Agent Dieheart - Monday

Alhounzoi was on her way to her new school, Vienna Secondary. She had been there about 2 weeks. She had already joined a secret club called the Four Musketeers. There was her, Chocoladre the elecock (elephant with peacock tail) Oots a leopard, and Jello a jellyfish. On the way for school, Alhounzoi saw an orange flavour jellyfish, just like Jello.

"It must be Jello!" she thought as the suns rays shone through the jelly. So she ran up to the orange jellyfish and yelled "HI JELLO!" in its ear. To Alhounzoi's astonishment, it had big bushy eyebrows and only three teeth! He breathed in her face, it smelt like beer.

"Hello likkle girly would you like a likkle wikkle lollipop? Just get in my car like a good likkle girly yes?" he said to her and winked.

"EWWWW YOU PEDO!" Alhounzoi screamed. She grabbed a sword out of her ear and stuck it in the pedo's head. All orange jelly blood came out. Alhounzoi grabbed a straw and sucked away all the blood while the pedo lay dead in number 22's garden. Alhounzoi spat and stampedon him so even more jellyfish blood spurted out like a fountain. It was quite a moment, all the orange arcs of jellyfish blood glinting in the morning sun. Alhounzoi watched, transfixed. Alhounzoi likes blood.

But then a car pulled up. It was Jello's! It was a very posh car, and so pretty! So posh that Alhounzoi almost didn't believe it was Jello's car. But she could see Jello through the window. The car slowed down and stopped right next to Alhounzoi. Jello unhooked her orange tentacles from the diamond-encrusted steering wheel and unscrewed her keys. The gems on the keyrings twinkled and tinkled. The door swung open, sending a perfumed orange-flavour scent towards Alhounzoi. It smelt  SOOOOOOOOOOOO nice! Alhounzoi breathed in the heavenly scent as Jello got out her car. As normal she was wearing a beautiful black headband with an exquisite crystal embedded in it. She clutched her leopard-print bag and locked her car. She smiled at Alhounzoi when she turned back around.

"Hi Jello!" Alhounzoi chirped.

"Hi Ally" Jello said, bringing something out of her fluffy bag. That something was two books, one ocean blue, one tangerine orange, a snowy white piece of paper and a sparkling gluestick. "Which book did we have to stick the sheet in?"

"Its in the blue book, the thing we had to write is in the orange book though." Alhounzoi said, twiddling her whiskers.

Jello quickly stuck her sheet in and her and Alhounzoi kept on walking down the street. Except Jello floated, because she was a jellyfish.

About at the curve where Kingfisher Avenue and Torrissamma Road meet, another ca pulled up. It was a flame red car, and as fast as any Ferrari. Dieheart stepped out and swung her long hair back in its three plaits. She slammed the door and her car zoomed off. Dieheart was dressed in a beautiful dress which was midnight blue and sparkled. Her plaits were threaded with a black sparkly braid and her eyes twinkled with fun. Her furry ears twitched as she saw me.

She smiledand licked her lips saying "Hi Jello! Hi Lonzy!" She walked with us the rest of the way to school. About halfway through Jello said to me "Why doesn't Dieheart join the four Musketeers?" I said OK so we asked her if she wanted to join. She said yes.

Oh dear, I seem to have lapsed to 1st person! Sounds better this way though. So what were the lessons today?

Nothing remotely interesting really.

Just like normal really.

The End

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