Two Forces PassingMature

Chapter Three

The music moved through me as I danced, I know I was here to hunt but I didn't care, I was high on the happiness of being back here. The closeness of bodies though eventually penetrated to my darker senses and I could feel my fangs lengthening. I scanned the crowd for someone and spotted a guy standing on his own by the bar. Without hesitating I walked over, grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the dance floor. He had blond hair and brown eyes and his accent indicated he was an American tourist. Well, guess I can show him some of the finer things Russia has to offer.

It didn't take us long to leave the club or for him to claim a kiss against the outside wall of the club. His hands explored all the right places and I almost thought it a shame that such a skilled man would die. I could tell he wanted to move to the next level and I was more than happy to follow him to a cab to his hotel room. But something got in the way.

The dark shape leaped out of nowhere and pinned the man to ground, quickly and efficiently ripping his throat to shreds. There were various screams around us as the wolf turned it's yellow eyes on me. Foam was dripping from it's nozzle alongside the humans blood. It lowered it's body, a low growl escaping it's teeth as it prepared to pounce. I was more than ready to break it's neck as it did but a gunshot got there first. I whipped around to face a human. He had short dishevelled hair and eyes speckled with various colours that only made me think of a lush forest filled with pines, oaks, raspberry bushes, bright olive leaves and earthy smells. He still had the gun held tightly in his hand. As his vision centred on me his whole body became tense. The skill with which he had used the old-fashioned pistol would suggest immense practise. And I could smell a silver bullet eating away at the rabies crazed werewolf's flesh. The man before me must be the hunter Taurus had warned me of. But I was hardly one to be scared by such a thought.

“Thank you” I said. Then I turned to leave, heading towards a back alley, knowing he was following. When I was sure we were a safe distance from any civilians I stopped abruptly, not bothering to face the man.

“I've no clue who you are, but even you aren't dumb enough to try and directly attack an ancient” I said, listening carefully to the uncomfortably shuffle of his feet and his erratic heartbeat. I expected a hunter to be better at maintaining himself.

“Who are you?” he asked and I chuckled. Young blood I guess. I turned to face him and took one calculated step towards him, all the while maintaining eye contact. Enjoying the confusion on his face. I took another step and I felt a smile twitch my lips as he almost took a step back. Good move, since if he had stepped back then my predator instincts would've had a field day. His eyes were growing more and more wary, his hand hovering close to where his gun was hiding in his coat pocket. The snow had began to fall again and was swirling chaotically around us. I wondered if the uproar from the guild would be worth the man's blood. Though I suppose its not his fault that werewolf had appeared. The were strain of rabies was strong in Russia. Taurus is supposed to be keeping it under control. But considering a wolf being so close to humans, I can only doubt his words. It's a good thing the man was killed instantly. Another crazed werewolf would've surely exasperated the situation.

“Answer my question” The man said, his hand in his coat. I heard the metallic click as the safety was turned off and felt a grin spread.

“Oh, Don't you know anything child?” I asked, his face turned red at the comment, the anger evident in his eyes. Something about the expression on this man made my slowed heat rate jump a little.

“I know that you were about to kill that man, had it not been for the wolf. That bullet would've been meant for you” I raised an eyebrow. He had been quite close to where we had been. An impressive feat for a hunter, escaping my notice. It kind of made me want to play with him a little.

“Well, how about a game, the rules are simple” I said, he didn't reply so I went on.

“Catch me and I'll answer your question”. I didn't glance back to see if he'd follow me. I just leapt onto the nearest rooftop and ran into the snowy abyss.  

The End

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