Death in the neighborhoodMature


The following morning i woke up and rubbed my eyes, i tried to remember what had happened last night and when i remembered i tried to think up some proof that it wasn't a dream. I looked at the large scabbed over bite mark on my arm and knew it wasn't a dream. This is the first time i really looked at it untill now, it was a perfect mold of his teeth, scabbs were over the bicuspid marks showing that he bit hard enough to draw blood. My inspection was interrupted by my phone once again but by a quiet buzz instead of a loud ring this time. It was eddie.

"yo luke you hear what happened last night?" he said somewhat frantically

"I heard alot of things that, happened last night wanna be more specific?" I asked

 "a chick got wasted last nite. " he said about to go on.

" no shit! alot of people got wasted thats the point of having beer at a party!' I exclaimed, interupting him; not knowing what he was getting at.

 "No jackass! I mean shes fucking dead!" He yelled

"What?! Who, how where? " I interogated him

"her names lucretcia"he said

' fuck... She was a sophmore at our school, i never really talked to her" I was confused as to how this happened. Eddie wasn't going to hang up untill he did though

"yea, well I heard they found her body in a bed in a room, so i guess when she was gettin it on in the bedroom i guess and the dude must of bit her neck, she was drained, like her neck was just ripped out, dude musta had sharp teeth. legit it musta been some sick mother fucker. He drank most of her blood". He narrated me

" soo, let me get this straight... Theres a vampire killer in the town?" I said facetiously,

 "actually i believe it would be a killer vampire but whatever".

 "Shut the fuck up, anyways do they got any ideas about who did it?" I asked

 "well they got DNA from the bite but they dont got any matches". He replied

" This is some really fucked up shit. We were both there!" I said Then I thought about last night, I tried to think of any clues that would help reveal the murderer. How could someone die in the same house of me, without me even knowing anything was going on. I thought about louis. His teeth sure were sharp, and he was deffinately a messed up individual.

 "i know dude, but i gotta go" Eddie said, ".i'll be back in about an hour anyways we should hav a party at your house today" He said trying to temp me'

."Hah yea that story freaked me out a bit being around people would be good right now" I said.

 "is that a yes?" Eddie asked.

" Fuck yea ahah!" I replied loudly

 "ok man see you then" He said in closing before hanbging up

When i got off the phone, i called, 5, 8, 12... i lost count, of the friends i called. Megan, isabel. "wassup ba-by?"I said when Isabel picked up the phone

"Ahah you wish, and not much just chilling you?" she replied to my to my ignorant dialect.

"come on your killing me here haha, and same, wondering if you wanna party at my place? I could show you my bed? "uhm hell yea for the 1st, and i think i'll take a rain check on the 2nd. You sure? Cause its really comfy its a temperpedic. "hmmm i'll think about it". Now thats what i wanted to hear! Anyways be here around 6:00. "will do, and luke... if you EVER want me in your bed , it better be clean tonight". Awww you know my beds always clean bay-by, "aha what-ever luke see you at 6". see ya. Sometimes my own dialect disguests me, isabel, and me go back about a year she had a... not so nice boy friend and i don't take kindly to girl friend beaters, he went to hit her in front of me at a party.

"BITCH! Ya think dat you can juss disrespect me in front of mi dogs?!?" he pulled his hand back and i knew what he was going to do. Quickly i grabbed his hand by the time he tried to pull away i swung at his neck. (wheeeew!) my fist broke the wind between my starting position, and his neck.

(SMACK!) my fist crushed his wind pipe, i thought i broke the cartiledge in his neck, now he was gasping for air. To preocupied with trying to breath he never saw the right hook coming. He was pushed back by the 1ststrike so i got a running start on the 2nd(CRACK!) another loud noise from my fist against his jaw he flew into the wall beside of him, imprints of his hand are still in the wall today, he then fell over and took a long nap. After i saved her from her potential predicament she was very greatful, and it was obvious she liked me, at that moment... before i became a man whore. After my last relationship, i just about gave up on life, everything just faded togeter into a bleak dark empty hopelessness, i slept untill 1, or 2, or 3 pm only to wake up to stop the detailed dreams about her, only to think about her for the rest of the day, and punch wholes in the wall, maybe occasionally i ate, not often though, oh and write break up songs. Most of witch weren't to bad actually. You know, you never think of the bad stuff. Your mind focuses on the good regardless of how little good they're was in the relationship. Somewhere along the line i found out i felt some feeling of being full by dating,kissing, and well... you know, with alot of girls, untill i got tired of them and threw them away like used tissues. Girls are something like pain killers, the more you use them the less affect they have, in the same perspect they're like a drug, highly addictive, and i am addicted... and disguested with myself for it, this is never what i intended to happen, but it did, and now its who i am, i already tried to rid the world of the evil that is me... but it didn't work, and i'm not going to try again. So now everyone just needs to deal with it.

Isabel was the one who was there when me and delilah broke up. She helped me through everything, and i took advantage of that i thought i really liked her, witch i did... as a friend, we went out about a month after the break up, 2 weeks later she saw me, making out with another girl. She wasn't very happy needless to say, i don't blame her, that was the 1sttime i truly hated myself.

"you dickhead!!! I can't believe i trusted you!" please baby! Please forgive me i couldn't help it! I just... "you thought with your dick! You always did! I really liked you and you just showed me what you really are!" I know... i know i'm a horrible person, trust me i hate myself for all of this! "good cause if you don't i do! Just leave me alone i don't want you to talk to me!" please baby, please don't leave, "don't act like this is my fault! Its all of yours!" baby (whispered), "its over! I walked away head down tears in my eyes. They never came down. (baby, baby, baby) echoed in my head before i was awoken by the dog. Ruby outside! That got him away, apparently i fell asleep after i talked to isabel. It was now 2pm. The guys were coming at 4, i got a shower, put in some shampoo, grabbed the body wash, now was drying, blew dried my hair slightly, put gel in made sure my hair was eligently disheveled. Now laying on my bed thinking about all the shit that might go down tonight, checked my bedstand for "protection", looked in my closet for something that shows off my biceps and abs. Destroyed jeans, a flannel shirt no tee shirt makes it easier to rip off that way, and i'm pretty much gaurenteed to rip it off a couple times at a party.

"hey" kevin was outside, "yo let me in dude". Kevin was a long time friend, we've been tight since 1stgrade. Now we're both sophmores, that goes a long way in my book. Kevin was a good guy, he would help anyone for nothing in return. For years i've insulted him, jolly horsed, ball taped, etc. Him, he knew i was just messing, but he never really retaliated. He was a man of few words he was my best promoter, laughed at everything i said, told me how i should be a comedian. He didn't have to many girl friends, but when he went out with someone it was a big deal. Ocasionally I tried to set him up, but he never accepted. "come on! Let me in man", shut up i'm coming! The door swung open, "wassup, where is everyone", were alone right now, "we're alone..." come now every great party has a first guest you know that. " haha very true, so when is eveyone coming." Right... about... (ding dong) now... hmm perfect timing. Once again the door swung open, this time to a shirtless tall jock with a boom box, if they still call them that. Seriously? Lose the boom box kay? "what for dude? I love this thing" so did the 90's so it's time to give it back. "haaaah. Funny" ok how about if someone has some hollywood undead cd's then we can keep it. "that would be me" said kevin, ok... welcome aboard jake."ahah! Theres the luke johnson i know and love!" yea, yea, just get your ass in here before the neighbors see... "jake dahlia is in the house! Ahah". Jake was a nusiance, first off i don't like the football player superiority complex, second he liked to say "ahah" alot i found it very irritating. I never believed he had the mental capacity to be a good friend, but most of my friends weren't. He was just especially so. Mmkay, anyone else here? Eddie just arrived, then jimmy, then aaron, and cody, then last of the guys micky. Then the girls started coming. Mariella was the first to arrive then anabel, her friend serenity, and casandra, domenique, lucenia, and kyrie. Last to arrive was isabel, i was the first to greet her.

Heyyy, whats up babe. "i'm not your babe yet boy" come on I think I earned man status? "haha whatever soldier... maaan" she said it tauntingly. I turned my attention from her to the other girls taking my hand, and walking me to the people gathering. So whose ready to party?! There was an undiscernable scream of people. I'll take that as a yes?! The scream repeated. Suddenly the song everywhere i go by hollywood undead started playing the girls who were guiding me stopped, and turned towards me, the next thing i knew i was in a grind line, every one at the party joined in, except eddie.

His girl friend was anabel, and shes a free spirit while he's convinced of his undying love for her. She said that she feels the same, but i was never convinced. He was just so different before he went out with her, we were alot more tight, but shes became his obsession. He's not here to see me or his friends, he's here because shes here, he breaths cause she breaths, and if she dies... then he dies. They break up almost weekly, but everytime he convinces her to get back with him, he's convinced he's not as bad as i was, but in reality hes much worse.

Eddie sat and watched as anabel grinded on all of his friends. I tried to subtlely discourage her from doing it to me with jokes, and playful insults. It didn't neccesarily make me her favorite person, nor did eddie appreciate it, but it was one of the few things that made me feel like I was doing the right thing. Better than having me grinding on her i guess. The song ended, and the next song came on number five by hollywood undead. The party went with the song dancing, grinding, making out, among other things.

Dispite the size of the party it was quite loud, and the number of people did not have much to do with my popularity, just the size of the house, and i perfered fewwer closer friends, than more annoying people i don't really even know, so i keep my parties low key only people i know, though i was angry that jake got wind of it. Fortunately he didn't bother me to much, but i did wonder why he was here, he didn't live all to close, within walking distance, but not comfortably so. Normaly he'd be with his jocks. "hey have you seen jake?" kyrie interupted my thought. Surprisingly no, "good riddence" eddie said, he didn't like jake very much, because of the flirting that goes on with him, and anabel. "shut up!" kyrie was rather protective of him, i was surprised that anyone cared very much about him. "well tell me if you see him luke", ok will do "thanks lukey!" ugh she needs to stop calling me that it's adjetating, you know i haven't seen him since he came in you'd think he'd be back by now if he took a cig break. Hey where'd anabel go? "Oh she went for her cig break awhile ago" eddie said. (ugh) you know i wish she would stop that. "I do to, but she won't listen" what ever dude, its your girl friend, but you might wanna check on her since we don't know where jake is. "what are you implying?" nothing i'm just saying jakes been known to flirt with her. "yea jake flirts with her! She don't do it back!" i know, I know just go look for her i don't like people smoking outside, then the neighbors watch and call the cops. Eddie walked away i could tell what i said made him think no differently, he was pissed.

I stopped grinding and sat down. Domenique, and Casandra followed, those two were always chasing affter any thing with a dick, having abs didn't hurt though. It wasn't that they weren't attractive but they tried too hard, and no one likes a try hard. As they played with my hair, and touched my chest, and legs, isabel looked at me in disguest, and I noticed serenity looked at me for a split second too, but quickly turned wheen i looked her way, but i could tell it wasn't in disguest.

Serenity was a shy girl. She didn't talk much, and frankly i don't know why anabel brought her it was obvious this wasn't the place for her. It was obviou enough that serenity liked me, but she was to shy for me. I don't like quiet girls, anabel might not know that though, Maybe anabel was trying to set us up, she should know better, after seeing her, and Eddie, I would never want to be with any of her friends, nor her.Myriella was rather unknown to me. She was from georgia, and moved here into good old etters, Pennsylvania, no one really knows why she moved, but her family has money, and alot of it. It was my way of reaching out to her to invite her here.

I was amazed by how assured Domenique, and Casandra were, that they would get me in their pants, when i had no intention of the sort. I got up and brushed their hands off and walked over to isabel. So are we still on for my bed? "but thats allll the way up stairs, thats a long way" do i gotta carry you, "aww, wheres the fun in that?" when i drop you, and you roll down the staircase. "oh i forgot you like it rough rawrrr", haha if you won't do it for me do it for my ridiculously comfortable bed . "hmmmm.... alright i'll go, but it better be comfy!" haha oh don't worry about that. We went up to my room, then i layed in my bed. She looked away, and smiled before she gave in, and layed next to me.

"so once again you have a beutiful girl laying next to you in an amazingly comfy bed... what do you wanna do?" i don't know... a movie maybe? "ugh your such a neub" she grabbed the back of my neck, and kissed me, it was a long kiss, neither of us wanted to pull away, and when we did i went back in, passionately kissing now, hands on eachother. I gently move my hand just above her skin going down to her jean zipper i tried to un-zip it. (smack!) she slapped me with all her might across the face, " I knew you didn't change! Thats your problem luke! You'll never change, you can't change". She got up, and started to walk away. Isabel! I thought we could start from where we left off! " NO we can't! The only way it could of worked is if we started over! This was your chance, and you blew it, good bye luke". Can't you just talk to me damnit! "what could you possibly say to make it better?! This is beyond repair, and you know it". No its not! You know it can be fixed! Your just afraid, "I'M AFRAID!?! says the boy who can't give his heart to anyone cause his heart was broken like 5 months ago? Get over it luke! She was a whore you weren't like her when you were dating her, and you weren't when you broke up, but something happened after that, and untill you know what it was and fix that then we can't be anything". Can you please just (everything turns off) "what the hell?" its ok its probly just a fuse, come on follow me. "do i have to?" no, but as i recall your horrified of the dark so i think it would be in your best interest. "ugh fine".

We walked slowly to the stairs, it was 10:00pm in march with all the lights out, it was pitch blackWe walked toward the stairs, "oww", watch ur step, " oh thanks dick" she tried

walking down faster. Please don't hurt yourself on my account, " would you please stop pretending like you care", uhm, well i do, " no you really d (ahhh!) she went tumbling down the stairs, i tried to grab her and i tripped, and rolled just behind her. She came to an abrupt stop at the wall at the bottom of the staircase, she covered her face knowing that i was about to land right on top of her. (crash!) i was now laying on top of her my face a couple inches away from hers... Well i told you you'd have some fun rolling down the staircase. She smiled i couldn't see her, but i could tell. The clouds uncovered the moon just enough to shine onto her face, her eye had a sparkle in it, the reflection of the moon off a tear that didn't leave her eye, her mouth was open. I'm sorry i said. "for what", for what i'm about to do i got closer to her face, our lips less than a centimeter apart, (clears throat) "am i interupting something" cody was standing across the room. I sighed nope we juss tripped gping down the stairs. She pushed me for me to know to get up. Cody was loosly a friend from my old school before i moved up here. I never liked him very much, he stabbed my back a couple too many times. He did it to everyone, he was a crooked little liar. In forth grade i punched him in the face, we were "friends" ever since. This wasn't the first time he ruined a kiss for me, but tthat didn't make me any less mad about this time. Kylie came upstairs, she had tears in her eyes "i still haven't seen jake, and hes not answering his phone, somethings wrong". kylie, i'm sure hes fine wheres everyone else, "down stairs, and i hope your right luke", ok if your really that upset we'll go out, and look for him i just want to make sure every1's ok. " I'd like that thanks luke", that made her smile. The moon was bright and lit up the room. I got Everyone up there, some left now it was only serenity, anabel, kevin, eddie, isabel, domenique, mariella and cody. Who wants to come look for jake with me, everyone, but anabel, serenity, and eddie. Ok come on. we all went outside, well the best way to do this would be to split up into groups (kaboooom!) theyre was an explosion from afar, "what the fuck was that"!? Cody exclaimed, it looks like it came from the power station, lets check it out. Casandra, and domenique clung onto me, "i'm scared lukey!" isabel looked at me distastfully, well how bout u girls cling onto eachother, don't that sound nice? Then they looked at me angrilly, but isabel smiled, and winked at me, i subtlely smiled back. I noticed maryiella grined as well We all walked toward the smoke, it was no more than a mile away. Domenique, and casandra were walking together, they were all over kevin now in a sad attempt to make me jealous, cody was tagging along trying to get some action, i found it amusing. Kevin would of disagreed though because he didn't really like girls like that, and cody just wanted some, he didn't care who by. Isabel followed me, and mariella was kinda by herself, i felt kinda sorry for her, but i was content to be with isabel again. She had her arms crossed, and was shivering, you didn't bring a hoodie? You could catch a cold. " yea, okay mom" haha, i took off my hoodie, here, i stepped behind her, and put it on her, then put my arm around her, and the other in front of her to hold the hoodie on tight. She looked at me surprised. "you know i like you alot more when your not a dick". I smiled, well maybe i wasn't aware that i was being a dick, "we both know thats true". Okay, your right haha, "well, as pleasant as this conversation is, i think we lost the rest of them". Oh i didn't noticed, i said suspiciously, i stopped her near a big tall oak tree. "luke... What r you doing?" I held her around the waste, her skin was so smooth, i looked into her eyes once again, and saw a perfect reflection of the moon in them, she smiled her mouth was slightly open, we both knew what was about to happen, again. "wait before we do this , i... I want you to know i never stopped loving you, and you better not hurt me again like you did last time". Her lip was quivering now, and not from the cold, a tear left her eye, its path chaoyic, not straight, not curved, unpredictable. As more fell, there trails were illuminated by the reflection of the moon, it was as slowly cracking glass, like her face was falling apart. She looked down trying to hide her tears i put my finger on her chin and lifted it up looking now, eye to eye again i wiped a tear about to fall from her eye lashes. She smiled at me, " you know, it was alot easier for me to not like you when you were a dick" her lip started to quiver, she tried to say something, i knew what it was i put my finger to her lips, never again will i hurt you like that, i promise... "no takesies backsies?" i smiled, no takesies backsies, i put my hand behind her and pulled her in closer, and i kissed her, longer than ever before. I was waiting for something to interrupt, i was used to something always ruining the moment, but nothing did, it was... Serene. It felt like an hour by the time our lips departed, just as they did ( ring! Ring!), thank God, i said inaudiably. She bit her lip a lil bit, "you better get that. It was kevin, yea what up? "dude where are you?!? We're freaking out, how did this fucking happen?!?" slow down! Whats going on. Kevin mumbled unintelligently, kevin! "ok, ok we went to the power station, and oh God, hes fucking dead!" Your not making any sence! Who died? Isabel jumped in "what!?!". There was a click, and he was gone. Ugh he hung up, " luke whats going on, i'm scared" she was shivvering again, i hugged her, and pulled her tight, my hand on her head, her neck resting on my shoulder, i don't know, but whatever it is... Its big.

The End

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