Diary of an Assassin

this is a diary of an assassin mouse. i know its not great, its not supposed to be. but yeah lol

Once upon a time there was a turquoise mouse called Alhounzoi. It wasn’t strange for a mouse to be turquoise in Amsterdam, in Amsterdam there were also green cows, blue cats, and purple turtles. This isn’t Amsterdam on Earth of course, this was a different planet of course, and this planet was called Amsterdam. The north of Amsterdam was called Eyebrow and the south was called Eyelid. In the middle of Amsterdam was the capital city of Holland City. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t the middle of a planet made of melted metal and rock? Yes but Amsterdam is flat. At the edge of Amsterdam is a giant sea and a waterfall pouring off the edge into space, then all the water evaporates. Anyway, don’t go there! So, where was I? Oh yes, I was describing Alhounzoi. She is 11 in mouse years. Thing is she is an assassin. She is Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican, Brazilian and Peruvian. Her grandma was a cupboard. This is why Alhounzoi has a cupboard in her stomach, which is where she puts her swords when not in use. Which isn’t really very often. When Alhounzoi isn’t being an assassin, she’s being a school mouse. When she’s not being a school mouse, she’s being a very successful belly dancer. She has a really awesome belly dancing costume, but I won’t describe it to you as your toes would drop off in boredom. She has recorded 16 belly dancing videos.

The End

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