A Perfect Ending

Omelia thought the forest still had it's natural beauty, but didn't feel as safe as she thought it was before.

Her and Reeter sat, both of them getting a pile of logs and making a large, warm fire. Blazing with beautiful coloures that danced across the forest floor. It was getting late and the stars were slowly popping up in the dark sky.

They lay with their heads close together resting on a log, the fire keeping their feet warm. They were both in deep thought.

"Where to go next?" Omelia whispered to Reeter.

"I'm sure we could find somewhere we both belong, we could be friends forever you know," Reeter replied happily.

"You mean forever forever?" Omelia asked, shocked.

"Of course,"

Staring up at the white starred sky, Reeter and Omelia lay happily. No problems on their mind, no places to hide or to run away from. Everything was right there in front of them, on a silver platter.

"You're my best friend Reeter," Omelia smiled.

"You know what Omelia?" Reeter asked, "...You're mine too."

The End

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