The ChaseMature

Chapter Four

I cursed silently and ran down the street. It was pointless to head for the roof, she'd be long gone and out of sight. My best chance was to find the nearest open space. She'd ran ahead, I knew that much. It didn't take me long to find an open square filled with milling tourists and residents alike. A wave of the palest blond hair caught my eye and I followed it. Ignoring the yells from strangers as I barrelled past. I needed to know who this vampire was. This ancient. I knew it was madness. A hunter picks his battles. And ones you never pick always involve ancients. If I wasn't here alone I could attempt it. But as I was, I would be doomed. Ancient are lighting quick, strong and cruel. Then again the cruel goes for all vampires. But ancients are particularly sadistic. Guess being alive a long time makes them bored. Which is all this was. The only reason I keep catching glances of her is because she's letting me. Like she said, this is a game. The point to me is senseless. But I guess there is no point. Just something to toy with and take up her time. I hoped she didn't plan on more encounters like this. Finally the street led me into a large park. The trees were bare of leaves and the thick snow crunched with every footstep. My breath fogged the air near me and my face must've been red from the chase. Why was I doing this? Because she looked very similar to a women in my dream? So, so similar. But even I had my limits. If I wasn't careful she could kill me. I turned around and had to force my muscles not to jump back.

“Giving up so soon?” she cooed, she was far closer than I was ever going to be comfortable with. And she knew it. I could tell by the little devilish grin that tweaked her full lips upwards. If I backed away it would be a sign of weakness and the animal side of the vampire would come out and I would really be buggered. I should've never followed her after the werewolf. I knew she was expecting me to say something. So I did something that was probaly stupid. I reached out and grabbed her arm. A look of distaste a mild anger crossed her face as she glanced down at it.

“Now answer my question” I said. She examined me for a second before a chuckle escaped her lips. She peeled her arm from my grip and stepped back.

“Your an interesting hunter” She murmured. I didn't really care what she thought of me, I was just glad for the space between us.

“Who are you?” I put more force into it this time.

“Hmph, you hunters always have to spoil fun with your seriousness” I opened my mouth to repeat the question and she let out a big signed.

“I'm Anya” She said. I felt my muscles tease up. Anya was the ancient for London, what was she doing here? She also rarely came out of her hole. By ancient standards she was well-behaved, but that didn't mean I was about to trust her.

“It's usually polite to respond with your name in this situation” She said, one delicate and long nailed hand fingering her hair as she spoke. Her mind seemed elsewhere and her body relaxed, but then what reason did she have to worry.

“Adrian Van Helsing” I replied calmly. I felt a shiver of pleasure at the moment of shock on her face.

“So they sent in someone of the founding families to take care of Taurus” she said. So the vampires already knew? So much for surprise.

“Well, there must be others on the way, a single hunter wouldn't be left to deal with an ancient” I didn't respond, I wasn't giving any details away. She let out another sign and shrugged.

“Well, it was...interesting to meet you Van Helsing. Hopefully the next time will be just as pleasant” she said. Then she disappeared into the darkness. If there was a next time. So all this time I'd been dreaming of Anya of all people. She may be a well-behaved ancient the majority of time, but history has showed the guild that she can be a force to be reckoned with if wronged.

The End

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