The HunterMature

Chapter Two

The body was still warm from it's killer. To the government and public this would look like another cult suicide, but I knew that those tell tale puncture wounds were the mark of a vampire. I had been sent here to take care of a very unstable Ancient. Not the easiest of task's as their near impossible to kill. But these bite marks were far too delicate and precise to be his work. The vampire I'm after savages those he kills, they look more like were attacks. The Hunter's Guild couldn't send just anyone after this guy, it had to be someone of the six great families. Thats were I come in. I am the last living descendant of the Van Helsing line, my name is Adrian and I did not like what I was seeing. The worst case scenario – It's another ancient. I'd like to think I trust fate enough not to put me in that situation.

I ran my gloved hand through my messy black hair and let out a long sigh. Unfortunately the snow was falling to heavily so I couldn't hope to track any footprints. And really, the train here from Europe had been uncomfortable and gave me no sleep. Besides, with ancients you played the long game. You learnt their patterns and then you killed. And you always, always had the element of surprise. The best thing for me to do was to go back to my hotel and sleep.

I collapsed on the soft mattress as soon as my door closed letting out a long sigh. I really hoped I had uninterrupted sleep. Because if I had that dream again, it would just be next to impossible. I felt my eyelids close and part of me knew, just knew the dream would happen. But this time the intensity of it was on a whole new level.

She was standing in front of me, her pale skin shining under the sunlight. Her mouth curved into a gentle genuine smile, and her pale blue eyes met my green ones. A delicate palm caressed my cheek as she moved closer to me. I knew she was dangerous, a creature as dark as the sun is bright. But none of that mattered, not when she gazed into my eyes the way she was now. She had become the centre of my life from seemingly nowhere. She goes on her tip toes to meet my lips and I find myself lost in the taste and texture of them. I could stay like this forever. But she pulls away, I don't understand, why? Then a sharp sting in my neck.

And I wake up as always, the same point each time. I forced my breathing to calm as punched down on the bed. It was so frustrating having a mystery girl, no worse, a mystery vampire haunt your subconscious. Well I wasn't sleeping anytime soon. Not after that arousal.

I got up, Luckily this place was full of clubs and those clubs were in turn full of very pretty girls who shared the same deep, seducing accent she had.

The End

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