Omelia nodded slowly, sliding down the wall, and sitting down on the floor, "I'm 'going to go get it over with." Omelia admitted, sighing and placing a lock a of hair behind her small ear.

"I woke up in a room full of dead bodies. My dad took me away and hurt me, then went. Then men came and hurt me. They had pistols and rifles. They hurt me and kissed me and did things men shouldn't do, but I grabbed one of their guns and shot it in the air and they disappeared. When my dad attacked me, he shouted something at me, but I don't know what he said. I've forgotten. So that's what happened," Omelia covered her face with her hands, but Reeta's cold ones took them off. 

"You could have told me," Reeta whispered to her and Omelia looked up at her torn apart face.

"I was scared," They both paused for a moment, "Tell me about you, what happened? Was it Jack?!" 

The End

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