Run, run, run!

"I have no idea, things are getting so complicated. My parents want me back but I don't want them. Should we go to the bobby's?" Omelia asked.

"No. Way. We shouldn't get the police involved." Reeter replied.

"But...what if we both get hurt again. That's happened before." Omelia mumbled.

"Good point. Well whatever we do, we can't get found, otherwise we'll both get sent home and hurt again." 

Both of them puzzled and puzzled, until their puzzler was saw. 

"Right, we'll make a run for it. Run as fast as we can far away as we can. We'll get somewhere. I promise," Omelia said, determined.

Reeter stood up and grinned with Omelia, "Ready?" Reeter whispered.

"Ready as always." Then together, they ran out into the abandoned streets of London, skipping and dancing all the way.

The End

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