Diary of an AncientMature

Anya is one of the oldest vampires in the world, but could her journey to her homeland be her undoing?
This is a back story for one of the main characters in a big story idea of mine.

Chapter One

The sweet smell of blood coloured the air as I bite down upon his tender flesh. They never saw it coming, never expected such a thing. I knew my long pale hair gave me an angelic appearance, but it was hiding razor sharp fangs and eyes that turn red when the blood touches my tongue.

I felt his last breath leave as I drank deep and slow, enjoying the iron taste and that something special kick that changes with each individual. As I laid him gently on the street and walked away. Some part of me thought I should say sorry. But what's the point? I've been roaming this planet for a long time now, I was here when London burned, I was here when the Berlin wall fell, when the various presidents were elected. When Queen Elizabeth was crowned, When the American civil wars happened. Heck I remember watching the D-day celebrations – lots of easy drunken food that day might I add - I made a point of visiting various countries throughout the year, the turned and born vampires may believe us Ancients to be at one another throats. But I never did. My siblings are the most important thing in the world to me. And I was here in Russia to see the closest brother I have, Taurus. We grew up together and when we reached maturity, we killed together. Our village didn't stand a chance. But that's old memory's. Of course he isn't really my brother, all of us had one human parent and one demonic parent, and there's no way to know if we shared that demonic parent.

“Anya, long time no see” a soft-spoken male voice said behind me, I smiled as I turned to see his familiar face. His bronze hair and dark brown eyes were just as I remembered, though I could see the dark circles. He noticed me looking and bowed his head down with a little laugh.

“He hasn't been making life easy” he said, we both knew what he meant. Taurus was a man split in two, one half gentle and kind and the other cruel and evil. It was always obvious he had two halves growing up, but when the change happens his mind chose to cope with it this way.

“So, anywhere I should see in this lovely place called Russia?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Follow me, my beautiful lady” He said with a mock bow, I was relieved to see the return of his grin. St. Petersburg was always a beautiful city, but on this winter evening of 1973 it looked absolutely divine. The music of clubs and bars throbbed in time with the thousands of heartbeats.

I followed Taurus to the cathedral, once inside the familiarity of it washed over me. I was home.

Of course this cathedral was built long after I left here. But as soon as I heard of its construction I rushed over to watch. The arches and amazing colours never failed to stun me into complete and utter silence. I missed Russia the moment I left it. Properly why Taurus never leaves. But for whatever reason England insists on having me. The vampires there elected me their Ancient before I got any say. That how it worked now, there so many vampires scattered a leader was needed. And it fell on our shoulders apparently.

“I should properly warn you in advance that certain contacts have told me that hunter's are snooping around this town” Taurus said, sitting down next to me. I let out a little evil giggle.

“Well that will prove interesting, the London hunters are always such fun to play with” I said

“Sister, you have grown quiet dark” he said with a slight shake of the head.

“Well we have been alive a very long time, isn't it expected we should go through odd phases from time to time?” I defended.

“Maybe your right, I've had rather odd thoughts recently too” I made a little “ooo?” Sound to encourage him to go on.

“I know we can never have children of the vampric persuasion, but is that a reason not to fall in love and have them anyway?” he said, glancing my way. Yes, we are the first line of vampire, and immortal too. But we can only ever have mortal children, and few dare turn their children as they grow older anymore. The creatures created are nothing like normal turned humans. The creatures they become think only of their bloodlust and can destroy whole cities if given the chance. We made the mistake of making many of them once upon a time. It was a very sad day when we finished cleaning up after ourselves.

“I guess you can if you want, but could you bear to watch them grow old?” I asked, knowing I couldn't very well do it myself.

“Yes, I think the only thing that would be difficult is never being able to teach them to hunt and such when they reach maturity” He frowned

“Well if your so lonely why not just find a human and turn them, they should keep you for the next two hundred years or so till they die” I pointed out.

“Or you could stay here and give me the joy of your constant company” he said, and I recognised the glint in his eye. But I decided long ago never to share my bed with him. Not when we could share a father.

“We should go, I have had a long trip and my hotel bed certainly calls” I said, yawning, flashing my fangs without a care.

“You could join me in mine” He said, knowing very well I would say no.

“Hmm, nice to know I am still so desirable, but I was actually intending to find some sweet, innocent human” I said, sticking my tongue out.

So we left the wonder that was the cathedral and prowled upon the clubs.

The End

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