Diary of the damned; Life of LukeMature

Introduction to Luke; the heart broken teen who just want's to move on. It needs updates, but i'll go back when I finish the story. This sets the story in motion, how luke is changed, and who Luke is along with some of his close friends


Chapter 1

(Beep beep beep) goes my alarm clock, my mom walks in " time to get up" she says "ughhhhh" i reply, sleeping is truly bliss, well... when i don't have those horrible dreams of my life before this... twas not all to long ago when that girl made me cry daily. Her insults haven't stopped yet either. The lies she tells her friends that i abused her... at the very most we abused eachother, mentally... on occasion she hit me, but never did i raise a serious hand to her. Anyways back to sleep i went till the second (beep beep beep) awoke me, and again i feel back asleep. The third time finally came of the wretched alarm clock and i got up and dressed and ready for my funeral (school), twas hell for me seeing her on a daily basis... it was to much to stand. The truth was that the feelings never went away but trying to talk it out was a lost cause. As painful as it was to realize, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. Hair styled, clothes tight, chin high, back straight, like mom always taught me; its good to be strong at your own funeral it leaves a better last impression of you. The only comfort i was given on this day was that it was a friday, fridays, were a reminder that my life still ment something because of the parties on friday's, every friday. I felt alive and loved their... it was one of the few places i still felt this way. "time to go" my mom yelled we departed in my hand- me-down shitty car.

As soon as I entered the door to my 5- day a week hell the feeling of bleak emptiness started to acend onto me... it consumed me every day around this time. "what's up" said erin, it was common

for him to say this every day before josh all but forced me to follow him. I rather enjoyed the walk-around time in the morning untill i saw her... witch i always did unless i went upstairs witch worked for me following samantha and tim around. Samantha was one of the people i thought to be one of my better friends, but she never seemed to live up to what she said, a protector, or something like that... truly shes a teddy bear all bark no bite, mayb if pressed enough but... in normal contraversy she wouldnt give in, but negotiate. I didn't really even talk to her to much just followed her and him around, i don't really know why, she had a kinda calming thing about her, even though she caused no peace for tim. I never believed they were a great couple it was always tim obsessing, and

samantha posessing. Tim and i were very close friends before but her and her friends were the only people she was close to anymore. (ding ding!) the bell for first period rang, loud and abnuxious, and unnecesary it was. Now hell officially began.

I arrived at my first period class, fashionably late as usual. I became adept at pretending to pay attention and take notes when i'm actually writing songs i've became moderately adept at ryming too. I can't really sing, at least not my own songs, witch kinda sucks. Fast forward a few hours and i'm back home, go up stairs, close door, fall on bed, The bliss darkness approaches, and engulfs my head. I remember when I was young, when the most i had to complain about was bath time... things have changed. I remembered what I always wanted more than anything was I wanted super powers more than anything... I wanted to be special, well, thats changed too, maybe not so much, I still wish, but i'm still just like everyone else in this God forsaken world, and well the super powers... I abandoned that awhile ago

I wake up, its time. Shower, fix my hair, put something fly on, its party time! The loud music, the girls, the food, the booxe, its the shit! Oh, and the fights, no one could forget the fights haha, it was what I was known for, thats right Luke Johnson, thats me, and this... This is my life!This one time...

Harry, and Ted had some issues with losing my respect for being druggies. Anyways they thought they could get the jump on me In a dark park with a pair of bats. Unfortunately for them it didn't go as planned. At first it was just a staredown, it wasn't wise to make the first move, even if they were't very skilled. Suddenly harry moved to a swinging position. "swing batta batta batta swing!" I taunted him. He swung hard, he swung hard, and i ducked under the swing. "Strike I" I calmly said when the smirk vanished from his face just now that he realized he missed. Now he came up and attempted to club me with the bat, he brought it over his head and brought it down with more force than before, I sidestepped out of the way, The head of the bat went straight into the ground. "STRIKE II! C'mon harry! Can't you hit a home run?!" I yelled with minor frustration. He on the other hand was furious now, he pulled the bat back behind his neck like he was serious now, and with all his might he swung it this time, but the bat was now guided by rage, and revenge, as opposed to determination, and skill, I took advantage of it. I put my arms up in a defensive boxing position, the blow was absorbed by my lower wrist. Quickly my blocking hand turned and grabbed the tip of the bat, my other hand came over and grabbed closer to the handle. Instantly I stripped the bat from his grasp, and in the next instant, I was in a spin with the bat swinging, and by the time I hit 360 degrees the blunt end of the bat cracked against harry's skull, to the ground he fell faster than a brick falling from a three story building. Ted having been staring the entire time, not making a single move was now running through the woods as fast as i've ever seen a fat boy run. I might of chased him, but i choose not to considering, the sacrifice my wrist made to win the fight, and look good doing it. Besides, Ted got the message, that is DON'T FUCK WITH ME. I knew my wrist wasn't in good shape. It turned out it was broken in two places, soooo worth it.

"Yo" said a tall man in a leather jacket, he looked like he hasn't seen the sun in a very long time. Yes, I replied, "I hear you've been in some nasty fights". "yes whats it to you, "well i'm hosting a messy fight club tonight, can I count you in?" I was skeptical, I might check it out, I said casually. "cool" he said before walking a way into the sea of drunks, and whores, and people caught up in the wrong place. At that moment I wondered... Witch was I.

Later the party started to die down, it started at 730 now its around 10. i remembered what the strang tall man said i saw him a couple times, but most of the time i was focused on girls, grinding, friends, etc. One thing i saw though was he was friends with arabella, witch was not surprising she was friends with all the local goths, and emos, and scene guys. I was loosing my interest in the girls, and my friends for that matter. I decided to check out the fight club. He didnt tell me where it was but it didnt take too much inteligence to figure its in the basement. When i moved near the door i heard a loud yelp like a dog but it was very human. Down the stairs i went i saw some blood on the floor a man was covering his face some blood on his lips, and running down his face. (smack!) i heard the strange mans fist from earlier sound against his opponents face and then he feel fast. The opponent was dragged off of the fighting mat. "oh hello there" the strange man said Hi i said... i stared at the arrangment, i saw punching bags, fighting mats, dumbells, barbells, bench presses, quite the arrangement you got here i said. "yea this has been going on for quite awhile i've invested alot of time in it, and money". Why go to all the trouble? "because fightings what makes me feel alive, i've never lost a match, and i dont plan on it soon". I see... so thats where i come in, you recruit fighters to see if any are worth your time. " yes, and so far none have been, so are you ready?" i don't like to fight anyone without a name, and yours is? " my name is of no importance to you". on the contrary to me it is. He paused for a minute, "very well, the names louis". Ok louis when your ready ( puts fists up).

He was not at all interested in a stare down he very quickly went for a strike i blocked the 1stwithout a problem, 2 more blocked 1stthen dodged. He didnt back down he threw a punch for my chest, and i caught his fist i tried to twist it into submission but he must have been used to this he quickly twisted into my move and reversed it, then jabbed my kidney, then his knee came up and nailed me in the face. Dazed confused and annoyed i got my hand around his waste and got his legs off the floor he knew what was coming, but there was no way of avoiding it i jumped up and shifted my weight backwards and body slammed him. He was no struggleing to breath, it was obvious by the way he was caughing, but he quickly recovered now rolling me off, he attempted to get up but i was already up and kicked him a couple times in the ribs while he was on hands and knees and i backed up for a second to get a stronger kick in. With all my might i punted him back on his back. Then i went to finish the job i went to curb stomp him, my leg came down, i was sure this was it, but he rolled out of the way quickly, and to his feet he was. Fortunately for me he was to shooken up to fight well, and it was time to play with my food. He continued to throw punches all of witch i skillfully dodged and blocked, this time i caught his punched and threw five successful punches to his face. Now he didnt so much feel it juss woke him up a lil since he was close to passing out, and made him mad, now when i threw my punch he caught it, i was very surprised actually and then with more force i thought he had less he pulled me in and left hooked me then wen he came back in fighting position he hit me on the other cheek with his elbow, he repeated this twice more before i freed my hand and jabbed him in the gut, when he bent over him i jumped up kneeing him right on the chin this sent his head flying back up now with his back toward me i got him in a choke hold now he was running out of air quick, and i only tightened my grip, but somehow he rose my arm high enough then, by the greatest surprise of the day he bit me! As hard as he could i couldnt help, but to groan in pain, the sound of the door being broken down startled louis, he quickly let go and ran away, when he got to an exit he looked at me and hissed, it was not human sounding.

Still confused i heard "this is the police everyone stop what your doing and get on the ground!" now I new what was going on. Alchohol, weed, cocaine all was rather unhidden upstairs, noise complaints were expected and a fight club down stairs. Now the door to the basement was opened slowly i saw a flashlight shine down the staircase it was the only thing separating me from the doorway to freedom. My heart beating faster i ran behind some stacked boxes, the light now shining across the room from the bottom of the staircase, apparently he heard something because the police around here were often quite lazy, and wouldnt make more work for themselves. The light now shinning on the boxes i was now worried, he was walking to the boxes when all of a sudden (arf arf!) a rather large dog came out from behind some other boxes, looked like a breed of pitt bull, the police man startled tried to back away slowly the dog came up to him and jumped on top of him. (ahhhh!) the police man screamed... untill he realized the dog was only licking him. The dog got tired of him and got off after maybe a minute, and the officer got up, and started to walk away, i must of made some kind of noise because the officer stopped again, and turned at me once again. I knew nothing would save me this time so when he got close, i pushed over all the boxes, (bang, pow!) the sound of the crash was horribly loud, and the boxes knocked over the officer i then jumped over boxes, officer and all and bolted for the door, i heard a "hey!" in the distance from the officer who was just getting up after being covered in large boxes by the time i was maybe a quarter mile from the house i heard police sirens. I knew they wouldn't get me they didnt know what i looked like or what i was wareing and they were well out of distance now, someplace in the woods now. I thought i heard a familiar hissing in the background. I decided to investigate. It was now 12AM, and difficult to see, but i attempted to see through the trees, i thought i saw something move, to quickly to make out any details. I walked closer, and i saw something move again i moved even closer now i looked onto a tree stump, and i saw a rabbit, i inspected it it was dead. Out from behind the tree came a figure. The figure approached me i made no sudden movements as the face of the figure became distinguishable, it was louis. Louis? What are you doing here, he gave me no answer he just looked at me and smiled. There was something errie about the way, no... it wasn't the way he did it. It was his teeth. His bicuspids were very long and sharp. I never looked at him long enough to notice but the little light there was shined off them. Louis? I repeated his name. (rrrrrrrriiinnngg rrrrrrrriiinnngg) my phone echoed though the woods. I looked down only to get my phone, i looked back up, louis was... gone.

It was mom ugh, hello? "where are you?". The party moved to the woods its dying down i'm ready to go, "ok where should i pick you up?" right on the bakers street, and kecklers road intersect. "ok, i'll be there in one minute" ok bye, "love you" love you to mom bye. I put the phone back in my pocket and looked back at the rabbit, it had two bloody spots of fur, not rips, or tears just small holes, possibly... bites?

The End

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