and my baby" I hugged delilah too. This can't be happening, I want this to end I said in my head, which was all I had at this point.

We all sat down for dinner, the happy family chated like nothing was wrong, and for them nothing was, while my head was about to explode. "Kids, mommy and daddy need you to go to bed now, were gonna do some grown up stuff", delilah said. "Ok mommy, c'mon lets play rock band cameran!". She smiled at me "they really are little angles, we raised them well" she motioned me to come into the kitchen. I tried with all of my might to stop my body, but it was futile, nothing would work. She put her hands together behind my neck, and pulled me down to her. I didn't stop trying to look away, or move my body in some way, "stop resisting! Its pointless" I heard in my head. She kissed me, and i felt a tear go down my body's face. We kissed passionately, and it felt the same as before, and then I rubbed my hands all over her. Just when I thought I couldn't handle anymore I looked into her eyes, and all I saw was red. (ahh-uhhh) I felt a horrible feeling in my stomach, I had control again, I looked down, a large knife was stuck into me, all the way to the handle, who delilah had her hand on. Blood ran all over my hands, and down from the wound, bleaching everything it touched bright red. I looked back up at her, she was still smiling I feel back against the wall, it was getting difficult to breath, she just stared at me, her smile became a look of no emotion on her face. She walked over slowly and knelt over closer, and continued to stare at me eye to eye, she bent her head to the side, and grabbed the knife. She pulled it out, and blood spatter covered her face. She didn't even blink. Everything went up in flames in my mind as if staring at a picture that cought on fire untill there was nothing left, but the blackness again

This time I woke up in a room with hospotal lights above me. They blurred my vision, (bang!) a surgeon busted through the door she looked down at me, for fucks sake just leave me alone! I yelled I tried to get up, but I was strapped to the bed, " Baby you fell on a knife, and you lost alot of blood , but its ok i'm gonna save you!" no, no, NO! Your not going to touch me. "Now now honey i'll make you feel all better, just lay back and relax", she then pulled out her sharp shiny instruments, and turned on the bone cutter. GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, I screamed, (BZZZZZZZZZZ!) went the bone cutter. "mommy will make everything better" she smiled, and taped my mouth shut, my muffled screams had no affect on her as she lowered the bone cutter, cutting through my sternum like butter. Once it was cut down the middle she stuck in a bone separator to spread the bone, she then made a quick incision or two, and brought her hand out of my chest, blood ran all over the operating table, and me, and covered her hand. Now she had her prize as she held my heart in her hand. "I stole your heart honey hahaha", she said it menacingly with a phycotic looking grin on her face. My heart still beated in her hand, I heard a beeping in my head, but then she squeezed my heart untill it just popped, simultaneously the beeping became a flatline, everything faded into a blank white. She was laughing but her voice faded. Suddenly I felt the violent push of waves, strong waves I felt like I was underwater than I opened my eyes, I was soaking wet, tied to a chair, and staring at a bright lamp light with 3 sillouettes behind it

" luke are you ok you were yelling in your sleep, and crying". I couldnt talk, my mouth was taped shut, " oh yea you can't talk untill i know you won't yell, so just shake your head", I nodded, i still wasn't sure who it was, all I remembered was looking down at the amulet, then being on the ground with a face looking down at me. "Okay luke i don't think you'll scream so i'll take off the tape, so pleaseee don't yell and make me put it back on". She took off the tape. And moved the light, my blurred vision became clear, and anabel's face came into focus surprised I stared for a minute with my mouth open, not saying anything, trying to figure out what was going on. "Anabel? What are you doing here, and why am I tied up? " i'm sorry, but we had to tell you something" My eyes adjusted to the dark, I could now put names to the other two sillouetts; eddie, and serenity were standing behind anabel. "Okay, well you could of did something Like, maybe tap my shoulder and say hey luke, I need to talk to you, and the tazer was definately unnecesary!". "luke this isn't a joke, I... we needed to talk to you alone for a long time". I was now worried. What could she of needed to tell see so bad that she fucking tazered me to do it!"Ok what is it? " "well, luke... " (serenity interupted) "Do you believe in vampires luke?" Uhmmm, where are you going with this? "Luke answer the question" anabel said seriously. I don't know, "damnit luke think about it! All the weird shit that happened yesterday!" I mean, I guess alot of weird shit happens alot, "what about louis luke, what about him, where do you think he plays in all of this"? Wait... how do you know about that??? "because! Hes one of us!" one of... you? What are you talking about anabel! "DAMNIT LUKE! Don't you get it!?! we're fucking vampires!!!" I looked at them grinning, hahahah really guys, you tazered me and tied me up to tell me your vampires? Come on guys, that was just a tad over done, haha. I said to them thinking this was all a twisted joke, but they all looked at me oh soo seriously, my laughs were scilenced. Oh god your not kidding are you? "no luke, were as serious as ever" anabel said, frowning at me. I stared for a minute to gather my thoughts, you mean like, dark emos that don't like the light, and are anti-social? I said as another joke, " no luke, we mean, the kind that suck human's blood to survive, and have powers, and are stronger, and faster than humans" uhmm ok... i'm starting to get a little freaked out guys, this isn't really funny anymore, I said in reply, anabel was starting to get mad," LUKE! WE HAVE NO REASON TO LIE TO YOU!!! THIS IS FUCKING REAL!!!" she sighed, " Luke, we can't prove it to you yet, because your not officially part of the family, once you are then we can show you but for now your a friend of the family, so you'll be protected from the events that are about to happen". Wait what events? "anabel he doesn't believe, this isn't going to work, someone just put him back out" serenity said, No! I believe, "He's lying" serenity said, no! I'm not, " get out of the way i'll make him believe!" anabel said, "NO! Anabel he's not ready!" serenity said. Anabel's eyes glowed red, and serenity, and Eddie tried to hold her back, but it was not very effective, "louis now!!!" serenity yelled out. Again I felt a strong jolt of electricity go through my body, I spasmed, and knocked the chair over on it's side, The room seemed to spin, I felt dissy, and my vision was blurred, but I tried to focus on anabel, her glowing red eyes, combined with my blurry vision seemed like a fire restoring a small amount of the the light fading away, once again i heard echoes. I heard a loud call, an inhuman growl, i knew there were no animals in the room, the closest thing to an animal in the room, was anabel, the sounds, and voices echoed, through my head once again, like my last experience of being tazed, I heard, frantic, but silent talking, most of witch echoed through my head to much to understand, but the last few words seemed clear in my head, just as everything went black again,"Anabel! Calm down, honey calm down, just calm, down. I opened my eyes to a familiar surgery bed, I looked down to my chest and noticed recent stiches , then I saw a familiar face, "welcome back honey, I thought I lost you". No, no, no, no, NO! NOOOOOOOO!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! she smiled as she normally did when I showed I was in pain, "honey you should be happy, that you survived the surgery, theres not a large group of people that survive without their heart". This time I tried to be stronger, fewer tears fell. Oh really, well you seem to doing quite well for yourself without one. "Hahahaha", she let out a bitterly sarcastic laugh, "very, very humorous darling, I wander what I should cut out next, should it be your liver, or your kidney, or maybe I should just start with the penis, and testicles". She glided a scalpal skillfully across my stomach, occaisionally intentionally pressing purposely to make shallow slits across my stomach. I'd feel a strong sting when she did. After making maybe 10 or so slits, she put the scalpal down on the table beside me, (buzzzz, buzzzzzzzzz, buzz, buzz) went the bone cutter she soo loved intimidating me with. I wasn't intimidated. I noticed the hand by the instrument table was losely bounded, I considered going for the knife. she was distracted with the bone cutter, and turned the other way it's now or never, I said under my breath. I quickly strenched out my arm as, far as I could, grabbing the very buttom of the scalpal, she was using minutes ago to cut me, I pulled my arm back, and did a quick twisting motion, that quickly cut right though the leather restraint. Around my hand. She tried to turn around but just as she turned enough to see me, the scalpal was stabbed into her stomach. (ahhhhhhhh!!!) she screached as high pitched as I ever heard a girl scream as I kept twisting, and pushing, making sure to cause as much damage as i could, with my pushing, she lost balance, and toppled onto the bed. I quickly let go of the scalpal embedded in her, someplace in her kidney as she swiped her hand with the bone cutter at me, (buzzzz buzzzzz) went the cutter, I grabbed her hand, with my free hand, twisted it, and pushed it slowly toward her neck. "NURSE, NURSE, WE NEED TO SEDATE THE PATIENT!" she screamed, as she tried to fight back, and push it away, but it was futile, mere centimeters from her neck, and I pulled off a powerful push that finished the job. The cutter went straight into her throat, inches deep, the sound of flesh being ripped, and shredded should have been much more disguesting, but considering who it was... It gives me self pity to say I enjoyed it... Blood sprayed everywhere, all over me, the bed sheets, equipment, and along the walls of the room, I heard the sounds of gasping, and gargling... and then nothing, this told me the deed was done, I turned off the cutter, threw it over the side of the bed, and undid the leather strap. I looked at her in contempt, her eyes seemed to still be staring at me, a single tear dropped from my eye, and i pushed her off of me, the blood formed a large puddle on the floor. I undid my feet, and I was free! I quickly got up and ran to the door, I grabbed the handle, and pulled, and pulled, and pulled. It wouldn't budge, DAMNIT!!, I threw myself into the door, but it was hopeless. I looked around scanning for a way to get out, there! I saw a keycard scanner by the door, delilah had to have the card on her! I ran quickly back to the bed, but when I saw her I slowed down, and approached carefully, when I was within feet from her I saw the card on a keychain, I reached down carefully, so I didn't touch the grotesque body, on the floor, though my socks were soaked with blood, as I stood in a puddle of hers. I grabbed the keys, then looked at the scalpal. Hmm I might need that, I thought. I reached for it, and (AHH!) suddenly her hand grabbed mine, and screatched at me. She pulled my arm all the way down to her mouth, I couldn't pull away this time. She pulled my arm to her mouth. She bit into my arms, as hard as she could, and wouldn't let go, "ahh! Let go you undead bitch!" I beat her with my other hand, and she finally let go. From the way her throat was cut, her head hung backwards, so her head was parrallel to the ground, still squirting blood, in intervals. Now I was disguested, she walked slowly, as I ran to the door, (Access denied) a robotic feminine voice called out from the speakers above the door. Come on, come on, COME ON! You peice of shit!, (Access denied, Access denied, Access denied) comeoncomeoncomeon, "why did you do that luke, why did you kill me, I was only trying to help, come back to the bed come lay with me, so i can tell you how much I love you", delilah said in a horribly disfigured, dual voice. SHUT UP!!! YOU DON'T LOVE ME YOU DIDN'T LOVE ME YOU NEVER WILL!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs. She was getting closer to me, and the then the speakers called out, and delilah called out "come on lukey, I love you, so much baby" in unison. I feel to my knees, a river flowing down my face. No, no, you don't, YOU DON'T!! I yelled out, then the song came on, Hey there delilah, by plain white tee's. "Hey there delilah, whats it like in new york city, i'm a thousend miles miles away, but girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you doo" the song played flawlessly, "listen babe, its our song", delilah said, I love you just kept echoing through my heads, I covered my ears, and screamed (AHHHHHHHH), I ripped hair out of my of head, I stood up, kicked the door a few times, then looked at the keycard scanner, ran over to it, and punched it again, and again untill sparks flew from it (access granted), thank GOD! Now delilah blocked the way though, I plowed through her, and ran into the hall away. I sprinted, full speed (BANG, BANG, BANG) went the doors I ran through, hitting the walls, glass breaking, I finally saw a light, I sprinted even faster than I thought possible. Suddenly the floor colapsed, I tried to jump, I caught onto the edges with my arms tryint to pull myself, Then I heard heels clanking against the marble floors. Hey! Is anyone there! I couldn't see, and I saw a silouette from above, Hey! Help me up, then the light turned on. And her face was revealed. All hope faded, as I saw it was delilah again, a different one. What the Hell? I cut your throat! How does that just heal perfectly! I yelled at her, more of them came. They tried to pick me up, no thanks, I 'd rather die, I grabbed ones arm, and pulled her down with me. We fell into an empty abyss. Seconds after falling, all light faded, Into black. The feeling of falling faded. When I opened my eyes I was sitting in a theater seat, I was covering my face in my arms, "haha what the fuck are you doing, you goof ball?" It was her, again. My eyes filled with tears, but only a single got the chance to trail down my face, before being swiped away by my hand. "awwwh what's wrong baby?". Please, please go away, I just want to be alone. I said in a whisper, I knew it was pointless to yell at this point, I all but gave up fighting her. She started to tear, "why do you wanna go?" I stared down at the floor and said nothing, I heard a voice in my head again, "why do you want to leave me luke, why. I love you luke, love you. Don't go luke, please don't go I got up out of my seat, and ran to the exit, covering my ear "where are you going babe??" her voice kept echoing through my head. "baby, babe, love, lukey" all echoing through my head. I tried to open the door, it was locked, please, please, please open, I quietly said to myself, DAMNIT! I yelled, then I kicked the door, everyone in the theater looked back at me, (hahahahahahahah!!!) everyone laughed at me, and they were all her, it was a sea of her laughing at me. SHUTUP!!! Please just shutup please. I yelled, and repeated more calmly, as the tears were accumulating in the theater carpet. My hands dropped from my ears, I sat down, my head in my knees, as i sobbed as everyone laughed... I had given up. Everyones laughing paused, as the movie came on, I tried to watch the movie, it was us, the night we broke up, " PLEASE i'm on my knee's i'm begging you please just come talk to me!!!" Was coming from the movie theater speakers as I saw myself on my knees, crying, being pushed and yelled at by her friends, on a massive HD theater screen, (get away!! She don't want you anymore! You don't give up do u kid), on the screen she looked at me, stared, no emotion in her face, "No, you blew it for the last time... Goodbye luke". I cried hysterically, i cried rivers in the on he scream, to match me in life, her "comforter" as she called him came up to me, he laughed before he curled his fist. He threw his fist at my face, the screen went black with a loud (smack!) nd the sound of me falling over. The audiance of delilahs laughed, and all i could hear was loud applaude, and whistling. The lights came on, and everyone walked out of the theater. "i don't understand why are you crying?" she stood above me... Please, just go away, I said. she sat down beside me, and put her hand on my back, and hugged me. A tear fell from her eye, "i'm not leaving you, not now, not ever, i love you... always and forever. She lifted my head up, she looked into my eyes... Then tried to kiss me, i shrugged her off, "luke, why won't you kiss me?" Because I physically can't take losing you again, I said to her. "lose me? But you never lost me babe.I'm right here, I always will be". NO!... you won't I said. "babe your making me upset, can't we just kiss, and go home?", she came in to kiss me again, I put my fingers to her lips, wait... I need to tell you something, i said to her. I was still crying, my lips were flitching as I tried to speak I... I love you, I love you so much the thought of being without you is more painful than I can even bare, you don't know how many times I've cried for you, and I truly would die for you, i'd do anything for you, and leaving you was the most painful thing I ever did, "luke what are you...", let me finish. You don't know what i'm talking about, but I had to say it, no matter what you ever do to me, i'll always forgive you, even though I won't want to. She looked confused but still said "aww, I don't understand, but i love you luke". She tried to kiss me again, I couldn't resist anymore, she kissed me, and at first I tried to do nothing back, but that didn't last long, and we were passionately kissing, just the way I remember it feeling. The tears feel down my face, as I hated myself for this, when our lips parted, she smiled, and pecked me on the lips again, then layed down in my lap, and closed her eyes. A voice came in my head just as she did "this was me before you changed me, before you destroyed me, when I loved you,don't you miss her?". ME, FUCK YOU! You have no room to speak, your the reason your a whore, your the reason your alone, and your the reason I hate myself! Yes I miss her, so much but you replaced her, you destroyed her life, you destroyed our lives! "Oh really?, I think you hate what I used to be just the same, just think about what we did to you", I blame you the present, not the past. (ding) a knife dropped to the floor, " so in that case, you must not want to stab her in the heart the way she stabbed you. This tempted me, hesitant I picked up the knife, what I should do is stab you! "honey we already tried this, I just got back up, and fuck with your mind. You have to get me while i'm still innocent" I dropped the knife, as much as I wanted to do it, NO!! This is your fault not her's! "would you rather me start the voices in your head, and memories again?" NO! No more! "luke i love you, remember the first time we fucked, the waay you touched me all over? I liked that so much, I faked it". Please, " just kidding, I faked it the whole time, I never enjoyed it, jonathan on the other hand..." STOP! I yelled "do it luke!!!". I covered my ears, her voice only grew louder, (AHH!) I tried to counter the noise. I had no other choice I couldn't handle it anymore, I reached for the knife. "Luke? What are you doing". The innocent delilah said as she opened her eyes, looking at my hand, and the knife. I picked it up quickly, and held it above her, blade down, tears fell on her from my eye, as her eyes watered up "Luke" she whispered horified, "your scaring me", in reply all i could do was whisper I'm sorry... The blade came down, (AHHHHHH!) she screamed, as the voice in my head laughed (hahaha). She put her hands up, in a deffensive position, untill she realized she was not the one injurred. She looked up and saw the blade in my chest, as I twisted it. "LUKE!!! what did you do!!! someone!! call an ambulence! Anyone help us!". My vision faded, as did the pain. My eyes became still, and as my heart beat slowed, "Luke i'm getting you help you'll be ok, ok everything will be ok baby", my body seemed soo cold, " luke! please, don't die, I love you, please don't leave me, I can't be without you, please! Don't fucking leave me! I can't live without you!" she cried as much as I ever did, her hands on my chest trying to stop the bleeding. there was a puddle of blood under me, I must have lost at least a pint, through the twisting, ripping and tearing of important organs, and the three or four inch wide, and uneven cut in my chest. She was crying so much, her head on my chest. I moved my hand slowly with difficulty, and lifted her head to look at me. I wiped a tear from her eye, I tried to look into her eyes, as dark as it seemed. I tried to speak (caugh caugh) at first no words came out, only blood, but I tried again, I... I think I see the light... Oh wait thats just your bright blue eyes, I whispered. She smiled slightly, as she cried, I wiped her eyes again, Its time... I whispered, she cried even more now, don't cry, you'll find life again, she tried to smile again. She kissed me one last time. I moved my hand onto hers, and held it before my eyes closed, and my head leaned back, and my last breath was exhaled, and the light, and the sound of her crying faded along with everything else.

The End

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