Head for the Horizon and Don't Stop until you Reach It

As the two girls, one as pale as moonlight and the other dark as a walnut, raced through the streets of the sleeping city, realisastion dawned on Reeter.

There really was nothing left for them here. All this place had ever brough them was pain, fear, anger and loss. This old and stagnant world, which had partly encompassed all they knew for their entire lives was nothing but a twisted fantasy, an idealism gone wrong. A dream that got broken.

Looking ahead, Reeter caught sight of the road ahead of them, stretching far away into the distance. Beyond the pathway was the forest Reeter had grown up in, her sanctuary and home for as long as she could remember. But even that was tainted now by the realisation that it wasn't that little private wonderland she'd always thought it was. It was tainted by the presence of the man who had taken Omelia in the first place.

And where there was one, there would soon be others. The forest was no longer safe. They needed a new place to start again and re-build their lives.

A gleam sprang into Reeter's eyes as she gazed at the distant horizon, that faint line where earth met air somewhere at the end of this neverending road. The road that led away from this old life and onto a new world, unexplored and full of new possibilites.

That was where Reeter was going to go.

She was going to head for the horizon and wouldn't stop until she got there.

The End

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