Take a break and think, man, think!Mature

My brain felt like cottonwool and my hands were shaking. 'Best to take a break, man. You need to keep your wits about you. No time to go to pieces now!' I shook my head to clear the thoughts flying around like demented whirligigs.

I looked at the body lying on the floor. What a waste! She had been so beautiful, too. Such a pity that she treated me so badly.  How could she refuse my love? I would've done anything for her - gone to the ends of the earth for her, but no, it seems I wasn't good enough for the little madam. She had to be taught a lesson. She had to die, otherwise, no doubt, she'd make up terrible lies about me and tell the whole world how I'd forced myself on her. Lies, all lies!

I took out my crumpled packet of fags and saw that it was empty. Hell, what now? I couldn't imagine staring at the body, while I figured out how to get rid of it, with no nicotine to aid my thought processes.   Now I had two problems - how to get rid of the body and how to get my nicotine fix. I couldn't leave the flat, not even for a minute, not with that on my lounge floor.

Oh Bugger. How am I going toget rid of the body and get more smokes?




The End

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