Dream ScreamMature

 We weren't far from the station, we could see, and hear police, and fire truck sirens though the trees and bushes that blocked us from seeing the station.when we got there we saw police baracades and 'do not cross' tape. Then we saw kylie crying hystericly.

" No! He's not dead, hes not dead!, not dead" Kylie repeating again and again.

 Cody was throwing up just off the road, not far from us, there was fresh vomit in close proximetry to kylie as well. Mariella had her back turned with her face in her hands, kevin was turned much in the same way. Domenique, and Casandra were on the sides of Kylie trying to calm her down.

" don't touch me!, no! Get off of me!!! Jake! Help me!"

 It wasn't working. We all knew jake couldn't help he., Water vapor from The firemen was raising from what remained of jake's car, and whatever did remain of jake, although it was hard to tell the difference. The fire fighters already put out the flames. So you could see a blackened figure in the drivers seat of the car. There was no question as to who it was. I turned toward Isabel, her hand covered her mouth. her eyebrows flinching rapidly trying to keep in the tears. I took her hand, she squeezed as tight as she could.

 Kylie was now speaking auditably again,

" No he's not dead guys, someone just sole his car, everythings fine, everythings fine, he'll call soon" Kylie murmureed as if having a pychotic break.

 Domenique repied "maybe honey" in another futile attempt to calm her

 Everyone knew this wasn't true, There was no hope; Even though the body in the car was burnt beyond all recognition we all knew it was him.

 We all just waited there, now there was a sizable crowd behind the police baracade, about ten minutes after we got there a large black truck came to a stop next to the sub-station. It read CORRINER on the side, a door opened, and a rather porkly man stepped slowly out of the truck onto the ground. Another door opened, then a slimmer taller man came out the other side of the truck. The porkly man took one look at the destroyed power station then at the over cooked hot rod slammed into it.

"well now we know why the powers out" the taller man chuckled to himself. They opened the double doors in the back of the truck, and hauled out a body carrier with a black body bag all ready for its victim. They pushed it over to jake's car slowly, and pried at the door, witch was now barely hanging on. With a last powerful pull, they ripped the door from its hinges, when they did the remains of what used to be an arm came with it, and a blackened head, mostly stripped of its flesh feel onto the ground and rolled in a semi circle.

 Instantly I took Isabel's thigh, and turned her toward me, and put her face against my chest, and i rubbed her back lightly as i felt tears fade through my shirt, she grabbed my arm, and again squeezed tightly. Cody, just coming back from his vomiting fit couldn't hold it in for even long enough to get to the grass off the road and spewed fresh vomit all over the pavement.

 Kylie gagged violently and dry heaved, having already thrown up everything in her stomach before, and she let out a scream "NOOO! JAKE". Once again she cried hysterically and muttered unintelligently to herself.

The rest of them turned away or put their face in their hands, but i stared, i saw jake's sun glasses melted into the eye sockets of the disembodied head, the worst of it all was the sound it made when the head feel from the shoulders, the sound of brittle bones snapping and the crack of charred skin cracking against the pavement. There was no flesh left on his mouth and cheeks, all of his teeth were visable, and black, the smell of burnt hair was almost unbareable.

"whoa, we got a snapper", the fat man said seemingly oblivious to the fact that was a 17 year old boy in peices on the ground. The men both put their gloves on and picked up the peices, and threw them into the bag, as if they were just common pieces of trash, or debree from a crash. The fact that it was once human seemed to evade them, or they just didn't care.

They tried to pick up the rest of the body in one piece, they failed misserably, peices of Jake's body were welded to every surface of the car, I stopped counting after they got the second arm into the bag. I deducted that the men were veteran corriners to be able to show absolute zero emotion in such a horrible situation, and I didn't mean it as a compliment. We all had a bitter hatred towards their casual attitude to this.

The two men got into their trucks, we glared at them as they did, they paid no attention. It felt like hours had passed since we had got there, but in all reality it had only been about a half hour. Now most of the spectators had left, and it was only us and a couple police officers remaining. One came walking towards us,

 "hey I know this is difficult, since i'm guessing you kids new him, but... do any of you kids know what happened?" The officer said as gently as he could

Cody jumped in and said "naw we don' officer, i'm sorry we can't be more helpful"

 I shock my head at cody in disgust, and stopped him with my arm when he tried to walk away. He was tempted to make a break for it, but he wasn't stupid enough to do that in front of a cop. 

Kylie stepped up. She was a little calmmed down. kylie said as calmly as she could, "w-w-wee we-re all to- to-get-ther earlier to- today, and jake disapeared, they all..."

 "wait Jake dahlia?" the officer interupted.

 "yes" she replied.

Jake dahlia was well known by local law enforcement, drunk driving, minor assaults, he was a mischeivious teen, but his family was well known, considering his father was the state governor, so his sons offences had a habbit of "dissapearing". His father will be absolutely devastated... while the cameras are around. Really his son was a handicap for his re-election. The media has brought up his sons "activities" before. The cold truth is he won't be all too bothered by the death at all.

Kylie finished her thought,"he dissapeared for quite a few hours, and luke got everyone together to go look for him, as soon as we went outside we heard an explosion, then... we saw what happened." She started to cry again the officer tried to calm her

"Hey now don't you worry girl we'll find out what happened, we're redland's finest, and thank you for what you told me, this will help us alott on the case." The officer smiled gently, it had no effect on her.

 He got a warm blanket, and put it around her, and told us he'd take her home. Before he left he gave us his card, "listen guys; trust me i know its hard, theres always young guys dying in the front seat, but we haven't ruled this as anything yet, so if you guys have anything to tell that kylie forgot to mention then just call me."

I took the card. "thanks officer Depew" i said quietly. Soon after they left, Cody, Domenique, and Casandra, went on their way back to their homes. Kevin, me, Isabel, and Mariella stayed behind inspecting the crash site, I looked on the ground , and saw a locket, slightly charred, but still maintained a silver shine to it. I took is and rubbed it on my shirt, it read "kylie" on one side, and "jake" on the other, i couldn't get it open though. Isabel came up behind me, and hugged me.

"what is that?" she asked.

"Its the reason kylie's so devastated" I stated.

"So they were going out", she deducted.

" yes" and it looks like she brought a part of him out none of us have ever seen.

 " It's so sad... not one of us really even liked him."

 a tear in her eye just now became apparent to me. I turned around, and once again i looked her in the eyes"yea... love can really change people... for better or worse' I looked down then, she looked at me confused, and she put her hand on my chin, and rose my head.

 "hey... you didn't change, just a different part of you came to light." She smiled at me, and kissed me softly.

A black car came down the road speeding and slammed on the breaks just in front of us. A tall dark figure opened the door, and stepped out of it, before slamming the door behind him. Mariella looked as horrified as i've ever seen her.

 "What the fuck do you think your doing here! Get over here now girl!" it exclaimed

 She looked at me as if she expected us to do something, but I didn't know what i could do. She walked slowly over to the figure, he slapped her across the face, hard enough, to make her stumble to her knees, i jolted  forward out of anger. Isabel held me back.

The figure looked at me "what the fuck you gonna do son? You better keep your dog under control over their lil miss daisy, or he'll be in a world of hurt! Now git in the car ya lil' bitch!"

 She ran to the car door and got in in the light of the car i could see tears running down her face, and a large mark on her cheek. I had to restrain myself as much as Isabel was, who was now in front of me, pushing me.

 "luke! Theres nothing you can do leave it!" she whispered aggitatedly

 the figure now said as he got in the car "you got something to say to me boy?!"

 I said nothing. As difficult as it was. Just before he closed the door, he said in his loud voice

 " thats right boy hold your tongue, or i'll cut it out." he threatened.

The car then drove away, the red lights dimmed untill they faded away in the distance. Every mussle in my body was flexed. Isabel tried to calm me down,

"luke look at me, look at me! There was nothing you could of done it would of just got her more hurt". she took my hand, and i squeezed tightly.

 a tear came from my eye.

 "it's okay man" kevin said as he put his hand on my shoulder.

 I almost forgot he was there, i was so focused on Isabel. I was now lookin into Isabel's warming gaze, and she put her hand on my cheek, and kissed me for a long while, pulling away occaisionally to make me go back in for more. I started to feel better when she said "I love you"

"I love you too" I told her, and hugged her tightly, then austin getting lonely and jumped into the hug, and made it a group hug then yelled " three sum!". Awh hell no! I don't do sausage fests, i said, kevin laughed, then isabel giggled, and looked at me, we kissed once more, only a small peck this time. I was satisfied though, but still angry.

The three of us walked back to the house close, its moments like these that I know who my true friends are, because they're the only ones leftWe walked the whole way back close together, me, kevin, and isabel. It felt like the walk back from hell, the further we got from the station the more of a distant memory the crash seemed like. I couldn't stop thinking how the corroner

was not in the least affected by picking up the body peices, how he cracked jokes about the death, and how he chuckled about it. Angered i tried to think of something else, i thought of the way officer depew talked to us. He talked as if he didn't think this was any ordinary accident, i don't think he believed this was any accident. The police aren't the best round these parts, and they normally wouldn't ask anyone for statements in a situation like this, a minor killed in a car accident, only one car involved, typically a short police report was done, filed away, and never looked at again, but this was a rather odd situation. Jake was probably drunk, but even soo the station was at the end of a trail into the woods, he knew what it was, so it wasn't curiousity, and if he was trashed enough to randomly going down the trail at around 80 miles an hour, a fire fighter said he must of been doing at least that fast to cause the damage he did, then how could of he even gotten there before crashing into something, i found it hard to believe that he could even go down the trail. The trail was straight but very narrow, and drunks aren't the best at driving straight. Jake had plenty of enemies, but this was, well if it was a murder, it was a smart one, not a jock with some rage issues, this was planned, and whoever it was could stomach alot, most people around here wouldn't have the balls, to go through with it, but it appears something more than a kid got trashed, and ran into something with his car. We finally made it to my house around 12AM. The house was still powerless, but my eyes were adjusted , and I could almost see clearly so we went into it. Isabel had to get home soon, so she came up to me, kissed me, and gave me a big hug, and said "I love you", I smiled, I love you too babe I said. Kevin drove her home since I still had eddie, serenity, and anabel to worry about. I could of went I admit, and I wanted to, but they needed to be informed of what was going on. With Kevin, and Isabel gone, the upstairs was empty besides me, so i crept down the stairs to the basement, where Eddie, Serenity, and Anabel were most likely to be, but I heard nothing, when I got to the bottom of the stair case I turned the corner. I could make out to figures, one on the couch one knealt in towards the other, I got the flashlight from the table, apparently they didn't hear me. I turned on th flashlight pointed, and saw Eddie with his pants down, and anabel knealt down between his legs. WHOA!!! a little warning next time guys! I yelled, Eddie jumped up frantically trying to pull his pants up in unison to anabel jumping, or falling backwards laughing. Wow guys, just wow, I said, and they continued snickering. "so what happened, you guys were gone a long time", said anabel. I paused for a long time. "luke what happened " she repeated, jakes dead, I said with blank expression, bluntly. "What!?" they said in unison, both astounded, Eddie, maybe a little more than anabel. I knew I didn't need to repeat myself, they stared at me for a second, and anabel broke the scilence, "how?" I thought of what to say next; he had an... accident, "what kind of accident" Anabel interupted, well, he ran into the power station at 80 miles an hour, I said. didn't you hear the explosion at the station? "explosion???" anabel said, " noo we were watching shoot em up" said Eddie, but the powers off, I replied, "yea I know but...", anabel interupted, "we watched it on your laptop", oh okay. I knew they were hiding something, but considering what I walked in on them doing, I didn't think I really wanted to know. So wheres Serenity I said, " oh she" (knock knock). Anabel was cut off by a sudden knock at the door. Weird, who would knock on the back door at this time at night? I thought aloud. "Its probably just some stupid kid trying to screw with us", Eddie said. I approached the door cautiously, I'll admit I was a little nervous after all thats happened that night, between the death/possible murder, the phyco dad, and the murder of friday night. Regardless I opened the door partially, after looking through the peephole in the door. Now I poked my head out to see, I saw nothing. "c'mon man, just go out there, you know if some creeper's out there or something we got your back" said Eddie. For some reason this didn't quite comfort me but I did it anyway. I noticed Anabel whispered something into Eddie's ear, I paid no attention. I opened the door the rest of the way slowly, a figure appeared across the creek outside my back door, a tall man long hair. I recognized him instantly, Louis? I whispered quietly to myself. "what" said anabel, I think I see... I looked back before I finished my sentence, the figure was gone, well I thought I saw someone there, I said. " don't be so paranoid luke, its dark, your eyes are probably just playing tricks on you", yea your probably right, I worry too much. I stepped outside to thoroughly inspect the area, I saw nothing till I took another step, and stepped on something hard. I looked down, and lying there on the ground was a golden amulet, with a purple gem in the middle, a large purple gem. Hey guys come look at this guys, I said, as soon as I bent down to pick it up, I heard quick footsteps coming from behind me, I tried to turn around, suddenly before I could do so I felt a cold flat metal surface press up against my neck, then a massive jolt of electricity corse through my body, I tried to yell out but nothing came out, it was like having the wind knocked out of me only times 10,000 volts. I couldn't talk, or move, and I felt like I needed to gasp for air to breath. I fell instantly to the ground, after I felt the shock, then smacked the back of my head pretty hard against the concrete.My vision was blurry, and fading now and all I could do was look straight up, as the moon light faded away. A silouette of a person appeared above, and it looked down at me, I didn't recognize it, to blurry, and distorted, but my guess was it was louis out for revenge. Whoever it was was now talking to someone else, I couldn't make out the words, they echoed again and again through my head, and sounded like I was under water or something like that. Now the light was almost completely dark, the last thing I heard him say I could actually make out, "what do you want to do with him now". Then everything was pitch black.

The End

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